Mother-in-Law Birthday Poem

Martin Dejnicki
2 min read

I’d like to dedicate the following mother-in-law birthday poem to Teresa, my truly amazing mother-in-law. She is a very special and loving lady that has one of the biggest hearts on the planet. I’m very fortunate for having her in my life.

If you’d like, you are free to share this poem with your mother-in-law. Best of luck!

Mother and Star

You’re a very fun lady,

to be around,

Always ready to dance,

at a blink of a sound.

Cheerful is exactly,

how I would define,

Your enthusiasm for life,

inspires mine.

Birthday wishes,

you’ve definitely earned,

Don’t you worry,

about the age that you’ve turned.

You’ve blessed so many,

with your beautiful soul,

Your heart feeds others,

it’s just like a bowl.

Today we celebrate,

your journey so far,

You shall always,

be our mother and star.

by Martin Dejnicki

Honestly, I don’t want to brag. But I really am very fortunate for having a great mother-in-law like I do. She’s one of those people that will go out of her way to help (or cheer up) others.

She has lots of friends, since everyone enjoys her company, and they know that she is always willing to listen and offer advice.

She also doesn’t judge or stereotype others. That’s one of her many great qualities that I look up to and try to learn from. She also has an amazing passion for life and lives for the moment, with a huge smile on her face.

She’s one of those ladies that will say hello to strangers and is always friendly to everyone.

I know I’ve learned a lot from her over the years (which I am grateful).

I’d like to finish by saying, “Teresa, you are the most wonderful mother-in-law that I could have ever wished for, and I’d like to wish you a fantastic birthday, with plenty of health, happiness, and success.”


your son-in-law (Martin)

PUBLISHED: Oct 04, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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