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Martin Dejnicki
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It takes time for love to fully bloom.

Love often evolves from the most humblest beginnings.

The snapshot of infatuation is lots of fun.

The poetry of love consumes our minds.

Nothing is ever more clear than true love.

Love understands.

Love runs into your arms on an ordinary Tuesday evening after 7 years of marriage, two babies and routine sleepless nights.

Love does not require makeup nor a fancy wardrobe.

The moment I fell in love, all the other ones became invisible.

It takes a mutual effort to get love right.

Clarity consumed me the moment I fell in love with her soul.

Love grows with shared moments.

The best way to feed your garden of love is through actions.

True love does not take breaks or need time apart.

A lifetime is not nearly long enough to master the art of love. But it’s a good start.

When there is love, there is no doubt.

Love calms our minds at the end of a busy day.

Love is the source of random unexpected hugs.

Love naturally gravitates towards positive personas.

I would choose a day in love over eternal loneliness every single time.

Love is the purpose.

Love is like a mirror. Every time you smile, it smiles right back at you.

To believe in love is to believe in life.

Success is achieved when one wakes each morning with a heart filled with love.

Love gives freely without expecting anything in return.

Don’t let love pass you by.

Love is digital.

Love heavily depends on the outcome of the first date.

Love takes every opportunity to rejoice.

Every love begins with a simple kiss.

Love fuels sweet experiences.

When it comes to love, it's the small unexpected gestures which make the biggest impact.

Don't be afraid to proclaim your love.

To love is to stare out the window in a never ending daydream.

Love removes limits and reaches towards the impossible.

Love cherishes those spontaneous dances.

Love does not require reservations for a romantic evening.

Love makes running away together - nice.

Love takes hard work. But the results could be beautiful.

Enjoy the fruits of love

Love is the light of our hearts.

Share the fruits of love.

Every heart has a story.

Love is like a sweet daydream.

Love multiplies.

The journey of love consists of both peaks and valleys.

Love will always leave a mark.

Flowers help us express our love.

Sometimes, love just washes away.

Sometimes, love hurts really bad.

Love is life's sweetest song.

Love is cuddly.

When you are in love your journey through life is less lonely.

Without forgiveness, love cannot exist.

Love is not a chess match.

Kiss and be kissed.

Cherish those sweet sunset kisses.

I learned a lot about romance by observing how butterflies kiss.

Sometimes, a kiss will stand the test of time.

The same kiss in private is that much sweeter.

When we look back at our lives, we'll think of all the loves that shaped us and brought us joy.

Enjoy the warmth and magic of a winter's kiss.

Sometimes a kiss will land when you least expect it.

Even the most beautiful beach cannot compare to a simple kiss.

If love is blind. Then true love must be infinitely so.

There's no better way to begin a day, than with a morning's kiss.

There are infinite ways to say I love you. Start now!

Happiness flows through our veins upon love's embrace.

Truly timeless is love's embrace.

Like everything else in life, to master the art of kissing requires lots of practice and ideally an early start.

Our first love is not always by choice.

Sometimes love leaves us speechless.

We struggle against patience during the anticipation of love's return.

Sometimes it's worth waiting for love. While sometimes, it's not.

Love is so much more than a cute face.

Enjoy the ride, for you never know where love will take you.

The journey of love is splendid.

A true love will not care about your source of transportation.

A mother's love is the deepest of all.

Never be afraid to express your love.

Write your love story, one kiss at a time.

Shower her with personal love poems and she'll fall in love with you.

True love shall forever persevere the test of time.

The foundation of any love are petals of trust and joy.

Love grows within us.

Each love is both beautiful and unique.

Who else better to share your hopes and dreams than with the love of your life?

A simple yet powerful symbol of our love requires no diamonds nor a second mortgage.

Even the truest love has imperfections.

Enjoying each other's company will not only help love evolve, but will also sustain it.

Sometimes, love will leave you in the cold.

Love is crafty.

Romance is fun.

Every heart has its share of scars.

Your heart is the greatest gift of all.

Your love wakes me into joy.

Holding your hand brings peace to my soul.

When it comes to love, everyday is reason to celebrate.

Happiness is not a destination - it's a state of love.

Bring her flowers.
PUBLISHED: Oct 11, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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