Poems for Brothers

Martin Dejnicki
This post features a variety of rhyming poems for brothers. Feel free to share it with your wonderful brother or brothers if you're fortunate enough to have more than one.
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Table of contents
Brother to Brother Poem
A Funny Birthday Poem for a Brother
Poem from a Sister to a Brother
A Poem About My Brother
Poem for a Little Brother
Love Poem for a Brother
Funny Poem for a Brother
Wedding Poem for a Brother
A Poem about the Death of a Brother

Most of these verses are sentimental and inspirational.

I've also included a humorous one, a birthday poem, a poem for your brother's wedding, and a sad brother memorial poem.

Let's start things off with this cute and short poem for a brother.

It contains a few verses that are meant to express how you may feel about having a great brother in your life.

It also talks about how a brother is also a dear friend that you enjoy spending time with. There's also a couple lines that mention being grateful for having him in your life. I'm sure he'll appreciate it, if you decide to share it with him.

My Brother and Friend

I'm so happy,

you're my brother and friend.

A few verses of love,

I'd just like to send.

I always enjoy,

spending time with you.

In so many ways,

together we grew.

We share a close bond,

and a very strong link.

We openly express,

whatever we think.

Just want to thank you,

for all you have done.

You've always been,

hilarious and fun.

You're one of those people,

that is genuinely nice,

You're always willing,

to offer advice.

My life has been blessed,

with a brother like you.

With you by my side,

life's easier to chew!

By Martin Dejnicki

I definitely agree that it's a blessing to have a brother to talk to and ask for assistance with technical or mechanical issues, like fixing a car. Personally, I wasn't fortunate enough to grow up with any brothers, but now I've stumbled upon two amazing brother-in-laws.

Brother to Brother Poem

Here's a brother to brother poem that you may share with that special brother in your life. A relationship between two brothers is often very close and tight. That's what I've attempted to convey in the following poem.


We are brothers,

and a close team.

Together we conquer,

together we dream.

Each other's minds,

we regularly read.

When one of us is hurt,

both of us bleed.

Without a thought,

we offer a helping hand.

Next to each other,

proudly we stand.

No matter what,

we'll always be close.

The bond that we share,

everyone knows.

You are my brother,

with joy I proclaim.

Our shared passion for life,

burns like a flame.

By Martin Dejnicki

I didn't want to make the poem sound too sentimental, because it's a poem that a guy will share with another guy. So I tried to make it sound a bit more manly. That's the thing about brothers, they obviously love one another, but they say it using different words, to maintain their masculinity.

Well, I hope you'll be able to share that poem with your brother.

A Funny Birthday Poem for a Brother

Here's a funny birthday poem for a brother. So whether your brother is turning 8 or 88, this poem is meant to make him smile/laugh and feel appreciated on his birthday.

Dear Brother of Mine

Happy birthday,

dear brother of mine,

You're just a year older,

which is perfectly fine.

There's no reason,

to worry nor stress.

Just relax,

and go play some chess.

I'm not saying,

your birthday should be boring.

You wouldn't want,

your guests to start snoring.

But keep in mind,

this day is all yours.

So forget about,

doing those chores.

Happy birthday,

dear brother of mine.

Enjoy your birthday,

the next one is mine.

By Martin Dejnicki

I just hope that poem was funny enough to make your brother laugh on his birthday. Today is actually my older sister's birthday, so what I'm going to do is change the word brother to sister in the title, and first and last verses. So now I have a funny one for her. I know I'm cutting corners, but time is of the essence and I'm a bit short of it today.

A few months ago, I also wrote a funny birthday poem for my brother-in-law. Maybe that one will inspire you as well.

Poem from a Sister to a Brother

The next one is a poem from a sister to a brother. So whether you're a younger or older sister, this poem will help let your brother know how important he is to you.

Wonderful Brother

You're my wonderful brother,

that I truly admire.

You encourage me,

and easily inspire.

You're one of those people,

I could always rely.

You'd comfort me,

when I felt sorrow and cry.

On those days,

I just needed to talk.

You'd stick around,

listen not walk.

Whenever I was in trouble,

or simply just stuck.

I could depend on you,

had no need for luck.

I'm always excited,

for the moments we share.

A brother like you,

is definitely rare.

For being my brother,

and for being there.

I'm infinitely grateful,

I love you and care.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think it's a great idea to let your brother know how much you care and appreciate him. If you have more than one brother, I suggest you make a few more copies, so that none of your brothers feel left out.

I'm sure you can clearly tell that this poem is meant to be shared by sisters with their brothers. It's sentimental, and has the potential to bring out certain emotions.

A Poem About My Brother

The next poem is titled, "My Brother". It mentions certain qualities and character traits that a brother may possess. These obviously vary from brother to brother. However, you may exclude whichever verses do not relate to your brother specifically.

My Brother (insert name)

First verse - Option 1

My brother (insert name),

is a wonderful guy.

Even though,

he's a little bit shy

First verse - Option 2

My brother (insert name),

is a wonderful guy.

He's funny and smart,

I cannot deny.

He understands,

the art of the of persuasion.

And is ready to use it,

at every occasion.

He's one of those guys,

that is interesting and unique.

With his original style,

he's one cool geek.

Always determined,

to achieve any goal.

Blesses so many,

with his beautiful soul.

My brother (insert name),

is a wonderful guy.

I love him a lot,

I'm not gonna lie.

By Martin Dejnicki

As you've noticed, you have the option to personalize the above poem with your brother's name. Initially it was intended for teenagers (as you can tell by the language). However, I think it may be shared with any brother of any age group.

Poem for a Little Brother

The next poem is a poem for a little brother. Ideally, it should be shared with little brothers that are under the age of 13. But at the end of the day, it's your choice. If you have a younger brother that is 40 or 50 years old, this poem may still apply and could even make him laugh.

Little Brother

As my little brother,

you're a pain in the neck.

But at least you know,

a lot about tech.

You've certainly mastered,

the art of attention.

You have amazing ideas,

you're on the verge of invention.

As my younger brother,

I do understand.

That you're a good guy,

with a helping hand.

Sure sometimes,

I may get annoyed.

But all our good memories,

I've genuinely enjoyed.

I just want to say,

that I'm really glad.

Having a little brother like you,

is not all that bad.

By Martin Dejnicki

As you can see that poem is meant to be shared with a little brother that is still a child. I certainly deserved this poem when I was a child, since I was a big pain in the neck for my big sister. I guess that's all normal when it comes to growing up with your siblings. There's always going to be sibling rivalry and misunderstandings, often times, on a daily basis.

I think the countless encounters and negotiations and debates that occur between siblings during childhood, prepare them for the workforce. Specifically, for the corporate environment, as I've noticed many similarities. Some of these include favours, rational thinking, compromises, and teamwork.

Love Poem for a Brother

Here's a love poem for a brother that talks about the platonic love that siblings often feel towards their brothers. During childhood, these feelings are often suppressed or not in the open. But adults are more vocal and express their love for their brothers much more openly.

My Loving Brother

You're my wonderful brother,

and I love you so dearly.

I speak from the heart,

with truth and sincerely.

You've always been there,

as a listener and friend.

You're one of the rare ones,

I could always depend.

With your words and time,

you're honest and kind.

You've helped guide my way,

those times I've been blind.

My loving brother,

I do love you, and I do care,

I'm looking forward,

to all those moments we'll share.

By Martin Dejnicki

That was a very simple poem that you may share with your brother. It will remind him that you love him dearly, and that you truly appreciate what he has done for you in the past, and you're looking forward to spending time with him.

I think the best gift we could ever give our brothers is simply our time. We can do this more freely during childhood and during those teenage years when we're still under the same roof. But once we move on and begin our own lives, it's much more difficult to get together regularly. I just think we need to make an effort and try, because time really flies by. We need to use our time to create precious moments with those we love and are important in our lives.

Funny Poem for a Brother

The following poem is a funny poem that you may share with your brother. Hopefully, it makes him laugh.

Brother and Zoo

Sit back my dear brother,

this poem is all true.

Sometimes I think,

you belong in a zoo.

Not as an employee,

but rather a member.

How would you stay warm,

in the month of December?

I'm sure you'd be fine,

you have plenty of gas.

You'd quickly learn,

how to eat dirty old grass.

All those kids,

in amazement would stare.

Why does that monkey,

have almost no hair?

I'm sure you'd make lots,

of friends at the zoo.

Walking around bare foot,

through piles of pooh.

Look at the bright side,

dear brother of mine.

The zoo is a great place,

where you'll prosper and shine.

By Martin Dejnicki

The motivation behind that poem was the fact that there are countless brothers out there that act sometimes like they belong in the zoo. I'll admit, I'm one of them. Sometimes, I'll do the silliest things, like mimic what the dog is doing during a walk in the park.

So if you have a silly brother that has a healthy sense of humor, then I'm sure he'll appreciate receiving the above funny brother poem.

Wedding Poem for a Brother

Now let's move on to a more sentimental topic, by looking at the following wedding poem written for a brother that's getting married.

Wedding Wishes

My loving brother,

I'd just like to say,

A few words,

on this memorable day.

I'm so happy for you,

Congrats on your wedding.

A wonderful new path,

you two are now heading.

Wishing you both,

happiness and wealth,

But most importantly,

abundance of health.

You've been blessed,

with a beautiful wife.

Together you'll live,

a wonderful life.

It shall be filled,

with joys and pure bliss.

It all began,

from a simple short kiss.

Just one more wish,

allow me to share,

Love one another,

with passion and care.

By Martin Dejnicki

That's a nice little cute poem you may share with your brother on his wedding day. You may add it to his wedding card, and I'm sure you card will end up being among the most memorable ones.

A Poem about the Death of a Brother

The last poem in this section was the most difficult to write since it's a poem about the death of a brother. I'm not gonna lie, thinking and writing this poem made me sad. I was thinking about the pain that a person must feel when losing a brother.

In Memory of My Brother

So much sorrow,

with infinite pain,

The emotions inside,

I could never explain.

My brother has left,

as I stand here and cry.

My burning tears,

are asking me why.

I'll cherish those memories,

both of us shared.

He was a person,

that genuinely cared.

I miss him so much,

just can't say goodbye,

I know he'd want me,

to keep my head up real high.

I loved him so much,

my brother and dear friend,

I wish I could wake,

and this nightmare would end.

But now I must let him,

just rest in peace

His memory and image,

I shall never release.

By Martin Dejnicki

This poem can make a lot of people cry. But that's ok, because it's important to mourn deceased love one's passing or death. I just hope the above memorial poem helps express your feelings.

I hope this section was helpful and you found a poem for your brother.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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