Poems About Rain

Martin Dejnicki
Here's a few rhyming poems about rain for your enjoyment. Most of them are fairly short, three are for children and the last one is a funny one.
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Short Rain Poems
Poems About Rain for Children
Funny Rain Poem

The first one talks about how rain may help cleanse us emotionally. I think a lot of that has to do with its soothing properties. Personally, the sound of rain drops hitting the ground (but especially a body of water like a lake) is very relaxing.

Rain also symbolizes many other things including, sorrow, tears, anger, forgiveness, renewal or a fresh start, nourishment, and life. We're all familiar with that saying, "Save it for a rainy day.", which means to be patient and save something for a gloomy or difficult time in our lives (just in case). This could be an emergency savings account, just in case we lose our job or become ill.

Cleansing Drops

I sat here, waiting for the rain,

On a fresh new porch,

I held my brain.

Heavy thoughts filled my mind,

Exhausted, from the

routine grind.

Rains arrival,

I awaited with pleasure,

Cleansing drops,

became my treasure.

I yelled out for

heaven's tear,

All my sorrows,

I hoped it shall clear.

When the very first drop,

hit my head,

Pure excitement,

virally spread.

Came down suddenly,

it started to pour,

My heart and spirit,

began to soar.

Seconds later my life was

cleansed and soaked,

My clear mind,

has been evoked.

By Martin Dejnicki

Short Rain Poems

These two short rain poems mention the various properties or uses that rain offers. One of the most obvious is the nourishment that it offers our planet. Without it, life would not exist on earth.


Rain is something completely pure,

Nourishment it will ensure.

Understands how to sooth and relax,

With unpredictability, it often acts.

Rain is something we shouldn't avoid,

When it's sprinkling, it may be enjoyed.

We may share it with family and friends,

It helps our minds regenerate and cleanse.

Rain is something we should all respect,

When it's angry, we should hide and protect.

It knows how to take but also give,

We must cherish it, as long as we live.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next poem hints at the fine balance between scarcity and excessive abundance of rain. If there's not enough, it may cause severe drought.

Too much rain may cause massive amounts of physical destruction as witnessed during hurricane Katrina.

Water has the amazing power to both create and destroy life. We need to respect it, and make sure we use it responsibly, so that future generations will have an abundant supply as well.

Water of Life


Zeus's weapon of choice,

For water of life,

companion and voice.

When rain is scarce,

we pray and we cherish.

When there's too much,

we're afraid that we'll perish.

Water of life,

feeds our souls and our earth.

Precious ingredient,

leads to infinite birth.

By Martin Dejnicki

Poems About Rain for Children

Here's a few rhyming poems about rain written to be enjoyed by all the wonderful children out there. The first poem is for preschoolers.

When It's Raining

When it's raining,

a bit outside,

Find your raincoat,

don't you hide.

You will also.

need your boots,

Don't forget to eat,

your fruits.

Take your mommy,

to the store,

Help her out,

please hold the door.

You'll have fun,

on your way,

With the rain,

you'll get to play.

By Martin Dejnicki

The second rain poem was written for 5-8 year olds, but I'm sure kids of all ages will enjoy it.

Rain In The Park

Suzy and Laura played

on red colored swings.

Laughing and talking,

like they had magical wings.

Smiling cheerfully,

they stared at the sky,

In a few minutes

they won't be that dry.

All of a sudden,

it got very dark.

Very dark clouds,

surrounded their park.

They felt in their stomachs,

the rain will just pour,

All of a sudden,

they heard a loud roar.

Was it a lion,

they began to wonder,

It roared again,

It was just thunder.

The rain came down,

Like a humongous shower,

It washed away,

every last yellow flower.

Suzy and Laura,

were completely drenched,

They ran quickly home,

Holding hands that were clenched.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next rain poem for kids is meant to be funny, and make children of all ages laugh.

Stella The Cat

There was a cool cat,

her name was Stella,

She walked down the street,

with a real fancy umbrella.

Just in case,

rain appears,

When those clouds

shed some tears.

Stella's umbrella,

was shiny bright red,

Just like the hair,

on top of her head.

She knew she must catch,

the very next train,

But secretly,

she hoped it would rain.

"Rain come down!"

She made up a song.

But only the wind came,

it was quite fierce and strong.

Stella the Cat,

began to lift,

Her umbrella,

was caught in a drift.

She went up real high,

and enjoyed the view,

Where she was going,

She had not even a clue.

She travelled for days,

to a far off land.

Where there's plenty of clouds,

and beautiful sand.

It rained for months,

and did not stop,

So Stella opened up,

an umbrella shop.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next rain poem was submitted by Joyal Paul. Thank you for sharing it with us, Joyal.

The Rain

I take and give and

give and take

I origin from the land

where there is a lake

I fall as drops

and falter over leaves

I'll wet the throat of the crops

and through the leaves I reaches the hives

I take and give and

give and take

I end in a land

from which I wake

By Joyal

Funny Rain Poem

When writing the following funny rain poem, I was thinking of how funny it looks like when we see people (including ourselves) running frantically to avoid rain. It seems we're simply unwilling to get wet by Mother Nature.

It's Just Rain

They all say that rain

cleanses the soul,

Yet I don't see anyone

on a rainy stroll.

Instead they run from it,

like it's gonna bite,

It won't,

unless they're flying a kite.

Sure you may,

get a bit wet,

What's the big deal?

At least it's not sweat.

So you won't

need to shower at home,

If you like your hair,

just bring a good comb.

But remember,

it's just plain old rain,

Don't run from it,

it's all in your brain.

By Martin Dejnicki

Hope you enjoyed reading all of these rain poems and found what you are looking for. I definitely had a blast writing them.

Personally, I can't wait until the next rain shower.

I'm actually looking forward to it.

Maybe I'll go for a jog in the rain, or maybe just read next to the window, and listen to the rain.

PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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