Poems About War

Martin Dejnicki
Here is a collection of rhyming poems that talk about war and the brutality, suffering, destruction and sadness associated with wars. I hope that each word serves to remind us those who have lost their lives in the many wars throughout human history.
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Table of contents
World War I Poems
World War 2 Poems
Civil War Poems
Vietnam War Poem
Anti-War Poem
Iraq War Poem
A Poem about The Kosovo War
War Poems For Children

The first war poem is intended to be a personal account of a fallen soldier.

I can't imagine the helpless feelings and emotions that young soldiers have experienced when they knew they were minutes or even seconds away from their death.

The first two stanzas of the verse below are sad and depressing.The last one contains hope as the soldier comes to terms with his/her mortality and tries to remember the good times from the past.

With youth comes a sense of invincibility, but wars and bloodshed change that very quickly. Especially when one witnesses his dear friends perish in front of him.

Don't Cry

I write this poem, here where I lay,

Sunshine is gone, I only see grey.

Wish I had a bit more time,

I'm in my twenties, I'm in my prime.

But I only have a minute or two,

My body is numb, my face is blue.

I'm so sorry, I did my best,

Life is leaving, through my red chest.

It all happened so sudden and fast,

Can't help but smile, as I look at the past.

Please don't morn, please don't cry,

I'll look down, from the sky.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next war poem is meant to show our gratitude and appreciation for all the soldiers out there, and their sacrifices that they made and make each day.

The reality is, they are nothing short of heroes.

They put their lives on the line constantly. The political reasons behind going to war may vary significantly, and may be either legitimate or not.

But we all know, the men and women who serve on the front lines always fight for a good cause and with their hearts.

True Heroes

When there is conflict, we depend,

Trained and ready, oversees we send.

They fight in the lonely desert of dirt,

With confidence, not revealing their hurt.

Their lives are ordered and very strict,

What happens next, they cannot predict.

Courage of lions they all possess,

Our gratitude we should always express.

True heroes to us, they shine like a star,

Even though, they're so very far.

These men and women truly amaze,

We'll cherish them, till the end of days.

By Martin Dejnicki

The men and women that serve during wars should be honoured and their sacrifices should be celebrated.

The job they do must be extremely difficult. They never know whether they will return home alive.

In addition, they leave their family and loved ones behind for extended periods of time.

That must be very difficult emotionally not only to the soldiers themselves, but also all the children, wives, husbands, parents, friends, and other family members that miss them dearly, and await their safe return.

Here's a poem about war that talks about some of the things that were mentioned earlier. The last stanza hints at post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) or one of its negative effects. Many veterans live with PTSD, and it must make it very difficult for them as they try to transition back to normal civilian life. This also affects their families and their relationships with people back home.

War Season

Doesn't matter the type of war,

Heartache and misery we can't ignore.

They put their lives on the line,

Blood and dirt, there is no shine.

Even if we have a reason,

You won't find the ideal season,

To leave family and kids behind,

The worst torture, they feel blind.

If you're lucky, you come back,

They give you a medal, and a plaque.

In your mind, memories are clear,

Wake up at night, with so much fear.

By Martin Dejnicki

I tried to write the following poem about war by placing myself into the shoes of a group of soldiers that were ambushed during their mission or patrol. You hear battle stories all the time about infantry soldiers being ambushed or surprised by their enemies. It seems like stealth is very common and effective war tactic these days.

Ambushed Heat

Shock arrives and invites pain,

Brother nearby, has been slain,

Now expected to logically think,

Insanity is creeping, at the brink.

With every single, fearful breath,

A second closer to his death,

Time to sacrifice, time to lead,

Just like cattle, as they bleed.

Attack reversed into retreat,

They've been ambushed in this heat.

Moments later, a helpless feeling,

Scars will need, lifelong healing.

By Martin Dejnicki

That last line reminds us of the harsh reality that both physical and emotional war scars often take entire lifetimes to heal.


Back through the years

a lot of our young men have gone to war,

and though they may not have always known

what they were fighting for;

They did just what they had to do

to keep our country free,

they fought for all America,

not just for you and me.

Some of our boys came back home,

some never made it back,

some were listed MIA'S,

of some they just lost track;

Some were listed POW'S,

prisoners of war,

but the ones who aren't accounted for,

we just cannot ignore.

We need to bring them all back home,

each and every one,

until we do our debt's not paid

our job is left undone.

'Cause all those men who gave their lives

and those who were so loyal,

belong here in America,

back on their home soil.

By Martin Dejnicki

World War I Poems

Here's a few World War I poems (WWI) that look at some of the realities of the first world war (also known as the Great War or war to end all wars). This war also known for its trench warfare, and the first poem talks about that.


We've dug a hole, called a trench,

Humanity is gone, replaced with stench.

Pain around us is draining but real,

Craving silence, and a good meal.

Not an ounce of fame or glory,

Could ever save us from this story.

Fight for days, for a couple feet,

Must remain strong to avoid defeat.

A much different type of noise,

Not from children and their toys.

Never heard so many grown men cry,

There's so much sorrow, in every eye.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem about war also mentions the sorrow that soldiers feel. A lot of this must be from witnessing close friends and comrades dying around you all the time. Emotionally, that must be devastating. It's like having someone in your extended circle of family and friends die almost every day. I can't imagine how they felt. It must have been awful.

Here's a poem that I wrote from the perspective of a 17 year old teenager, that ends up on the front lines. This young man/boy realizes that he is way too young to die, and also shows empathy for his enemies/victims and their families. I heard a story of a soldier taking his own life after not being able to deal with the bloodshed he was ordered to cause.

Soldier Speaks

Wish I could express, the emotions I feel,

We're all expected to block and conceal.

I need to be heard, I wish to speak,

But if I do, they might think I'm weak.

Honestly, I'm frightened and scared,

At seventeen, for death not prepared.

We crawl, aim, and routinely kill,

I feel the loss, I feel the chill.

I see children and a crying wife,

Someone stop me, from taking more life.

There's always a reason, always a cause,

I will be next, if I ponder and pause.

By Martin Dejnicki

At the end of this poem, the soldier shows irony, by acknowledging that he could be the next to die if he just sits there and thinks about his entire situation for too long. Yet, that's exactly what he just did by writing this poem.

World War 2 Poems

These are the first two World War 2 poems that I've ever written. I am a history buff, so I do know the events surrounding the Second World War. However, prior to writing these poems about war, I tried to understand some of the emotions that these soldiers were feeling by watching some WWII video clips on Youtube.com.

Sacred Treasure

I write to you this poem my dear,

You'll never see me, I cry with fear.

Moments ago, they destroyed our tank,

For the memories we shared, I truly thank.

Wish I could wipe the tears in your eyes,

You are strong, from all this you shall rise.

Take care of our children, hope you are well,

Sorrow inside me, I just want to yell.

The body of John, a very close friend,

Lays next to me, this is my end.

My life is over, and so is my will,

They're shooting at me, expecting to kill.

It's so cold, in this wretched snow,

Just need to say, before I go -

Life with you was the greatest pleasure,

Our love shall always, be a sacred treasure.

By Martin Dejnicki

That world war 2 poem was a first person account from a dying soldier, moments before he was killed in battle. The inspiration behind this poem came from watching a few real life accounts on youtube.

Flicker of Hope

The horrible menace and terror of war,

Shakes my being at its very core.

Destruction, agony, and so much fire,

Death follows all, as lives expire.

Corpses lay in pools of blood,

Soldiers marching, covered in mud.

Carnage of war, more than clear,

Each day is harsh and more severe.

Sounds of exploding mines and grenades,

Sirens alarm us, approaching air raids.

We must manage, we must cope,

Nothing left, but a flicker of hope.

By Martin Dejnicki

It seems like during very difficult times of war, many soldiers are able to continue simply because of hope. Even if it's just slight, as mentioned in the above poem about war.

Civil War Poems

Feel free to share the following civil war poems with someone that may be interested in the history of the American Civil War. The first civil war poem may apply to virtually any modern civil war.

Witnessing Hell

As we march, it's unbearably hot,

I dream of surviving, cannot get shot.

Try to focus, what each day brings,

To escape this horror, I may need wings.

I must remember, for freedom we fight,

Seeking courage inside, with all of my might.

We all know, war is tragic and cruel,

For sadness nor tears, there is no rule.

Victory or loss, I do miss my farm,

Lovely place, with plenty of charm.

Wakeup! Look where I am now,

Witnessing hell, no farm nor a plough.

By Martin Dejnicki

Civil War Experience

This Civil War is a deadly fight,

Sitting in camp, a few words I shall write.

Last battle we fought, exhaustion and thirst,

Felt like forever, it was the worst.

Some Native allies bring men by canoe,

My left foot is swollen, I need a new shoe.

I witnessed last gasps of honourable men,

Tomorrow we'll fight, those bastards again.

I must stay strong, but I do dread,

Not coming home, ending up dead.

I promised to fight and our land defend,

When it's all over, in peace we shall spend.

By Martin Dejnicki

Vietnam War Poem

This Vietnam War poem talks about the tragedies and harsh conditions during this awful war. Just like in all wars, many innocent civilians lost their lives during this time in history.

Misery and Pain

So much misery, so much pain,

Fog of war, with torrential rain.

Mountainous jungles do not forgive,

Must be careful, if you wish to live.

Constant tragedies, strike them deep,

Patrolling villages with their jeep.

Children wide-eyed, and confused,

Women tortured and abused.

Fire and destruction, seems to follow,

Magnitude of it all is hard to swallow.

The dying gasp for every breath,

Joining countless to their death.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think the above poem is one of my favourite poems about war that I've written. The reason is because it's so vivid and real. When writing it, I tried to place myself into those unimaginable conditions and times.

Anti-War Poem

Here's an anti-war poem that hints at the causes of war, it's effects, and a solution. Yes I know, it's quite ambitious. But I had to try. I hope you spread this poem about war on Facebook and Twitter, so that it reminds others that war is just not worth it and we need to do everything we can to avoid it, and live in peace.

Peace over War

War affects so many lives,

Children, parents, husbands, and wives.

First-hand terror for those that serve,

No human being, such a death deserve.

Many wars are pure political,

The pain they cause is far more critical.

We must work on our human relations,

Think of future generations.

Let's work on finding solutions,

Choose non-violent revolutions.

Hatred and anger, we must decrease,

Only path to finding peace.

By Martin Dejnicki

Iraq War Poem

The research I did before writing the Iraq war poem below was emotional. I found a video on youtube where a soldier read the letters of some of the recently deceased young men and women. These brave young soldiers all wrote to their families back home, hoping to return to them very soon. Unfortunately, they paid the ultimate sacrifice. Their lives.


Many excited to go to Iraq,

That feeling changed to terror and shock.

The first tragedy may be the truth,

Witnessing terror, and loss of their youth.

They expected plenty of danger,

Here in Baghdad, it's not a stranger.

So much at stake, pressures immense,

Protecting each other, mutual defense.

Often times, combat is so close,

Deep inside, violence oppose.

They witness bloodshed that is extreme,

So many things are not what they seem.

These people are poor, and severely oppressed,

Suicide bombers, like civilians are dressed.

Those damned, improvised explosive devices,

Killed so many, they're paying the prices.

They can't wait, till war reaches the end,

Letters of love and courage they send.

Real soon, they all hope to return home,

Their personal stories, will have their own poem.

By Martin Dejnicki

Here's another one about Iraq. It was submitted by Patricia Capansky.


They say the war is over in Iraq,

but I must very strongly disagree,

when every day I hear of Soldiers wounded, maimed or killed

while trying to keep Iraqi people free.

Their job is now to help rebuild the country

and help the people get back on their feet,

but danger lurks for each of them with every step they take,

around each corner and down every street.

They say Saddam's regime has been defeated

by a coalition brave and strong and loyal,

but the war will not be over till our Soldiers all come home

and their blood's no longer spilled on foreign soil.

by Patricia Capansky

A Poem about The Kosovo War

Exile From Kosovo

They gave up everything they had

and fled from Kosovo,

on a journey with the kind of end

that only God could know.

Through wind and rain and bitter cold

They went mile after mile,

to try to find a safe place,

these people in exile.

An exodus of thousands

with no choice but to run,

forced from their homes and some

loved ones at the point of a gun.

They didn't know what lay ahead

but the horrors left behind,

was something that would surely

burn forever in their mind.

Tired and hungry, wet and cold,

they had no place to stay,

and without shelter some

just couldn't last another day.

With cold hard ground the only floor,

their roof the open sky,

bad health and weather took its toll

with each hour that went by.

The refugees were many,

safe havens far too few,

and in a valley thousands still need

help to make it through.

And although help is on the way,

the road ahead still rough,

for many in that valley

help just won't come soon enough.

By Martin Dejnicki

War Poems For Children

Here's a few poems about war written for children that are meant to educate our young kids about war. I tried my best to make sure they are appropriate for young kids. However, please use your own discretion when sharing or reading them to your kids.

Safe and Kind

Wars and battles are very bad,

They often make people sad.

Many soldiers covered in dirt,

Being shot, can really hurt.

They fight so you could be free,

Just like a happy bumble bee.

Let's thank soldiers for what they do,

They try to protect, me and you.

To make the world safe and kind,

That's something, we should keep in mind.

Those hurt by wars, need our care,

Think of them and say a prayer.

By Martin Dejnicki


Why do some people start a war?

Can't they forgive and just ignore?

Wars can create a lot of pain,

When there's war, there's usually rain.

Why do countries need to fight?

Can't we just sleep at night?

Some adults like monkey's behave,

Hurting others is not brave.

My only wish is for peace and quiet,

There's no need to start a riot.

If they're mad and angry too,

War is just a crazy zoo.

By Martin Dejnicki

Writing these poems about war was an enlightening experience for myself.

It reminded me of not only the atrocities and suffering associated with wars, but also the sacrifices that countless men and women soldiers have paid over the centuries and continue to do so.

You are welcome to also share an original rhyming poem about war with the world that you have written. Simply submit your poem and an optional personal story behind it and I will gladly include it in this section.

I wish you peace and prosperity.

PUBLISHED: Sep 30, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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