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Martin Dejnicki
Hope you enjoy and share these pet poems with all those animal lovers out there. Our pets play an important role in many of our lives, and that's basically the theme in these verses.
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Pet Love Poems
A Pet Loss Poem
Lost Pet Poem

Whether you have a dog, a cat, pet fish, or a pet hamster, I'm sure you'll find a poem that you could combine with a picture of you and your pet.

Some are funny, while others are sad, since they talk about the feelings associated with losing a pet.

The first one talks about pets in general, and how they make us feel.

I did a little bit of research prior to writing these verses, and I found out that some of the more popular pets (besides dogs and cats) include: rabbits, turtles, horses, guinea pigs, snakes, iguanas, ferrets, and countless varieties of birds.

A Pet

A pet is a cuddly little thing,

Joy and laughter it will bring.

If your pet has way too much fur,

Expect it to bark or maybe just purr.

A pet could become a very close friend,

Treat it nice, lots of love it shall send.

It has the potential to cheer you up,

Right from the start, just like a pup.

Pets are wonderful, they're all unique,

They understand you, make sure you speak.

Don't forget to love them dearly,

They'll love you back, lots and sincerely.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now let's take a look at the next poem. It applies best to female cats or dogs. But not just any female cats or dogs.

I'm talking about those super spoiled ones that not only act but are treated like little princesses.

I know there's many out there, and that's the reason I wrote this poem.


Princess is the name of my pet,

She's even smarter than her vet.

Whenever she wags her fluffy tail,

I know nearby, there is a sale.

Princess has very cultured taste,

Her stunning wardrobe gets her chased.

But there's nothing, princess can't handle,

Even an occasional, neighbourhood scandal.

Princess accepts fine lavish gifts,

She's retired, doesn't do shifts.

Princess must now get her nails done,

A classy lady, she's my number one.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now, the next pet poem is dedicated to all you dog lovers out there.

This particular dog poem talks about a male dog.

However, the poem may be easily switched over to female dogs by replacing every occurrence of "he" to "she".

The first line in the second stanza mentions the dog jumping and running around with excitement when the owner comes home. This is a classic characteristic that distinguishes dogs from most pets.

My Dog

My dog is amazing, I truly adore,

So very cute, walks on all four.

Sometimes he makes a pretty big mess,

When he's around, I never depress.

Runs and jumps, when I come home,

Loves when I pet him, and gently comb.

With my dog, I get to act crazy,

When we watch TV, we get a bit lazy.

He gets excited and begins to bark,

When we are leaving for the park.

My dog is definitely my best friend,

Time with him, I love to spend.

By Martin Dejnicki

Patricia Capansky submitted her collection of wonderful dog poems, and you are welcome to read them all right here.

The following pet poem is for all you cat lovers out there. I recall having a friend in University that had 5 cats. Unlike dogs, cats are patient creatures that are capable of sitting in one location and just observing for hours.

My Cat

My cat is small and very furry,

Never panics, never hurry.

A great companion, very chill,

Won't admit, fault or spill.

Petting my cat, feels like silk,

Like any cat, loves the milk.

Most comfy spot regularly reserves,

Sits there patiently, and observes.

Loves it when they rub her tummy,

And feed her something very yummy.

That's my story behind my cat,

Better be careful, if you're a rat.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem was also written to be a bit funny, especially the last stanza. From my experiences, cats seem to be very agile animals. Maybe I should have mentioned that in the poem. From what I've seen, the old saying or tale of cat stuck in the tree rarely applies because they are very capable of getting off trees quite well.

Cats can certainly be very cute. But the next pet poem talks about even cuter pets - Hamsters. I've learned that the worst thing that you could do is startle a hamster while he is sleeping. If this happens, the hamster will become very defensive and may even bite you. This reaction is programmed in their DNA, and the fact that hamsters have very poor eyesight is another reason.

If you want to read a few more cat poems, then I recommend you take a look at these ones. They were submitted by Patricia Capansky, and they're really great.


A stout-bodied hamster with a pretty short tail,

Is kept in a cage, not in a jail.

Short stocky legs, and that small furry ear,

Can't see that well, but smells and can hear.

Thick silky fur, and those very wide feet,

Corn is great for any hamster to eat.

Knows the art of proper bar chewing,

At the pet store, everyone's viewing.

Hamsters enjoy, that cozy little nap,

But if you startle, expect a real scrap.

Sometimes they'll call it a - "honey bear"

To tame your hamster, use patience and care.

By Martin Dejnicki

That last line is very important because it truly does take a lot of patience and care to tame a hamster. Initially, your hamster pet won't trust you. But with the proper approach, this trust may be earned over time. Just like with humans.

I've always had a huge fascination with pet fish. There are countless species and varieties. Especially among tropical fish. I'm just worried that many beautiful fish species in the wild will go extinct with global warming and through the pollution of our vast oceans. If that happened, that would be a true shame.

My Pet Fish

Since I was a kid, I had one small wish,

My own aquarium with the most beautiful fish.

Tropical fish need water that's clean,

They love eating, plants that are green.

My goldfish shine and are very pretty,

They live in cold water, I made them a city.

Goldfish will live up to 20 long years,

I don't think they have very long ears?

Some fish need heated water and lights,

If they want to hide, they have their rights.

My fish are colourful, and very unique,

I need to make sure, there's never a leak.

By Martin Dejnicki

Just as that poem mentioned, gold fish are very pretty. They are also the most popular fish to have as pets. These fish are able to adapt to their environment quite well. They don't need fancy lights or heated water like some fish require in order to survive.

Pet Love Poems

Here you get to choose between two pet love poems. Most of us pet owners care about our pets a lot. Often times, we treat them as if they were humans just like us. But of course it's natural to love your pets, since they love you back unconditionally. It also seems like we get really attached to our pets. That's another reason I wrote the following two poems. Enjoy.

Love My Pets

All my pets mean a lot to me,

Hope you understand, hope you see.

Without my pets, life would be a bore,

Who would welcome me at the door?

My pets are more precious than gold,

They comfort me, when I hold.

Always there, they never judge,

They never keep a lasting grudge.

My pets are very, very fun,

With this team, I have won.

Just want to say something clearly,

I love my pets, very dearly.

By Martin Dejnicki

I would like to dedicate the next pet verse to my favourite pet. His name was Cesar and he was the most loyal and beautiful German Sheppard. I was only 3 years old when I formed a close bond and connection with this dog. It just seemed like we understood each other very well. He was a wonderful friend. We kept him at my grandparents farm, and we were always so excited to see each other.

Cesar was truly a very special dog. I hope one day, I will have a wonderful dog like that again.


Once in a lifetime, a special pet,

Comes your way, and your heart is set.

A strong connection you feel is deep,

You know instantly, this one you'll keep.

Something mysterious from the start,

This wonderful pet, has stolen your heart.

Over time together you grow,

No need for words, a look and you know.

When you feel sad or even pain,

You're not alone, your pet feels the same.

This bond and love, both of you share,

Nothing short, of a magical prayer.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Pet Loss Poem

This poem is meant to help you express your feelings following the death of your pet or someone that you know. We can experience a lot of grief when one of our pets has deceased recently. This poem may also be used inside a sympathy or condolence card that you could share with someone that has recently lost a pet.


I feel sad and so much grief,

My beloved pet, has gone like a leaf.

I'm lost for words, this is tragic,

Wish I could, bring back with magic.

My head is low, as I stand here and cry,

Didn't get a chance, to even say bye.

Nothing about this, makes sense or is fair,

My heart feels pain, and even a tear.

I miss him already, here where I weep,

With such a deep loss, I surely won't sleep.

The only question that I have is - why?

My beloved pet, had to leave me and die.

By Martin Dejnicki

At first, I wasn't sure whether I should include the word "die" in the final sentence. Eventually, I decided to use it, because it's just a form of honesty, and maybe that could help someone come to terms with the death of their beloved pet.

Lost Pet Poem

The following poem contains a blank in the third stanza where one may input the name of their dog or pet that has gone missing. This poem specifically refers to a dog, but you could change the term "dog" to any other type of pet. So you could use this poem multiple times for different pets.

However, I really hope that you will never need to use this poem. Unfortunately, many people will, because many pets go missing or get lost all the time. Maybe that's because many pets like cats and dogs are very curious and adventurous animals.


I lost my dog not long ago,

Where she is, I do not know.

The happiest dog I've ever met,

Wonderful friend, and a beautiful pet.

Can't explain how much I miss,

That special dog, I'd hug and kiss.

We would spend the entire day,

In the sun, outside and play.

Life without her, is not the same,

________is her beautiful name.

I miss my dog, so much and dearly,

Please help find her, I ask sincerely.

By Martin Dejnicki

On a more cheerful note, feel free to take a look at these two poems about Nanny Bell the goat.

Well, I hope you enjoyed searching through these pet poems for the poem that you like the most and that fits your unique situation.

I will be adding more pet poems to this page in the near future.

May all your wonderful pets bring you much joy and happiness.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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