Sad Poems

Martin Dejnicki
This post features different types of sad poems and verses. If you are feeling sad, I truly hope they help you express your feelings and emotions. At the same time, if you know someone that may be feeling sad right now, these may also help that person.
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Table of contents
Sad Poems About Love
Sad Poem That Will Make You Cry
Sad I'm Sorry Poem
A Poem for a Sad Friend
A Sad Verse About Life
A Sad Poem About Death

When we're feeling sad, it's sometimes very difficult to change that feeling or get rid of it.

In reality, sometimes it may take us just a few hours to rid ourselves of the negative feelings of sadness and sorrow.

But other times it may take much longer, depending on the situation.

When we get really hurt, the feeling of sadness may linger with us for months and sometimes even years.

Well I hope sadness will never be in your life for too long, because life is simply too short and must be enjoyed. That's obviously much easier said than done.

Town of Sad

I'm walking the sidewalk,

in the middle of town.

My head is quite heavy,

it's pointing straight down.

I do not wish,

to look straight ahead.

My body and mind,

just feels beyond dead.

An intersection,

I finally reach,

Where I'm welcomed,

with a horrible screech.

Right or left,

I'm asked to choose.

But I continue along the sidewalk,

change I refuse.

My sidewalk is covered,

with sorrow an dirt.

I'm loyal to this street,

it's simply called hurt.

As I continue,

my pain sadly grows.

The shoes I'm wearing,

are called blue woes.

There seems like there's no end,

or slight hope in sight.

This lonely town,

forever has night.

It's just so difficult,

for me to leave.

As I raise my head,

I cannot believe.

A rusty sign,

with the name of the town.

It reads, "Sad",

and it's pointing straight down.

By Dorsey Baker

This poem was submitted by Dorsey Baker. I found a lot of meaning when reading it. Personally, it made me feel like sadness may always be conquered by hope and by life itself.

In the AfterMath of Sorrow

There is

Nothing and there is


A big valley

Of darkness and despair-

There is

Courage and there is


In between there is

No cloudy or clear-

A face that is

Beautiful or

Simple and plain

Looks for a

Hiding place within the rain-

A mountain so tall

It seems to touch the sky

Just as a mass of

Clouds appear in the eagles' eye-

No fires are burning

Where rivers run

And the rise of early morning

Can't escape the sun-

By Martin Dejnicki

Sad Poems About Love

These two poems about love talk about going through a break up and about losing love. Dealing with a broken heart is very difficult, and takes both an emotional and physical toll on person. Feelings of sadness are often accompanied with sorrow, depression, and sometimes disbelief.

Every Tomorrow

My sadness and sorrow,

I cannot explain.

I'd gladly exchange it,

for physical pain.

My heart has been crushed,

thrown casually away.

I'm struggling to cope,

with each passing day.

The love that we shared,

you can never deny.

Just thinking about it,

leads me to cry.

Why did it have to,

happen this way?

I'm so sad and confused,

right here where I lay.

I cannot change,

the way that I feel.

I wish I could do,

something to heal.

For now, I must accept,

and sit in my sorrow.

Hoping to improve,

with every tomorrow.

By Martin Dejnicki

That poem is narrated by someone who is dealing with a broken heart (or has been dumped). We all experience this feeling of rejection and loss at some points in our lives. I don't think it's anything we could ever get used to, because it hurts just as much the first time as the last. Experience may teach us how to deal with it the best possible way. But this will not diminish the pain and sorrow that we feel every time.

The second sad love poem is a little bit different. Enjoy.

Sadnesses Slave

Like a flower,

with gentle care I planted,

But with time,

I did take this love for granted.

Our bond dissolved,

became like sand.

The wind no longer,

it could withstand.

Infinite sadness,

my brittle heart feels,

My foolishness,

each morning reveals.

Our love was like,

a beautiful wave,

I'd do anything to

hold and save.

But was it meant to,

reach its end,

Engulfed by the shore,

I could not defend.

If our love was like,

the sun,

then the darkness of night,

has clearly won.

I do not wish to be,

sadnesses slave,

When the sun rises,

I'll seek a new wave.

By Martin Dejnicki

The first six stanzas in that poem talk about the sadness associated with the loss of love. It sounds quite gloomy and rightfully so. However, the last stanza is meant to offer a glimmer of hope for the reader.

The same applies in real life. No matter how sad and awful we may feel after breaking up with someone and losing someone's love, there is always hope that someone else out there will love us again.

Sad Poem That Will Make You Cry

There's a good chance that the following poem will make you cry. It talks about a tragedy that occurred as a result of a house fire.

Baby Dave

A tragedy was born,

when the family slept.

Their neighbours and friends,

in shock cried and wept.

It all began,

when a fire broke out,

The heat was determined,

there was no doubt.

The young parents,

were engulfed by the smoke,

They did not wake,

in their sleep they did choke.

The flames turned around,

approached baby Dave's room,

Six months ago,

he arrived from her womb.

A red and golden angel,

fearless and brave,

Came to the rescue,

Baby Dave he did save.

Many years,

have since came and past,

Countless questions,

baby Dave has internally asked.

These days, he's no longer

baby Dave,

he's a red and golden angel,

from fires he saves.

By Martin Dejnicki

Tragedies like this happen all the time. We hear about them all the time in the news. That's a good reason to be grateful for each day we get on this earth, because we simply don't know when it will be our last.

Sad I'm Sorry Poem

This sad I'm sorry poem may be shared with someone that you hurt and want to apologize to. It is meant to portray genuine guilt and sadness for wronging the other person.

So Sorry

I'm so sorry,

for making you sad.

You deserve to be,

very mad.

Words cannot explain,

my guilt.

I know the damage

that my actions have built.

I know things between us,

are a bit tense,

But please believe,

that my regret is immense.

Since I hurt you,

I've really thought,

About the sorrow,

that I have brought.

I'm so sorry,

for being so blind.

In your heart to forgive me,

I hope you could find.

By Martin Dejnicki

The most important thing we could do when we hurt someone is to immediately and genuinely apologize. That doesn't guarantee that are actions and words will be forgiven and forgotten. But it's the least we can do to try. Sometimes we need to work hard to renew someone's trust in us. It all depends on the severity of the situation.

A Poem for a Sad Friend

The next poem may be shared with a friend that is obviously sad. Just being there for our friends when they are going through tough times is probably the most important thing we can do to help. Offering our support and even just listening can go a long way to helping them out.

I Know

I know you're feeling,

gloomy and down,

I can tell by your voice,

and your current frown.

I know it must be,

really hard,

You've been hurt,

and clearly scarred.

I know the healing,

will take time,

It won't be easy,

a definite climb.

I know you'll get through it,

in the end,

My hugs and support,

I'd like to extend.

By Martin Dejnicki

We know when someone is our true friend, when they're there for us when we are down and depressed. When things aren't going our way, and we're experiencing various difficulties in our lives, true friends will always be there for us in those situations. While fake and selfish "friends" won't bother.

That's why I strongly believe it's important to have a few close friends that you could trust and depend on, instead of many friends where the friendship's foundations are built on sand.

A Sad Verse About Life

The following verse is meant to remind us that life has no guarantees and may be changed instantly. Even though it may be sad, it's meant to inspire us to live our lives to the very fullest each day.

40 Beautiful Years


in 1963,

Cheerful and happy,

grew up by the sea.

Childhood memories,

she collected crabs and shells,

a life with all,

the whistles and bells.

Raised a family,

with a wonderful soul,

Each morning they'd laugh and talk,

during their stroll.

Life was sweet,

until 2003,

To her future,

she lost the key.

It was a sudden,

and awful cancer,

On the river of tears,

there was no answer.

She lived with a smile,

right to the end.

For 40 beautiful years,

she was my friend.

By Martin Dejnicki

I often get inspired by the critically ill who know that their days are numbered, and still manage to live each day, and hour with optimism, hope, and with joy. If only the rest of us would live like that, the world would be a happier place.

I hope you get a chance to share these sad poems with someone in your life that may be feeling down. You could share it with him or her, it's your choice.

A Sad Poem About Death

The next poem is about death. Death is something we'll all experience eventually. For that reason, I don't think it's wise to sit around and wait for it, but rather embrace life and each breath we take. Let's make our individual journey really sweet and not ponder about death too much.


We must savour,

every breath,

We'll never predict,

our eventual death.

Thinking about it,

shall do no good,

Enjoy life and love,

we definitely should.

How will death,

seduce or greet,

There's no way,

we'll ever cheat.

It may seem,

all very sad,

Use your time,

good deeds add.

Death is a way,

to say goodbye,

If we live and love,

many will cry.

By Martin Dejnicki

I think that last stanza speaks volumes. If we live our lives to the fullest, and spend it loving others and enriching other people's lives, their gratitude will be evident at our funerals. The flip side of the coin is also possible. So if we live very selfishly with no concern for others, and just focus on our own existence, then our funerals will be empty like an Arizona desert.

I would like to share a poem about the Columbine Massacre that took place on April 20, 1999. We'll always remember this awfully tragic event.

I hope you're able to relate to the sad poems featured on this page. I also hope that sadness does not become a dominant emotion in your life.

PUBLISHED: Oct 05, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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