Poems for Mothers

Martin Dejnicki
This post contains a variety of poems for mothers. You'll find a poem for your mom's birthday, a poem that talks about the bond between mothers and daughters, one that talks about how much you love your mother, a funny one, and several more.
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Table of contents
Birthday Poem for Mom
A Poem for Mothers from Daughters
A Poem About Mothers and Daughters
A Poem About A Mothers Love
Funny Poem for Mothers
A Poem for Mom from her Son
Poem for Mothers Funeral

The first two verses for mom are general, and may be shared with your mom anytime of the year. Feel free to surprise her with one of these poems on a random ordinary day.

Every few months or so, I email one of these poems to my mom. She absolutely loves when I surprise her like that. I try to do it on those days when she's super busy, tired, and even stressed, just to cheer her up a bit.

Just remember that you don't need to wait until Mother's Day to make your mom feel special. I'm sure she's a wonderful lady, and deserves lots of love from you every single day.

A Mother Like You

To say that you're wonderful,

is just not enough.

You're absolutely amazing,

both beautiful and tough.

I couldn't have asked,

for a better mother than you.

I'll love you forever,

that shall always be true.

You are a special lady,

that places others ahead.

Always worked tirelessly,

to provide me with shelter and bread.

You've always encouraged me,

to reach for the stars.

Taught me the importance,

of brushing off scars.

I enjoy talking with you,

laughing and spending time.

When we are apart,

it feels like a crime.

For everything you have done,

and all that you do,

I'm fortunate and lucky,

to have a mother like you.

By Martin Dejnicki

Let's move on to the next general poem that you may share with your wonderful mother. This one is very similar to the first one, but feel free to choose the one you prefer.

Most Caring Mom

Family has always,

been important and vital.

"Most Caring Mom",

is your new title.

You've always been there,

when something I'd need.

Even when my desires,

were fuelled by greed.

With regards to school,

you've been patient and kind.

Encouraged the development,

of my untamed young mind.

Taught me the importance,

of trust and respect.

Looked out for me,

you'd always protect.

You mean the world to me,

You are the most caring.

I'm truly blessed,

for this bond that we're sharing.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now that poem is meant to let your mom know that she's the most caring person in your life. Even at my ripe old age of 31, whenever I visit my mother, she's always making me soups to take home, and just proves every time how much she cares.

Birthday Poem for Mom

Here's a cute birthday poem that you may share with your mom. I plan on sharing it with my mom in January, on her 58th birthday. Hope both our mothers like it.

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday,

my mother and friend.

A few birthday wishes,

I'd just like to send.

Hope your birthday,

is a complete blast.

Don't think about age,

nor the length of your past.

May this birthday,

be filled with plenty of cheers.

We're here to celebrate,

all your beautiful years.

I'd also like to,

wish you good health.

These moments we share,

is the greatest of wealth.

Wishing you happiness,

beyond any dream or desire.

You have so many great traits,

that I hope to acquire.

Happy birthday,

my mother and friend.

My love for you,

I shall always extend.

By Martin Dejnicki

That birthday verse included several birthday wishes that are meant to be shared with your mom. Our mothers have always done so much for us. The least we could do is wish them all the best on their birthdays.

If you'd like you may want to include that poem inside a birthday card that you picked out for your mom. Sometimes, I choose sentimental birthday greeting cards for my mom, and other times I'll choose something on the funnier side. I guess it all depends on the type of card I stumble upon at the store.

I'm a bit old school, that's why I recommend sharing a poem like the one above via a greeting card or with a picture frame. Don't get me wrong, I use email as well, but physically sharing it with your mom is more special in my option.

A Poem for Mothers from Daughters

Here's a poem for mothers from daughters. We all know that mothers and daughters are known to be very close. Their bond and relationship is theme in this poem.

Luckiest Daughter

For being your daughter,

I'm extremely proud.

To love you dearly,

forever I've vowed.

Together we've laughed,

together we've grown.

Your voice warms my heart,

each time on the phone.

Countless lessons of life,

from you I have learned.

No matter my age,

you're always concerned.

You're not just my mother,

but also best friend.

When we go shopping,

we know where to spend.

Words can't fully describe,

how I truly feel.

The bond that we share,

is a very big deal.

You have nurtured and cared,

since the day of my birth.

I feel like the luckiest,

daughter on earth.

By Martin Dejnicki

The inspiration for the above poem came from my observation of the relationship between my mom and my sister. They have always been very close, and a result they share a unique bond and friendship.

So if you're a daughter, and you're fortunate enough to be very close to your mom, I recommend you share the previous poem with her. She will definitely appreciate your thoughtful gesture. I know I would if I was in her situation.

A Poem About Mothers and Daughters

The next poem talks about the relationship that is shared between mothers and daughters.

Mothers and Daughters

Mothers and daughters,

are naturally quite close.

Their love for each other,

visibly shows.

They often talk,

for hours on end.

They are able,

to mutually depend.

They understand why,

each feels like they do.

They comfort each other,

when they're feeling blue.

Words not required,

they share the same mind.

They feed off each other,

to others they're kind.

Mothers and daughters,

share a bond that's quite rare.

Nothing else,

could ever compare.

By Martin Dejnicki

Most mothers and daughters are very close. They share virtually unbreakable bonds, simply because the daughter will always be her daughter and the mother will always be her mother, no matter what.

It seems like mothers and daughters share this special connection, where they understand one another so very well. They can usually tell what the other person is thinking. They're also very quick to offer advice and assistance. That's just because it's natural for mothers to want to help their daughters, and vice versa.

Love Poem for Mom

I love you Mom,

with my heart and soul.

In my life,

you play a big role.

The love that we share,

is truly unique.

You are my strength,

on the days I feel weak.

I know I'm fortunate,

to have a mom like you.

You're the best mom ever,

that's obvious and true.

You raised me well,

I will surely admit.

My hugs and kisses,

I wish to submit.

Just want to thank you,

for all you have done.

Having you in my life,

I know I have won.

I love you Mom,

with my heart and soul.

Loving you for eternity,

is my most easiest goal.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think it's very important for children, teens, and adults to express the love that they feel for their moms. We all need to be vocal about it throughout the year, and not just on Mother's Day.

All you have to do is simply pick up the phone and tell your mom how much you love her. If you're still a child and still living at home, tell her how much you love her right before you go to bed. Something like that would definitely lift her spirits, and especially those times when she's feel down or sad.

Whatever you do, make sure you show your mother lots of love, because she deserves it and so much more.

A Poem About A Mothers Love

Here's a poem about a mothers love for her child. This type of maternal love is often considered among the strongest types.

Mother's Love

Love for her kids,

is much beyond real.

It has the power,

to instantly heal.

It's created the day,

of their birth.

Nothing can match it,

in the stars or on earth.

It's meant to protect,

and selflessly give.

Teach them compassion,

and how to honourably live.

Just like a star,

forever it will shine.

A mother's love,

rests on cloud nine.

By Martin Dejnicki

Mothers are the type of ladies that would do anything for their children. They are the women who put their children first and make sure that their kids have everything that they need. It amazing how much they are willing to sacrifice for their kids.

I read an article online about a mother who sacrificed her life to save her unborn child. That story is very emotional, and proves how truly selfless a mother's love is.

Funny Poem for Mothers

I wrote the following funny poem for mothers in hopes of making many mothers laugh out there. Mothers are often very stressed out in their daily lives. I'm sure yours is as well. I know mine is all the time. So feel free to share this one with your wonderful mom and hopefully it will put a smile on her face.

Sponsored Poem

For being my mom,

I'm way beyond glad.

For those times I messed up,

I hope you're not mad.

Let's start with your dishes,

they're surely delicious.

Where is the fat,

they're a bit too nutritious.

Should we discuss,

your unique art of fashion,

Don't hurt my eyes,

show some compassion.

You have a talent,

for changing your mood.

Sometimes you sound,

like a grumpy old dude.

It's been centuries,

since you were last young.

I just finished,

piercing my tongue.

I know this poem,

has made you very mad,

but it was sponsored,

by Mr. Dad

By Martin Dejnicki

I hope that poem will cheer your mom up and make her laugh. I'm definitely going to try and make mine laugh with it. Good luck!

A Poem for Mom from her Son

Dear mother of mine,

you're truly amazing.

You've done a great job,

with teaching and raising.

You've always been,

so kind and sincere.

I'm filled with joy,

whenever you're near.

Dear mother of mine,

I appreciate our talks.

At your home,

and during our walks.

I hope one day,

I may somehow repay.

Through both actions,

and the words that I say.

Dear mother of mine,

my love for you grows.

I really hope,

it's clear and it shows.

By Martin Dejnicki

Personally, I'm blessed to have a great relationship with my mother. She an amazing lady that has done a lot for all her kids and grandkids. Whenever, I do get a chance, I do visit her, and those short moments I truly treasure.

I share that poem with her next time I see her (or I may just email it to her). I know she loves it whenever I share sentimental poetry with her. I don't share as many with my father, I think he prefers more practical things like helping him fix one of his power tools.

Poem for Mothers Funeral

The last poem is for a mother's funeral. It was obviously the most difficult and only sad one I have written for this section. If your mom has recently passed away, I would like to share my deepest condolences with you, and I hope this poem may be useful.

Memory of You

The moment I found out,

my world just stopped.

my heart broke into pieces

and suddenly dropped.

What entered my soul,

was unbearable pain.

My smile vanished,

and cried like the rain.

My entire life,

I've loved you so dearly.

It will never be the same,

I'll miss you sincerely.

My precious mom,

I wish you could return.

It wasn't your time,

it wasn't your turn.

My tears for you,

shall never dry.

Random moments,

I'll break down and cry.

I'll cherish forever,

my memory of you.

Live life like you taught me,

Peacefully and true.

By Martin Dejnicki

I'm so sorry for your loss, and I hope that poem will help you express some of your feelings.

Thank you for taking the time to browse the poems for mothers section. I hope you found a poem for your mom that you were looking for.

PUBLISHED: Oct 05, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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