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Martin Dejnicki
This post contains inspirational poems that are meant to inspire you, your family, and friends. Feel free to come back to them, during those moments in your life, when you feel like you need to be inspired. Hope they help.
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Inspirational Poem About Life
Inspirational Poem for Women
Inspirational Poem for Kids
Inspirational Poem for Friends

This first poem is meant to inspire anyone of us.

It talks about being strong enough to pick ourselves up during difficult times.

If we learn to get through the tough times, and embrace failure, there's nothing that will stop us from achieving our dreams, whatever they may be.

Life is beautiful. If we decide to live our lives with a positive attitude, then life will be so much more enjoyable. Our eyes and hearts will also be open to opportunities.

I hope these verese inspire you and your loved ones, and may you always find new treaures of inspiration as you journey through the valley of life.

Give It Our All

Let's never give in,

to complaints nor fear.

With our eyes on our goals,

the right direction we steer.

No matter the circumstances,

with great effort we should always try.

We must pick ourselves up,

when we get bruised and we cry.

Opportunities are plentiful,

let's just open our eyes.

Our dreams we shall nurture,

as we stare to the skies.

The trick is to create value,

that's honest and real.

By following our passions,

in our hearts, we shall feel.

If we never hold back,

and just give it our all.

No challenge or obstacle,

shall ever be tall.

By Martin Dejnicki

Inspirational Poem About Life

Here's an inspirational poem that talks about life. It is meant to remind us that life never travels down a straight or smooth path. There will always be obstacles, and we just need to learn from these bumps in the road. By doing so, we'll be better prepared for our journey ahead.

Passion for Life

The path in your life,

may never be straight.

Contain bumps and curves,

where many are great.

Your personal experiences,

have shaped who you are.

Embrace your mistakes,

and each unique scar.

There's always new things,

in life we may learn.

With every page,

and chapter we turn.

There's just one simple,

but very important rule.

Your passion for life,

should be used as your fuel.

By Martin Dejnicki

Personally, I just think it is super important for each of us to live life based on our individual values.

If we do this, we won't be fighting against the grain, and things will come naturally to us.

Whether it's a home, work, or play, if we, "choose", to fill our lives with the things we love, we'll be happy.

I'm a strong believer in anything is possible. If we want something bad enough, we can make it our reality.

This may include, love, a new job, children, a new house, inner peace, friendship.

All we have to do is set our minds and pursue our goals passionately and intelligently.

Inspirational Poem for Women

The following inspirational poem is dedicated to all the women of the world. Based on today's stats, this poem is dedicated to approximately, 3.5 billion women. I hope a lot of them get a chance to read it, and I hope it inspires them.

She's Unique

She looked in the mirror,

what did she see?

A woman that's happy,

peaceful and free.

For the first time in her life,

she felt in total control.

Knew she could reach,

any passionate goal.

She did not forget,

the path that she took.

With ups and downs,

like any good book.

She nodded and smiled,

as she found her own light.

Her eyes were wide open,

with acknowledging delight.

Those around her,

repeatedly asked how.

Her answer was simply,

about acting right now.

She wasn't competing,

but was rather unique.

Adventures in life,

she'd continue to seek.

By Martin Dejnicki

Inspirational Poem for Kids

Enjoy sharing the following inspirational poem for kids with all the wonderful children in your life. The poem is intended to inspire children to believe in their dreams and themselves.

Imaginations, Dreams, and Passions

You have many talents,

of that I am sure.

Your dreams are beautiful,

innocent and pure.

Use your imagination,

to learn and explore.

Just like a bird,

you'll be able to soar.

You're still very young,

and have some much ahead.

Your love for life,

may you joyously spread.

The paths that you choose,

I'll support and believe.

If you commit in your mind,

you shall definitely achieve.

Remember to smile,

each morning and day.

Feed your mind with books,

and body through play.

Don't pay attention,

to trends or mere fashions.

Use your heart and imagination,

to follow dreams and your passions.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think it's a great idea to constantly encourage and inspire children. We need to inspire them to try new activities, and things outside of their comfort zone. This will help them find new passions and interests that may last a lifetime.

Inspiring young children will also provide them with the much needed confidence that they may use in their everyday lives. A great way to inspire young minds is by taking the time to listen to them, and let them know that we believe in them.

Inspirational Poem for Friends

Here's an inspirational poem that you may share with your friends. Once in a while all of us need a little bit of inspiration in our lives, especially our friends.


I'm truly fortunate,

dear close friend of mine.

You have a personality,

that just seems to shine.

You clearly possess,

a deep inner drive.

When I'm around you,

I feel so alive.

Your work ethic and attitude,

are characteristics ideal.

They will help make,

your dreams become real.

Don't forget about,

everything you've achieved.

From the very beginning,

In you my dear friend

I truly believed.

By Martin Dejnicki

I hope you enjoyed reading the inspirational poems on this page.

May they inspire you and those in your life, to live passionately and freely.

I hope you find the courage and excitement from within you, to pursue your passions and dreams, and live your ideal life.

I also hope you find inspiration from the people in your life that mean a lot to you.

Best of luck,


PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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