Mother's Day Poems

Martin Dejnicki
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Table of contents
A Funny Mother's Day Poem
Mother's Day Poems from Kids
A Mother's Day Poem from a Daughter
A Mother's Day Poem from a Son
A Cute Mother's Day Card Poem
A Short Mother's Day Poem for Grandma
A Sad Mother's Day Poem for a Deceased Mom

I wrote the following ten Mother's Day poems so that you may share the ones you like the most with your wonderful mom. Mother's Day is just around the corner, and I'm hoping to surprise mine in a creative way.

If you think about it, these could last you for the next ten years.

Unless of course you print all of them out and include them in a custom scrapbook for your mom.

I'm actually thinking of doing the scrapbook thing for mine. However, I may need some help from my 11 year old niece, since she's really good at that stuff.

The first two are fairly general, while the remaining verses are more specific.

Simply choose the one that you think will touch your mother's heart the most, and I'm sure your mom will love your thoughtful gesture.

Sweet Mother's Day

Happy sweet Mother's Day,

my mother, my dear.

This is one of my favourite,

days of the year.

My thanks and appreciation,

with my love I extend.

Warm wishes and hugs,

with my smile I send.

The most relaxing day,

you totally deserve.

Make your requests,

and allow me to serve.

You're always so caring,

and always so kind.

Thoughts of your love,

float in my mind.

I love you so much,

may this day be all sweet.

My heart sings your name,

with every beat.

by Martin Dejnicki

I hope you liked that one. It's meant to help you express your feelings right from your heart.

You could also share these poems with your mother-in-law, sister, friend, wife, or any other moms that you know.

The next poem talks about mothers and mother's day from a 3rd person perspective. Enjoy!


Each new Mother's Day,

serves to remind.

Of selfless sacrifice and love,

that is infinitely kind.

Reminds us that our moms,

would do anything at all.

Even carry the weight of the world,

on shoulders gentle and small.

Mothers are special ladies,

who are always there.

They give true meaning,

to the word we call care.

Every day should be Mother's Day,

we must treat them like gold.

No matter our age,

we should hug them and hold.

To our wonderful moms,

we devote this special day.

While expressing our feelings,

we must genuinely say.

Each new Mother's Day,

serves to remind.

What every mom means,

to the heart and the mind.

by Martin Dejnicki

For me personally, mother's day serves as a reminder to constantly show my mom how much I love and care for her. On this day, I'm also reminded of all the countless things she has done for me over the years, and continues to do so.

A Funny Mother's Day Poem

Let's try to get our creative juices flowing a little bit and write a funny poem, that you could share with your mom. That's if you wish to make her laugh. Alright, let's try to make this one as humorous and hilarious as possible.

Flowers, Wine, or Beer?

Why does Mother's Day,

occur just once each year?

Should we replace,

flowers with beer?

If beer is not civil,

then how about wine.

A couple of glasses,

and mommy will shine.

It's ok to burp,

no need to be serious.

Mother's Day,

is rarely mysterious.

Make sure you treat her,

just like a queen.

When the feast is all done,

serve some caffeine.

Sometimes it's tough,

to think of a gift.

If she's still working,

just take her shift.

Sure you may not,

have all her skills.

She's a true artist,

when it comes to bills.

Show her your love,

and share all your wishes.

Make sure you help,

by washing those dishes.

by Martin Dejnicki

Well, I hope your mom finds that one funny, and it makes her laugh.

If you'd like, you may shorten the above poem by taking out a few verses. It's up to you. You may even print it out and decorate each stanza inside a nice mother's day greeting card.

Mother's Day Poems from Kids

The next two verses may be shared by children with their loving moms. Most kids would be happy to share a cute or emotional verse with their moms. At the same time, all moms really appreciate when they receive poems from their kids.

Simply, choose the one you prefer:)

The first one in this sub-category was written to be shared by toddlers or preschoolers. That's why the vocabulary is super simple.

Happy Mommy Day

Happy Mommy Day,

here's a big hug.

Thank you for always,

keeping me snug.

I really like it,

when we laugh and play.

You are a super mommy,

I just want to say.

Your love is my food,

big and strong I will grow.

When I see you,

I sparkle and glow.

Happy Mommy Day,

you are so sweet.

This short poem,

is my little treat.

by Martin Dejnicki

You could add this poem to a handprint or footprint, or print it out and let your child decorate it. I'm sure mom will be very pleased to receive it, and your child will be very happy to share it.

The next poem may be shared by kids that are a bit older. You will notice the difference between this next one and the previous one.

My Mom

My mom is a lady,

who is caring kind.

Her beautiful heart,

is not hard to find.

She wakes me up,

with her signature smile.

Brings joy to my life,

that's just her style.

Helps me with homework,

and projects galore.

Buys me nice things,

when we go to the store.

Today is Mother's Day,

and I'd like to repay.

With thoughtful actions,

I'll try to display.

She is my mom,

and I love her so much.

I always feel safe,

with her close tender touch.

I hope on this Mother's Day,

she will relax and just chill.

I promise I'll make her happy,

through my heart I'll fulfill.

by Martin Dejnicki

I hope you find that poem inspirational, and I also hope it makes your mom happy on Mother's Day.

Children have very kind and thoughtful hearts. That's what I was trying to express in the above poem. Moms are amazing human beings and they all deserve lots of attention and love from their kids on their special day.

A Mother's Day Poem from a Daughter

Mothers and their daughters share a very special bond. The bond is rooted in trust, communication, and love. I'll do my very best to attempt to express this type of relationship with the following Mother's Day poem (from a daughter).

So Much!

Happy Mother's Day,

mom and dear friend.

This special day,

with you I shall spend.

For having a mom like you,

I'm exceptionally proud.

To love you forever,

in my heart I have vowed.

You're more than a mother,

you mean everything to me.

You keep me rooted,

strong like a tree.

The moments we spend,

are so preciously sweet.

Whenever I see you,

with your smile you greet.

I hope on this Mother's Day,

your heart I may touch.

Because I just love you,

So, so, so much!

by Martin Dejnicki

If you're a daughter, enjoy sharing the above Mother's Day poem with your sweet mom.

A Mother's Day Poem from a Son

The next Mother's Day poem is meant to be shared by all the sons out there who love their wonderful moms very much. I actually fall into this category, and I'm very excited about sharing this poem with my mom (she's an amazing lady, and I'm truly fortunate for having her in my life).

Deep In My Heart

Today is a special,

day of the year.

We celebrate moms,

so loving and dear.

I can't help but smile,

when I think of mine.

She's a beautiful lady,

with a soul meant to shine.

I have been fortunate,

I will honestly say.

My love for this lady,

I shall always display.

I was a small boy,

and she knew how to raise.

She used plenty of love,

I thank and I praise.

She deserves everything,

and simply much more,

and the most beautiful flowers,

I could find in the store.

Every day is Mother's Day,

deep in my heart.

If my soul was an artist,

she'd be my art.

by Martin Dejnicki

I will definitely share that poem with my dear mom. I can't wait to see her reaction once she reads it. I'm sure she'll love it, and I'm sure so will yours.

A Cute Mother's Day Card Poem

Have you picked out a Mother's Day card yet?

These days there are lots of options. You can find a nice one at virtually any store, print one from the internet, make one yourself, or even send an ecard.

Whatever direction you decide to go, you may want to include the following cute Mother's Day card poem.

My Heart Will Just Sing

It's Mother's Day,

and this card I do bring.

How much I love you,

my heart will just sing.

With colourful wishes,

your soul I shall bless.

Relax and enjoy,

there's no room for stress.

Every sweet word,

hangs off my sleeve.

Our bond is unbreakable,

I truly believe.

I wish I could give you,

much more than just words.

All of the flowers,

mountains and birds.

It's Mother's Day,

and I promise one thing.

How much I love you,

my heart will just sing.

by Martin Dejnicki

You may need to take out a stanza or two, if you can't fit the entire poem in the card. But personally, I think your mom will appreciate it more if you share the entire poem with her. Simply use a smaller font if you print it or when writing it out by hand.

A Short Mother's Day Poem for Grandma

We need to all remember that our grandma's are also mothers. So on Mother's Day we should also show them some love. What better way to do it than with a short poem written specifically for your precious grandmother.

My Grandma, My Star

I love you grandma,

and I just wanted to say.

Wishing you a beautiful,

and sweet Mother's Day.

You've been an amazing mom,

for all of those years.

Lived through so much,

with joys and some tears.

You taught my mom,

how to love and to care.

The love in your heart,

with countless you share.

Allow me to treat you,

like precious gold that you are.

You are my grandma,

you are my star.

by Martin Dejnicki

I hope your grandmother enjoys reading the above poem. Make sure you show her lots of love on Mother's Day.

A Sad Mother's Day Poem for a Deceased Mom

This is the last poem in this section, and it was obviously the most difficult/emotional to write. It's dedicated to all the deceased moms out there, who know that they are all dearly missed every single day. It just hurts that much more on Mother's Day.

Always With Me

Since you are not here,

it's hard not to cry.

I'm thinking of you,

as I stare at the sky.

I dream of those Mother's Days,

in the not so distant past.

I wish those dear moments,

forever could last.

When you walked this earth,

my days were so blessed.

To hold you again,

is my eternal hearts quest.

Each new Mother's Day,

brings so much pain.

But my memories of you,

quenches thirst just like rain.

Your image brings me hope,

as I wipe away my tears.

That part of my heart,

has been lonely for years.

Happy Mother's Day,

you're always with me.

I can hear your soft voice,

and your smile I see.

by Martin Dejnicki

When I was writing this poem, it nearly made me cry. I hope it helps you find a little bit of comfort in your soul on Mother's Day.

If you are fortunate enough to have your wonderful mom in your life, make sure you share these Mother's Day poems with her. Best of luck!

PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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