Poems About Winter

Martin Dejnicki
This post includes a variety of rhyming poems about winter. You'll find a few general poems that talk about the winter season, along with a few for and by children, two funny poems, and the last two are love poems written within the winter theme.
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Poems About Winter for Children
Funny Winter Poems
Winter Love Poems

Many of us may not truly appreciate winter enough.

I understand it's often quite cold and uncomfortable.

But the winter season offers plenty of beauty that we may explore, along with many different activities that we may participate in.

Depending where you live, it may simply be too cold to be outside for extended periods of time.

This offers us an opportunity to spend some time with our family and friends inside.

We can sit and talk or play board games or even read in front of a warm fireplace while sipping on warm eggnog topped with marsh mellows.

Winters Gold

Winters season,

may be dark and cold,

But if you look closer,

there's plenty of gold.

Trees are covered,

in snowy powder,

Kids with snow,

are fun and louder.

Rooftops covered,

like from a fairy tale,

Huskies smiling,

through a forest trail.

Walking the sidewalks,

of winters town,

In the beauty of it all,

many shall drown.

Sweet hot chocolate,

cures the frost,

In café conversations,

minds are lost.

We spend time with others,

because of the cold,

That's winters gift,

and precious gold.

By Martin Dejnicki

Winters Course

Winter is close,

when you witness migration,

Frogs, snakes, and bats,

prepare for hibernation.

The very first,

shots of chill,

are met with frowns,

and lack of thrill.

We gradually adapt,

accept winters state,

There's no point,

to just sit and wait.

Holidays ignite,

with rush and cheer,

We spend it with those,

who are truly dear.

January offers,

resolutions galore.

But are short-lived,

since they seem like a chore.

Too close to depression,

we become frost fatigued.

The slightest warmth,

and we're exuberantly intrigued.

Finally she allows,

herself to melt,

Spring does not require,

winters grasp nor belt.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem talked about not only some of the obviousphysical changes in our environment that we witness during winter, but also a few individual emotions and habits that many of us go through.

I always notice that many individuals rarely look forward to winter, and actually resent when its arrival is near.

Understandably, they dread the expected frost. We cheer up during the holidays, and we are motivated in January by our new year's resolutions.

For most of us, our overly ambitious goals usually fade away within a few weeks, and we begin to dread the long winter by mid or late February (depending how harsh it has been). In March it begins to warm up again, and our spirits are lifted by the image of the coming spring.

Poems About Winter for Children

I really enjoyed writing the following two poems about winter for children. Kids are very curious little human beings, and to fuel their curiosity, I wrote an informative poem about snowshoe hares for them.

Snowshoe Hares

Snowshoe hares have,

long hind feet,

During the night,

various plants they eat.

They don't mind,

the cold at all,

They are furry,

cute and small.

They won't freeze,

have fur on their soles.

Spend their days,

in shallow holes.

Don't forget,

they love to hop,

When there's snow,

they walk on top.

Their feet are like snowshoes,

that's really cool,

Go tell your friends,

and teachers at school.

By Martin Dejnicki

Children's natural love for animals was my motivation behind that poem. I chose snowshoe hares because they seem interesting, they're cute, and adapt really well during the winter season. I also assumed that it may be one of those animals they may not know a whole lot about yet. But I may be wrong.

The next poem for kids is about, Joe the Snowman. It talks about a few kids building a snowman, naming him Joe, and building a friendship with him.

Joe The Snowman

We built our snowman,

at the first sign of snow.

We gave him a name,

and just called him Joe.

He stood tall and strong,

with a big frosty smile,

and a pointy carrot nose,

that was his style.

We gave him a stick,

so that he could write,

All of his feelings,

during the night.

Each day we would visit,

and fix some of his snow,

Every day he seemed,

to just grow.

We worked so hard,

Joe became our friend,

We just hoped,

the cold would not end.

We nearly forgot,

to give him a hat,

Before we left,

we gave him a hug and a pat.

By Martin Dejnicki

Personally, I can't wait until it snows. Winter is just around the corner, and I'm actually looking forward to building snowmen with the kids. The ideal conditions for building are when the snow is wet and sticks really well. This usually happens when the temperature warms up a bit following a snowfall.

Funny Winter Poems


She finally decided,

to learn how to skate,

Why didn't she do it,

when she was just eight.

The sky was clear,

but expecting some flurries,

Falling on her behind,

were among her worst worries.

Her winter jacket,

was the sharpest of reds,

She found those rusty skates,

in one of her sheds.

As she cautiously stepped,

onto the ice of falls,

Sliding like a kid,

her memory recalls.

Her first move,

was nearly the splits,

The ice was ready,

for many more hits.

Her twisting and dancing,

she could not control,

Everyone's attention,

she naturally stole.

Frantically skating,

she couldn't just stop,

Not knowing whether,

to slide or to drop.

Waving and yelling,

she noticed her date,

They were both young,

just eighty-eight.

By Martin Dejnicki

Do remember being a kid and looking forward to a snow day? Well the kids in the next poem have nothing to look forward to, since their mom clearly doesn't believe in snow days. Enjoy!

Three Down

They all bundled up,

into their warm winter gear.

A storm brewed outside,

as her kids burst into cheer.

But she was determined,

to get them to school,

Even if it meant,

they'd think she was cruel.

They stepped outside,

and saw the car covered in snow,

The kids all smiled,

their eyes began to glow.

She felt snow enter,

her left sock,

She decided,

they would all have to walk.

The kids weren't happy,

they just wanted to play.

So they threw a few snowballs,

right in her way.

Mom looked back,

with an evil frown,

She was outnumbered,

but she knew they'd go down.

She dove to her side,

behind a large tree,

Quickly made snowballs,

it was one against three.

She rolled to her left,

and made three snowballs fly,

They hit their three targets,

straight from the sky.

All three kids were down,

and just looked up in awe.

A super-human lady,

their mother stood tall.

She laughed at her little,

prisoners of war,

They marched to school,

and were fearful of more.

They all wondered where,

she learned how to throw like that,

Before they were born,

she had a glove and a bat.

By Martin Dejnicki

Imagine losing a snowball fight to your mom. Now that would be embarrassing. Especially if she was out numbered like in that poem. But you never know. There's a lot of athletic mom's out there, and many may have a really good snowball arm.

I hope you enjoyed reading these funny winter poems. I definitely enjoyed writing them.

Winter Love Poems

The last category in this section are winter love poems. You are free to share them with your significant other. I recommend that you share them during the winter. You may wish to surprise your partner by printing it out or email it. Hope your winter is filled with lots of love and passion.

Winter Kiss

A calm winter evening,

they went for a stroll,

To touch her red lips,

was his secret and goal.

The ground and the trees,

were beautifully white,

He did not notice, for his eyes

did not leave her sight.

It was a bit cold,

but her smile was warm,

Inside of his stomach,

butterflies danced in a storm.

He stared into her eyes,

as a snowflake came down on her cheek,

He grabbed her hips,

her legs became weak.

Time stopped,

they shared their first bliss,

It was also,

their first winter kiss.

By Martin Dejnicki

You may even wish to share that first winter love poem during a nice little walk, on a beautiful winter evening stroll. Good luck!

Winter Love

My love for you,

is like the purest white snow,

Fell out of the sky,

and into your soul.

It's warm like a fireplace,

and hot chocolate sweet,

It shall keep you warm,

and provide you with heat.

My love for you,

is like a gentle snowy hill,

Experiencing it,

is an absolute thrill.

Brings beauty into my life,

like a gorgeous winter view,

and playful emotions,

that are genuine and true.

My love for you,

is smooth like the ice,

I'll cherish it forever,

and pay any price.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now that poem was meant to help you proclaim your love to your partner during the winter season.

Thank you for taking the time out of your chilly day to read my poems about winter.

If you like them, the best way you may thank me is by sharing them with people in your life

PUBLISHED: Oct 09, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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