Poems about Nature

Martin Dejnicki


I really enjoyed writing the following poems about nature. Maybe because I'm a big fan of poetry and all things nature. I definitely enjoy spending lots of time outdoors.
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Table of contents
Nature Reveals
A Short Poem About Nature
A Poem About Nature And The Environment
A Poem About Why We Love Nature
A Poem About Mother Nature

Nature Reveals

Our physical world, respect and explore,

Where water meets land; a beautiful shore.

Mountains we conquer, look down in awe,

If you're an artist, make sure you draw.

Nature exciting, adventurously new,

Much more to see, than a sky that is blue.

It offers so much, open your eyes,

Hope of today, with every sunrise.

Nature shall feed, body and soul,

Some call it home, others a hole.

Memories are nurtured, when nature reveals,

Sharing its pleasures, amazing it feels.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next poem is meant to remind us of the vast beauty of nature, and mountains in particular.

There are many long and gorgeous mountain ranges that add beauty and substance to our planet.

Just their sight is enough to inspire and motivate us.

I took a few moments to appreciate some of these ranges through Google images prior to writing the following verse:


Stretch above land, into their peak,

It is the sky, they constantly seek.

In the far distance, we notice their height,

A view from the top - spectacular site!

Closely positioned, to form a range,

Human eyes, won't notice them change.

Not a prisoner, to immediate time,

Challenges many; unforgiving climb.

So much more, beyond their beauty,

Sheltering species, that is their duty,

Mountains are members, of the nature we know,

Way at the top, they often have snow.

By Martin Dejnicki

I recall being awestruck when I first laid eyes at the beauty of the Rocky Mountains range.

I was 12 years old, and it was during a family road trip across British Columbia.

It was a liberating Canadian experience that I will never forget.

If you are looking to read some famous poems about nature, I recommend the works of William 

Nature Poem for Children

Here's a nature poem written for children. It talks about spring and all the various benefits of it. I think it's very important for us to educate our children about nature and the need to preserve it today for future generations.


In the early part of spring,

You will hear, many birds sing.

They are just letting, the rest of us know,

Winter is over, spring melted the snow.

You will notice, a beautiful scene,

The trees will slowly, begin to turn green.

Chipmunks and bunnies will come out and play,

Bears will no longer, sleep during the day.

It's exciting, when spring finally arrives,

Bees will make honey, inside their hives.

So much to do, so much to see,

Insects and animals, are happy and free.

By Martin Dejnicki

I also believe that we can learn a lot from our children about nature. All we have to do is observe how they appreciate it and how they behave in the natural environment. Sometimes, I just get so wrapped around my work that I forget to stop for a second and just smell the flowers. That's something I need to change in my behaviour, and enjoy nature a bit more whenever I get the opportunity.

Poems About Nature by Children

I'm super proud of the following three poems about nature by children. The truth is, they were written by one kid. My ten-year-old niece. She actually emailed them to me following a very fun (and productive) brainstorming session we had a few days ago.

The topics we decided to cover were the sun, forests, and water. Let's take a look at the first one, titled "Sun".


I wonder, I wonder, how big is the sun?

Playing under the sun is so much fun.

Is it large, medium, or small?

In the summer and the fall.

Mother nature is very cool,

I could learn more about it at school.

The sun is huge and the sky is blue.

I can't wait, to go to the zoo.

The sun is round and very yellow,

I like eating orange jello.

The sun keeps us warm,

When there is a storm.

By Juliana Paiva

Initially, my niece did quite a bit of research for the above poem. She collected a lot of interesting facts, which shows the curiosity that children possess. I just told her to keep it simple and make it rhyme. In the end, we were both very happy with the outcome. For a 10-year-old, I think the poem is really good.

The next poem talks about forests. It's a fine example of a young child expressing herself through poetry. I'm so proud of my wonderful niece. She's one of the most thoughtful people I know, and I'm blessed to have her in my life.


I like going to forests,

With my family on a hike,

Sometimes I go on my bike,

In the forest, I really like.

Sometimes I can feel the breeze,

By the trees.

In the park,

The trees have bark.

That's where insects and animals live,

Beauty to the forest they give.

I always explore,

In the forest more.

By Juliana Paiva

These poems demonstrate the thought process of young kids. It is obvious that children are cheerful and happy little human beings just by reading some of their poetry. Kids also share a great sense of humour, and they strive to be funny to make others laugh. I know this for a fact because my niece makes me laugh all the time.

The last poem, written by a child, is titled, "Water". The second line in the second stanza really caught my attention. It shows that kids have really big hearts and are very loving to all.


Ponds have colourful frogs and fish,

Taking pictures, I really wish.

I like visiting different kinds of lakes,

Because they don't have any snakes.

There's so much water in the sea,

I'm happy that the Whales are free.

There are so many water plants,

But yet no ants.

Sometimes when I go to the river,

It's so cold that I shiver.

Water is so much fun,

I like to swim in it and run.

By Juliana Paiva

A Short Poem About Nature

The following is a very short poem about nature. Sometimes a verse can be very short and still be inspirational to the one who reads it.

Deep Link

Oceans, lakes, rivers, and streams,

Untouched wilderness in our memories and dreams.

Mental and physical pleasures of fresh air,

Pleasant surprises, we stop, and we stare.

A place where we could sit and just think,

That nature and humans share a deep link.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Poem About Nature And The Environment

The following poem about nature and the environment is intended to remind us about the fragile state of our current world ecosystem. Since our planet is facing many climate change and global warming-related issues, we need to keep the conversation going. Poetry is one great way to do this.

Nature's Environment

Beauty of nature, we all love to see,

From tiny insect to exotic tree.

So much life and diversity,

You can learn more, at university.

Our environment, keeps us alive,

We must protect it, for society to thrive.

Creates oxygen, that we all consume,

What's more prettier, than a flower bloom?

We must combat, deforestation,

It is the duty of every single nation.

Let's begin, by fighting pollution,

Think together, to find a solution.

Climate change, we need to control,

What about that ozone hole?

We must remember, to respect and cherish,

If we don't, nature shall perish.

By Martin Dejnicki

There are contemporary poems that talk about these issues that our world is facing. One time I was browsing the net, and I stumbled upon a very good amateur poem about "man vs. nature". If I remember correctly, it talked about trees and the widespread deforestation that is occurring worldwide.

I think it's up to all of us to protect the earth and its natural environment. There are simple things we can do, like walk to the grocery store down the street instead of always driving.

A Poem About Why We Love Nature

Here's a poem that talks about why we love nature. There's clearly a million and one reasons for loving nature, so technically, this poem could have been much, much longer. However, I do enjoy my sleep, so I kept it the standard three stanzas.

Our Love For Nature

Our love for nature, has its roots,

It offers life, it offers fruits.

Not just beauty, it's way beyond,

A peaceful lake or just a pond.

Our love for nature, keeps us close,

Rocks erode, as the river flows.

From a hilltop, to the sea,

Towards the sky, grows a tree.

Our love for nature, gives us peace,

Seasons change, flying geese.

Nature shall thrive, if we combine,

Your love for it, along with mine.

By Martin Dejnicki

The truth is, my reasons for loving nature could be completely different than yours. So maybe I should have made it into a personification poem. Since nature and human characteristics may be easily compared.

A Poem About Mother Nature

This poem about Mother Nature is meant to remind us of how fortunate we are to have Mother Nature and all her precious life-giving resources (that we should use sustainably of course).

Mother Nature

Mother Nature nurtures earth,

This eventually leads to birth.

What does life truly need?

On Mother Nature, it does feed.

Fertility - brings our lands,

Fills our very needy hands.

We expect and depend,

Precious resources readily spend.

From the clouds to the sea,

With Mother Nature we agree,

For as long as humans live,

Mother Nature, will always give.

By Martin Dejnicki

PUBLISHED: Sep 11, 2023


Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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