Poem About Hard Work

Martin Dejnicki
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For many of us, the beginning of a new year is a fresh start, both personally and professionally. This usually evolves from within our minds as we set goals and go back to shaping our routines once again.

At this time, many of us are also refocusing our efforts at work, following the holidays. A hard work poem can help you view work in a different way and continue with a better attitude, that's why poets usually bring new ideas and creativity.

So based on that, today’s poem will be about hard work. Some of us work very hard physically, and others mentally (and a few of us both). No matter the type, each requires plenty of focus, dedication, and obviously – time.

Maybe can sound strange but poetry it's very for motivation, workers around the world found that poems and hard work quotes can be very exciting. So I'm extremely grateful today to bring you these poems.

Hard Work

We get up each morning,

and head off to work.

From construction to retail,

and a paper shuffling clerk.

Like the trees in our forests,

our jobs certainly vary.

A super busy schedule,

they commonly carry.

Our work is broken down,

as we focus on each task.

Bosses over our shoulders,

countless questions they ask.

Let’s not forget about,

all those extra long hours.

Evenings are filled,

with exhausted cold showers.

All this hard work,

is not hopeless or bleak.

A career of our choice,

waits at the peak.

We should combine hard work,

with skills that they need.

Throw in some passion,

and we’ll surely succeed.

It takes plenty of effort,

to do the job right.

The end result,

is a simple delight.

by Martin Dejnicki

The competition for jobs is greater now than ever before in history. The key to successfully finding and holding on to a good job these days revolves around skills. I’m not talking about any old skills, I’m talking about specialized, technology and knowledge based skills.

There’s a huge demand for all types of engineers and professionals with either a science or technical background.

At the same time, I think employees that work in the service industries need to expand their value by acquiring more skills and distinguishing themselves from those that are hungry for their jobs.

For example, if someone works in reception at a hotel, they may volunteer to setup and manage the hotels local Twitter and Facebook accounts. So during their spare time, they could post updates and upcoming events.

This strategy would not only secure their positions, but may also result in future promotions (and more money).

I think it’s important to combine hard work with initiative and passion. Every employer loves to see that, and it’s a great way to distinguish oneself from the rest of the pack.

Hope you enjoyed reading today’s poem about hard work.

Best of Luck,


PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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