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Martin Dejnicki
The poems on this post are all about music and how music makes us feel. We all appreciate and enjoy listening to our favourite types of music. Often times, music takes us to a different world, where we forget about all our real world problems.
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A Poem about Music and Love
Poems about Music for Kids
A Funny Music Poem
An Inspirational Poem About Music
A Poem for Music Teachers
Country Music Poem

We often remember the lyrics to our favourite songs, and we get excited whenever we hear them on the radio or on our mp3 players.

Personally, I think music enriches all our lives.

For that reason alone, we need to make sure that we listen to music on a regular basis.

I hope these verses help inspire you to write your own personalized ones.

The first poem is meant to be a short rhyming one that talks about what music means to us (in a very general sense).

It just talks about how music makes us happy and brings us pleasure.

We may be having a bad day, but once we begin listening to our favourite songs, it just seems like positivity takes over and that bad day often turns into a good one.


Music brings joy,

to all of our hearts,

It's one of those,

emotional arts.

Sounds of melodies,

that we truly adore,

Brings us pure pleasure,

as our spirits do soar.

Music that touches us,

we can't help but smile,

We're free to choose,

genre or style.

Music clearly,

enlightens our days,

Makes us happy,

in so many ways.

By Martin Dejnicki

Some of us use music to relax and maybe unwind in the evening after a long day. Others may use it to wake up and energize in the morning. I sing along to my favourite songs when stuck in rush hour traffic. It definitely helps.

A Poem about Music and Love

The next poem is about music and love. There are so many wonderful romantic love songs out there. This poem represents those love songs and talks about what would life be like if it was a love song.

Love Song

If life was a love song,

that would never end,

Dancing eternally,

I wish we could spend.

The bliss in my heart,

through the touch of your soul,

Making you happy,

would be my ultimate goal.

As we'd continue to sway,

from side-to-side,

Life would be beautiful,

gracefully, we'd glide.

We'd listen closely,

to the most lovely tune,

At peace with ourselves,

for not ending soon.

But tell me the reason,

this life cannot be real,

We know we can do it,

we know how we feel.

Our life is a love song,

accept and embrace,

Our souls is the music,

and our hearts is the place.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem turned out to be a lot more romantic than I anticipated. So if you like it, share it with that special someone.

I think I'm going to share it with my wife right before asking her to dance to one of our favourite love songs.

Since you love music, I'm sure you love dancing as well. If you'd like, you could check some of these verses that talk about, dancing.

So what inspired me to write that poem?

I think it was just the fact that I really enjoy dancing to romantic love songs with my wife. We get plenty of opportunities to do so at weddings, and every time we're dancing to one, I enjoy it so much that I hope it doesn't end so soon.

It seems the above poem has reminded me to ask Anita to dance with me on random days. Not just weddings. I think it's a great way to break out of our everyday routines of life.

Poems about Music for Kids

Here are two poems about music for kids. I've noticed that children embrace and enjoy music passionately. They're always ready to sing along and dance to their favourite songs. The first poem is meant to inspire kids to love music, and the second one lets us know how much they appreciate it.

Pick a Song

What's your

very favourite tune?

Is it from

that funny cartoon?

Songs are fun,

to listen and dance,

Shake and jump,

when you get a chance.

Play your music,

right after school,

It's not about,

trying to be cool.

When a super fun song,

enters your ear,

You'll get so excited,

suddenly you'll cheer.

Go and pick songs,

that you like the best,

Enjoy your music,

with smiles and zest.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think it's important to allow children to experiment with different types of music. We need to let them discover for themselves the music they enjoy listening to. However, we should also monitor the content or messages these songs are sending our kids. The messages should be positive, entertaining, or educational. We should keep them away from songs that talk about violence or the other vices.

Music is Fun

Music is wonderful,

and so much fun for me,

When I sing, dance, and listen,

I feel very free.

When I'm dancing,

I think of a new move,

As I practice,

I gradually improve.

Singing is something,

I constantly do,

Even when,

I'm tying my shoe.

Listening to music,

is so fun and sweet,

When I hear my songs,

they wake both my feet.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem reminded me about the importance of exposing our children to music from an early age. Music doesn't only have healing powers, but those of us that enjoy and embrace music from a young age, usually live both happy and long lives.

We need to teach our children the beauty of rhythm, and all the technical but useful characteristics of music such as harmony, tempo, meter, dynamics, etc. Understanding these things may give the necessary confidence to perform.

Starting them off with a karaoke machine at home is a great idea in my opinion. Taking them to concerts to witness live musical performances is another great way to expose our kids to music. I'm not saying they need to become famous. Most of them won't. But they can certainly learn to appreciate music, and make it an important part of their lives. From my experiences, I've witnessed that live music enriches those routine family gatherings. It may convert a dull family dinner to an exciting concert like atmosphere.

A Funny Music Poem

Here's a little funny music poem that will hopefully make you laugh and put a smile on your face. Enjoy!

Enjoy Music!

It doesn't matter,

which instrument you play,

As long as your hair,

is invisible or grey.

I'm not saying,

old musicians are best,

Some actually require,

help getting dressed.

It all comes down,

to the art of the tune,

If you sing softly,

you'll know how to croon.

Look at your lyrics,

you may need to change.

Some just may seem,

a little bit strange.

Those that master,

the low and high pitch,

Have a good shot at becoming,

famous and rich.

But if all fails,

continue to enjoy,

Because music to the ears,

is a beautiful toy.

By Martin Dejnicki

This poem was about a struggling musician that has been trying to make it for a long time. I know there are countless musicians out there playing at bars and hoping to make the big times one day. I truly admire their dedication to the art of music, along with their perseverance.

We should appreciate them for making music the poetry from their souls.

An Inspirational Poem About Music

I had a lot of fun writing the following inspirational poem about music. After reading it myself, I think I've actually managed to inspire myself to learn a bit more about music. Personally, I've always wanted to learn how to play the guitar. Now I'm motivated to sign up for classes and finally learn.

The Music of Life

Music has the power,

to help and to heal,

It's truly amazing,

how it makes us feel.

It brings us hope,

and a positive mind.

Motivates us,

to be friendly and kind.

Music offers messages,

about others and earth,

Guides us with purpose,

assures that we're worth.

A single song,

countless hearts it may touch,

Will help us love others,

so very much.

Music is here,

to entertain and inspire,

Has the potential,

to ignite our inner fire.

Together with music,

we can create good,

We have what it takes,

we definitely should.

By Martin Dejnicki

Just like the above poem mentions, most of us are often inspired and motivated to do good things because of music. I'm not talking necessarily about changing the world. But rather creating small gestures of kindness, like buying someone flowers, or calling someone and asking how they're doing.

A Poem for Music Teachers

Here's a poem dedicated to all the wonderful music teachers out there. You are welcome to share it with your music teacher. This poem is intended as a thank you poem.

Thank You For Music

Thank you for bringing music,

into my life and my day,

From the bottom of my vocal cords,

I'd just like to say.

You have taught me,

how to love what I sing,

My passion for music,

to each song I shall bring.

You have instructed me,

how to prepare,

I'm ready to perform,

and so excited to share.

I still have a lot,

to experience and learn,

Thanks to your guidance,

I've taken the right turn.

I don't know how,

I could ever repay,

Thank you for bringing music,

into my life and my day.

By Martin Dejnicki

I get angry when I hear that some school boards are cutting music classes. Educating our children about music is a worthy investment that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. I just hate to see these programs being cut. It's like we're robbing future generations of a bit of lifetime happiness, by not exposing them to music at an early age.

Country Music Poem

Here's a country music poem. I enjoy listening to country. But my sister is huge fan of country, and is a lot more passionate about it than I am. For that reason, this poem is dedicated to her, and all you country fans out there. Enjoy!

They Sing

Cowboys and cowgirls,

singing about a ranch,

Deserts and cattle,

and a fallen dry branch.

They sing about work,

and buckets of sweat,

and that young brown-eyed,

gorgeous brunette.

They sing about love,

and about being free,

To choose their path,

wherever they see.

They sing about rivers,

and staying afloat,

and everything in life,

they truly devote.

Cowboys and cowgirls,

singing about life,

and coming home to a loving,

husband or wife.

By Martin Dejnicki

There are a lot of country songs out there that have very real and true messages within their lyrics.

These songs talk about everyday things that everyday people like me and you experience, such as losing or gaining love, a job, or even hope.

I think that's why they're so popular. People are able to relate to them.

Thank you for taking the time to read these poems about music, and I hope you get a chance to share them with someone in your life.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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