Poems for Children

Martin Dejnicki
Children are like budding stars, with each one possessing the light of potential waiting to illuminate the world in their unique way.
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Table of contents
A Short Poem for Children
A Sentimental Rhyming Poem for Children
Funny Poems for Children
Hat or Rat
A Poem About School For Children
A Poem for Small Children

The first verse below talks about games. I recall when I was a kid, I really enjoyed playing all sorts of different games.

Even at my ripe old age of 31, I still enjoy playing both outdoor and indoor games. Board games are among my favourite.


Being a kid is very fun,

I get to play, in the sun.

There are so many games,

I will list a few of their names.

Try to win at capture the flag,

Or we could play, simple old tag.

How about, duck, duck goose?

When I'm thirsty, I drink juice.

My favourite is hide and seek,

If you're counting, you can't peek.

There are simply so many more,

I really like, keeping score.

By Martin Dejnicki

There are many, many more games that children like to play. Kids have such amazing imaginations, that they are able to entertain themselves by role-playing.

When I was a kid, I loved role-playing with Lego. Wait a second, I still do it today all the time with my kids. Here's a list of lego sets that my kids like the most:


Children are very curious and smart,

They are kind with a beautiful heart.

Always exploring and climbing trees,

When kids see ice cream, they just ask please.

Children are honest and speak the truth,

Under the pillow, they put their tooth.

Energy, they never run out,

When playing outside, constantly shout.

Each day with excitement they dream,

Kids know how to work as a team.

The rest of us, should observe and learn,

Kids show compassion and also concern.

By Martin Dejnicki

Just like the above poem states, children are very smart little human beings. They also have wonderful hearts and are much more honest and frank than adults.

A Short Poem for Children

The following short poem for children reminds us about some of the things children do each day. Being a kid is a great experience. Many of us have been blessed with a wonderful childhood, and we would like the same for our children.

I'm a Kid

I'm a kid, I love to play,

With my friends, every day,

We love playing in the sand,

When we sing, we make a band.

Being a kid is so much fun,

I play sports and I run.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Sentimental Rhyming Poem for Children

It's no surprise that children like rhyming poems. The next one talks about the importance of family. A supportive family is important to children during their development.

Your Family

Your family loves you a great deal,

Always cares, how you feel.

When you're sick, they'll give you medication,

When is your next vacation?

Your family knows, the toys you like,

What is the color of your bike?

They know exactly, what you eat,

And the size of your feet.

Your family, will always be there for you,

They'll even take you, to your favorite zoo.

One thing you could do, to repay,

Love your family, each and every day.

By Martin Dejnicki

Having family members that they could count on is also important to children. They need a sense of belonging and worth. That's what a family must provide, along with love, and empathy.

Funny Poems for Children

Let's take a quick look at the following two funny poems for children. Personally, I think the first one is funnier, than the second one. But it's up to you to make that choice.


I walked outside, and saw a blue dragon,

He was sitting, in a blue wagon.

I asked the dragon, what are you doing?

He replied and said, "I'm just blueing!"

I walked to the pond and saw a blue frog,

He was wearing blue running shoes, on his morning jog.

I asked the frog, what are you doing?

He replied and said, "I'm just blueing!"

I walked to up a hill, and saw a blue bunny,

She was drinking tea and counting her blue money.

I asked the frog, what are you doing?

She replied and said, "I'm just blueing!"

I stopped walking, I was very confused,

They were all laughing, I wasn't amused.

I asked the dragon, frog, and bunny, "What is Blueing?"

They replied, "That's the name of the gum that we're chewing!"

By Martin Dejnicki

Now that you know what, "blueing" means, feel free to share that poem with as many kids as you wish. Hope it makes them laugh.

The next funny poem is titled, "Hat or Rat". Now isn't that a very interesting and unique name for a poem? I think it's probably the most interesting one here. Once you read the last verse, you will figure out the meaning behind the title.

Hat or Rat

Hat or Rat

I went to the store, to buy a new hat,

On the way there, I met a cool cat.

The cat said, she could jump over a car,

She said she's a very famous, movie star.

On our way to the store, we continued to talk,

All of a sudden, we bumped into a hawk.

The hawk said, he could fly to the moon,

When he's listening, to his favorite tune.

We walked a bit, and bumped into Jake,

He's the friendly, neighbourhood snake.

Jake said he could swallow an entire cow,

We were amazed, we just said - "Wow!"

We finally arrived, at the store,

They all smiled, and opened the door.

I remembered the color, of my dream hat,

The cat, hawk, and snake, just wanted a rat.

By Martin Dejnicki

So it looks like the cat, the hawk, and the snake wanted the kid to buy them a rat, so they could eat it. They all tried to impress the child with their exaggerated tales of what they are capable of.

So what do you think happened?

Did the kid buy the rat for one them or did he or she buy the hat?

Here's another funny one. It talks about a brother trying to make cocoa.

A Poem About School For Children

Here's a little poem about school for children. Sometimes as parents, we need to simply inspire our young children to take more interest in school. That's the purpose of this poem.

My School

There's so much to see and do at school,

Learning is fun and it's also quite cool.

I learn about numbers, and how to do math,

Do I want to be a scientist? Is that my true path?

What is my favorite subject? Is it music or art?

If I study very hard, I'll become really smart.

It's super fun, playing games in the gym,

When I throw the ball, it touches the rim.

I have a nice teacher, she is very kind,

She wants me to learn, and expand my mind.

Going to school is a lot of fun,

Playing with friends, until recess is done.

By Martin Dejnicki

It is good to encourage children to follow their passions and spend more time on thing they are good at. This could lead them to demonstrate increased interest in school.

Traditional, we would make our children spend much more time working on their weaknesses. I do agree that these weaknesses should be conquered to a certain level. However, just like adults, children also have problems focusing on subjects that they are not passionate about.

If a child has a passion for art or the sciences, those passions should be developed and encouraged. This will give them more direction later in life, when they are trying to figure out what they want to do.

A Poem for Small Children

Here's a poem for small children. I recommend it for kids between two and five years of age.

Let's Go Outside

You are cute and bring so much joy,

What is your very favorite toy?

Would you like to go outside?

In the park, there's a slide.

Don't forget about the swings,

You will fly, like you have wings.

We may even see a duck,

Play in the sand, with your truck.

Maybe a story, you'd like me to read,

If you're hungry, I will feed.

If it rains, we'll put on your boots,

Before we go, we should eat some fruits.

By Martin Dejnicki

Hope you had fun reading these poems for children. I certainly had a blast writing them. I also hope the children that you share some of these poems with enjoy them as well.

PUBLISHED: Oct 02, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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