Retirement Poems

Martin Dejnicki
Here's a nice variety of rhyming retirement poems that you may share with someone that is about to retire or has recently retired. You may also share these fun retirement quotes.
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Table of contents
Retirement Poem for a Coworker
Humorous Retirement Verse
A Poem for Men Who Are Retiring
A Poem for Women Who are Retiring
When Great Teachers Retire
Nursing Retirement Poems
An Inspirational Poem About Retirement
Retirement Poems for a Boss

If you give one of these to a colleague, friend, or family member that is looking forward to retirement, it will surely help you communicate your appreciation.

The first verse is very casual, and you could share it with someone that is truly looking forward to his or her retirement.

I know some people love their jobs so much that they don't even want to retire.

While others, count the days down until the big day. It all depends on the person and their situation.

Personally, my goal is to always enjoy what I'm doing for a living. Therefore, I won't need to count down the days to my retirement. Well that's how I feel right now, but we'll see what I think in a few decades.


Work has been a long routine,

Now it's time to change your scene.

The journey lasted, so many years,

Now get ready, for some cheers.

You have done, a top notch job,

We shall miss you, we may sob.

Freedom will be, something new,

You'll enjoy the brand new view.

We're happy for you, that you're done,

Try new hobbies, have some fun.

No more thoughts about - employ,

Take it easy, and share your joy.

By Martin Dejnicki

Retirement Poem for a Coworker

Here's a poem for a coworker who is about to retire. If the person has put their heart and soul into their career, than this is their perfect retirement poem. Especially, since it talks about a successful career. However, you may still share it with someone that didn't have a very successful career (just remove the word successful from the first line and replace it with the word "interesting" or "exhausting").


The end of a long and successful career,

You may release more than a tear.

So much passion and dedication,

You clearly deserve a long vacation.

Working with you was always a pleasure,

Your friendship is valued more than a treasure.

Countless memories, over time we have shared,

Every day you showed that you cared.

Just want to wish you only the best,

Lots of experiences, and plenty of rest.

This simple poem is no fancy award,

We just hope, it hit the right chord.

By Martin Dejnicki

Humorous Retirement Verse

Now let's take a look at a few humorous retirement verses. The first one makes fun of retirement and some of the things that go along with it. The reality is, as long as you're healthy, retirement could be a lot of fun.

Retire Happy

Retirement is your legal right,

End of this tunnel there is light.

Sure you have reached a certain age,

Beginning of a beautiful stage.

During the day, more time to think,

Autobiography, stock up on ink.

When you're shopping, try to remember,

Qualify for discounts as a club member.

Just make sure you don't think of death,

Rotting organs result in bad breath.

Don't you worry, this is just a joke,

Retire happy, with money or broke.

By Martin Dejnicki

We all can relate to the first line of the next poem. There would certainly be no need for alarm clocks or coffee.

When You Retire

When you retire, you get to sleep more,

Life is no longer, a long tedious chore,

You may do, whatever you want,

Freedom you get to, regularly flaunt.

When you retire, you get to sleep more,

Your bones might be older, and a little bit sore.

Buy a nice car, and go for a ride,

No schedule to follow, you're simply not tied.

When you retire, you get to sleep more,

All afternoon, who cares if you snore.

If you have time, you may volunteer,

Whatever you do, there's nothing to fear.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Poem for Men Who Are Retiring

The next one was specifically written to be shared with men who are about to retire. Ideally, it should be shared with someone that worked in a physically demanding job, like any of the trades professions or assembly line or factory type of work.

Desire to Retire

We know it's been your deep desire,

To leave this place, and finally retire.

Now that you're free, you can finally admit,

More than a few times, you wanted to quit.

Sure your job lacked any glamour,

Instead it required, plenty of hammer.

But we surely laughed quite a bit,

Our days were always filled with wit.

Pleasure, share with us how you feel,

This transition is a significant deal.

For a long time you've been wishing,

When life will involve plenty of fishing.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Poem for Women Who are Retiring

This poem is for all those women who will be retiring soon. Feel free to share it with someone you know. I'm sure it will put a smile on her face.

We'll Miss You

Hard working lady for so many years,

Had to adapt and switch several careers.

Whatever you did, you did it with passion,

You always knew, quite a bit about fashion.

Positive attitude we simply adored,

With you around, we never got bored.

When there was an issue, you understood,

Your people skills were extremely good.

Just want to say, we'll miss you a great deal,

With you not around, awkward it'll feel.

Wish you the best and as you retire,

You'll do all those things, you truly desire.

By Martin Dejnicki

When Great Teachers Retire

Read these two retirement poems for teachers and choose the one that you like the most. I'm sure your teacher will love it and think that it's a very nice gesture. Your teacher will surely feel appreciated.

Great Teacher

Teachers like you are frequently rare,

Unique teaching style; effective and fair

Not easy to leave, your beloved profession,

Don't want to think about your succession

When you told us, retirement's official,

Shock and sadness, emotions initial.

You have taught us, we do understand,

There's more to life than books and sand.

Many lessons, we've gone through,

Some have gone, some stuck like glue.

Most important thing, we did learn,

Love thy neighbor, and show concern.

By Martin Dejnicki

If you're in a well behaved class, and your teacher has repeatedly said that your class is one of her best classes ever, than you should share the following retirement poem with her.

Your Crowd

A wonderful teacher, must you retire?

We are your crowd, we'll always admire.

So many kids, you have inspired,

Many skills they have acquired.

We have learned a great deal from you,

Encouraged us, over the years as we grew.

With hard work, you said we'll achieve,

Now we are sad, that you must leave.

Checked that our homework was always done,

Explained to us that learning is fun.

We'll make sure to make you proud,

Since we'll always be your crowd.

By Martin Dejnicki

Nursing Retirement Poems

We all know that nurses work very hard and do a lot for our communities. They help us when we are ill, so here are a few poems for all those special nurses out there. I think it's very important to let them know how much they mean to us and thank them for all their hard work.

Special Nurse

Helpful, thoughtful, special nurse,

It's your retirement, here's a verse.

For all those years, you helped the sick,

All hard work, there was no trick.

You gave the proper dose and pills,

Gained a lot of healthy skills.

Patients didn't want to wait,

You took the time, assessed their state.

Sometimes when things became extreme,

You took charge, and calmed the team.

What we're really trying to say,

You'll be missed, everyday!

By Martin Dejnicki

The second poem dedicated to nurses is a bit more funnier and comical. Hope you enjoy it, and don't forget to share it.

Cool Nurse

Very stylish and cool nurse,

Always had the nicest purse

Working with you was always a blast,

You'd made us laugh, really fast.

Sometimes our unit looked like a flood,

It was just excessive blood.

Looking back, you would never panic,

Maybe because you are half Hispanic.

You clearly deserve to rest and retire,

But we still sense, your internal fire.

Letting you go with a hug and a kiss,

Our sister forever, always we'll miss.

By Martin Dejnicki

Here's a poem for Gaynor Pritchard, who was a nurse for many years in Wales.

An Inspirational Poem About Retirement

Here's an inspirational retirement poem that is meant to calm retirees from stressing about their new stage in life. This poem is meant to remind them to just relax and enjoy retirement and simply take it easy.

Simply Relax

Time has arrived to simply relax,

You have done great, those are the facts.

Now you can do whatever you wish,

Go out for lunch, eat a sweet dish.

It won't take long for you to adapt,

No longer will you feel trapped.

Just remember, the day is all yours,

If you wish, spend it outdoors.

Time has arrived to simply relax,

You won't need to pay so much tax.

Whatever you do, it's all your choice,

Inside your mind, there is a voice.

By Martin Dejnicki

Retirement Poems for a Boss

Here are a few poems for a boss that is approaching retirement. It's always much easier to share these type of poems with your boss if you had a good working relationship with him or her.

Amazing Boss

You have been an outstanding boss,

The entire company understands its loss.

With dedication you did serve,

A happy retirement you deserve.

Countless issues you clearly resolved,

With your guidance, the company evolved.

You were definitely a key player,

If you'd like, you could run for mayor.

You encouraged us to succeed,

Mutual goals we worked to exceed.

Thank you for the way you did - lead,

We'll call you, if there's something we need.

By Martin Dejnicki

Our Boss

Our boss, our good friend,

Best wishes, we'd like to extend.

Time to retire, has finally arrived,

Chronic complaining, you have survived.

Working with you was simply a pleasure,

Our growing friendship, we'll always treasure.

So many things you did that were great,

You were honest; your talk was real straight.

Each day, you dealt with the pressure,

Learn to relax, your days shall be fresher.

Now it's time to simply enjoy,

No more worries, who to employ.

By Martin Dejnicki

Thanks for taking the type to read our retirement poems. You are welcome to share these poems with anyone in your life that is close to retiring or has recently retired. The only thing we ask is that you give us credit (link to our site if you decide to share it online).

By Martin Dejnicki

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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