Mothers Love: Verses of Unconditional Affection

Martin Dejnicki
Mothers' love is the unspoken melody of the heart, a timeless serenade that nurtures and guides. This collection of poems celebrates the enduring and tender love of mothers.
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Table of contents
A Mother's Embrace
Guiding Light
Unspoken Words
Rock and Harbor
Eternal Flame
Invisible Strings
The First Whisper
Mother's Garden
The Lullaby of Life
Gentle Fortress

In the warmth of a hug, we often find the silent strength of a mother's love. This poem reflects on the comfort and security that embrace provides.


A Mother's Embrace

Mother's arms, a tender treasure,

Hold me with the gentlest pressure.

Within her embrace, fears dissolve,

By her love, my world revolves.


In her hug, a haven hides,


Storms outside, but peace abides.

All worries shed, a moment's grace,

In the sanctuary of her embrace.


She whispers soft, "All will be fine,"


Her words heal hearts, especially mine.

A bond unspoken, yet understood,

In her embrace, all is good.



A mother is often a child's first guide, shining the way through life's murky tide. This poem speaks to the guiding light mothers provide.


Guiding Light



Her love's a beacon, a guiding light,

Illuminating paths in the darkest night.

Every step, she’s there to lead,

Planting hope, uprooting the weed.


Through trials and errors, falls and climbs,


Her faith unwavering in trying times.

A lighthouse standing firm and sure,

Her love the compass that is pure.


She maps the journey through the storm,


Ensuring her child is safe and warm.

A nurturing force, gentle and bright,

Mom's love is the ultimate guiding light.



Sometimes love doesn't need words to be felt deeply. This poem captures the silent language of a mother's love.


Unspoken Words



Eyes that speak when words can’t reach,

Through her gaze, love does beseech.

No need for speech, hearts entwine,

In her glance, a love divine.


Silently she teaches, loves, protects,


In actions, her care brightly reflects.

Even unvoiced, I understand,

The love conveyed by her gentle hand.


A nod, a smile, her subtle cues,


A mother's love in silent muse.

Without a word, she imparts,

The profound language of hearts.



In the ever-shifting tides of life, a mother remains both a rock of stability and a harbor of safety. Here we honor that duality.


Rock and Harbor



Life’s waves crash, wild and free,

Mother stands, strong as can be.

An anchor amidst the tempest roar,

A constant heart to always adore.


When sails rip and storms arrive,


In her arms, my soul revives.

A harbor safe for weary boats,

In her care, my hope floats.


Steady rock and gentle protector,


She molds life, the great architecter.

A foundation firm, her love unfurled,

A mother, the rock of my world.



Like a flame that never dies, a mother's love forever burns. This poem is a tribute to the endless warmth it provides.


Eternal Flame



A candle in the endless night,

Mom’s love, an everlasting light.

Guiding through the darkest hours,

With strength that endlessly empowers.


Never dwindling, always there,


A warmth that blankets in the icy air.

Like stars that in the heavens gleam,

Her love, an unquenchable beam.


Through seasons pass and time’s swift flight,


Her affection burns ever so bright.

Love's eternal flame resides,

In a mother’s heart, where it forever abides.



Even as we grow and venture into the world, the invisible strings of a mother's love hold us close. This poem symbolizes the unbreakable connection between mother and child.


Invisible Strings



Though I wander and roam far away,

Invisible strings tug, gently sway.

A mother's love, a silent call,

Binding me, ever stopping my fall.


In her eyes, a mirror of my own,


Through life’s journey, I'm never alone.

A force unseen that guides my way,

Vast as the ocean, yet within the bay.


Sewn with care, these cords of heart,


A masterpiece, a work of art.

Though unseen, they hold me tight,

In the weave of love, eternally right.



From the first moment, a mother's whisper is a sound of pure love. This poem celebrates the initial bond formed from the earliest whispers of motherhood.


The First Whisper



Before the light graced my newborn face,

A whisper of love, my heart's first embrace.

Mom's soft tones in the quiet night's hush,

Initiating the flow, life's tender rush.


Each gentle murmur, my newborn ear caught,


In the threads of love, life's fabric wrought.

In those whispers, my world was spun,

A mother's voice, and mine were one.


Through years and tides, her whispers carried,


A harmony in which my fears are buried.

Woven in warmth, her words persist,

The first tender whisper, through time's soft mist.



The beauty and diversity of a garden often resemble the nurturing nature of a mother. This poem likens a mother's heart to a bountiful, ever-blooming garden.


Mother's Garden



In the garden of her heart lies bloom,

Flowers of love in vibrant costume.

With gentle hands, she tends with care,

Her children blossom, none compare.


Each petal, a lesson gently given,


In her soil, the seeds of life are driven.

Her touch encourages them to rise,

Under the ever-watchful skies.


Time seasons her motherly land,


Her nurturing soil, a love most grand.

Her heart, a garden forever young,

Where love and life beautifully are sung.



A mother's lullaby is often the first melody a child hears, a tune that resonates through an entire life. This poem reminisces about the lullaby that becomes the soundtrack of our being.


The Lullaby of Life



Sweet notes float in the evening air,

A lullaby of life sung with care.

Mom's tender voice, the soft caress,

In those chords, her love does confess.


Rhythms of heartbeats, in soft hums shared,


Her melody, the love declared.

The night wraps around us, a cocoon,

In her song, we find our tune.


Through all the years, that lullaby rings,


Inside my soul, where her voice still sings.

Each note a memory, a bond that ties,

Her love's rhythm, my lifelong guide.



Motherhood embodies both tenderness and strength. This poem visualizes a mother as both a caring presence and a fortress against life's onslaughts.


Gentle Fortress



Mom, a fortress built with grace,

Within her walls, a safe embrace.

Gentle might, her arms enfold,

Guarding her young from the cold.


Her laughter fortifies the air,


Her love, the mortar laid with care.

Brick by kiss, she builds her hold,

A sheltering haven, love untold.


A sentinel, with eyes that know,


All my joys and all my woes.

Under her gaze, I find my rest,

Nurtured in her gentle breast.




PUBLISHED: Feb 08, 2024
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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