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Martin Dejnicki
Hope you enjoy reading and sharing the various safety poems from this post. Some of these verses talk about feeling safe both emotionally and physically. But feel free to choose the one that relates to you the most.
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Physical Danger
Road Safety Poem
Poems About Safety For Children
Best Defence
Workplace Safety Poems
Office Safety
Industrial Safety
Internet Safety Poems
Online Smart

There's also verses about road safety, kids safety, workplace safety, and internet safety. In the first one below I tried to talk about feeling insecure emotionally.

No matter how strong you may be mentally, feeling this way from time to time is very normal for all of us. Maybe it's encoded in our genes. Personally, I think the best way to deal with these type of emotional safety and insecurity issues is by having someone to talk to.

Simple conversations with friends and family is a great way of boosting your confidence and sense of security.

Feeling Safe

Yearning to feel safe, deep inside,

Emotions you should never hide.

Sometimes it's hard to feel secure,

When so many things, you're not very sure.

Afraid of failure, afraid of loss,

Trying to always please your boss.

What's in your mind, what do think?

Find the reasons, find the link.

It's not easy to simply change,

You are normal, you're not strange.

This feeling is a human emotion,

We all live in this deep lonely ocean.

But what about the feeling of lack of physical safety? How can we deal with that?

There could be countless reasons for us to feel this way. Sometimes we may feel insecure physically if we are climbing something, or walking in the middle of the night all alone through a park or wooded area. What if we get into a verbal confrontation with a stranger. In all of these situations we may be afraid for our physical safety, and rightfully safe.

Physical Danger

Physical Danger

Showing concern for your well-being,

May involve occasional fleeing.

Nobody ever wants to get hurt,

So much easier, with an alert.

What else can we say about physical danger,

We try to avoid it, like a mean stranger.

Sometimes it just seems to follow,

Right to the point, where we can't even swallow.

A safety helmet or a karate kick?

Will that save us from a falling brick?

What is the best way, we can protect,

Physical danger that we could detect.

We all have different tolerances to physical danger. Some of us may be fine riding our bike without a helmet right next to a highway, while others may feel physically insecure if there is a stranger in the house that is trying to sell something. Often times it just depends if we are confident enough that we could deal with the danger. A 250lb martial arts expert may not feel threatened when confronted aggressively by a stranger, but that same person may have a huge fear of heights and won't dare to climb a 4 foot ladder.

Road Safety Poem

The following road safety poem talks about some of the bad driving habits that many of us have. Sometimes we are guilty of speeding, texting, talking on our cell phones, or just driving carelessly. Maybe we just need to think of the consequences that some of these actions could bring.

Drive Safe

It's important to safely drive,

Avoid injuries and stay alive.

Watch the lanes, try not to speed,

Cops will get you, if you exceed.

When we drive and try to text,

A serious accident, could be next.

Keep your eyes on the road,

Don't try to fix it, get it towed.

While driving think of others,

Don't drink and drive, for all the mothers,

If you hear your cell phone ring,

Many consequences it may bring.

Sure being caught doing some of these things could tarnish your driving record and bring some very heavy fines in the process. But, I think a much worse scenario than being caught by the cops would be if our careless actions resulted in harming or killing others. Not only would we be affected by this for the rest of our lives but the victims and their friends and families. It's amazing how one careless action while we drive could cause so much pain for so many. The scary part, it usually happens in split second. This is why we must all drive with care and pay attention to the road.

Poems About Safety For Children

These two poems should be shared with children. The first one warns them of some of the many dangers that they need to avoid in their everyday lives.

Safe Kids

Many things can cause you harm,

Please be careful where you put your arm.

Kitchen ovens can cause a burn,

Many things you need to learn.

Keep in mind, sharp knives bring danger,

Never talk with any stranger.

Playing ball on the street is very bad,

If you get hurt, your mom will be sad.

Just remember, don't run down the stairs,

It's not safe, to stand on those chairs.

Be a safe kid, don't break a bone,

Don't swim without grownups or alone.

So what did you think of that poem about safety intended for children? If you really think about it, kids these days face so many dangers that the poem could have been much longer. So the first poem was written for younger children, while the next one could be shared with a bit older kids.

Best Defence

Best Defence

You may think you're getting older,

But you still need to look over your shoulder.

Sure you've heard it countless times,

Just be careful on those adventurous climbs.

Even now you should look out for cars,

When you're walking, don't stare at stars.

Sure this may seem like it's common sense,

Being alert always is your best defence.

You gotta watch out what you eat,

Some things are poisonous even when sweet.

Parents and teachers give great advice,

If you don't listen, you might pay the price.

The above poem reminds me of how brave and sometimes foolish I was when I was a kid. It seemed like the older I got, the more invincible I felt. Now when I look back at it, I placed myself in many dangerous situations, foolishly. I was lucky, that besides a few stitches and a few broken bones, I managed to avoid any serious injury.

Workplace Safety Poems

These occupational or workplace safety poems talk about the importance of safety on the job. This could be in industrial, commercial, corporate office setting. Sure the health and safety risks may be different for different professions, and the risks may also vary significantly. An example may be chronic back pains from not using ergonomic office chairs, or something more acute like a trip and fall.

Workplace Safety

Workplace safety can result in plenty of stress,

If you're not careful, there could be a mess.

Let's begin by bending our knees,

If you need help, simply say please.

What about the shoes that you wear,

Are there things that require repair?

Sometimes we are simply careless,

A little shock will leave us hairless.

So many things we should keep in mind,

Injury will join us, if we choose to be blind.

Workplace safety, let's do as a team,

If we do it right, we won't hear a scream.

By Martin Dejnicki

The above health and safety verse may be applied to virtually any work situation. From my personal experiences, I have learned the importance of bending my knees. Several years back at my old Pharmaceutical laboratory job, I was lifting a box with lab supplies when I pulled a muscle in my back because I didn't bend my knees. As a result, I had to deal with a lot of pain and I was out of commission for several weeks. Now I take safety on the job a lot more seriously. To support my back, I made sure to invest in a great ergonomic office chair.

Now let's take a look at another work related safety verse. This one talks about office safety, and more specifically about the importance of sitting on an ergonomic office chair. If your job requires that you sit in an office chair for extended periods of time each day, you should read this poem. I know that I wouldn't be able to sit and work on the computer for 8+ hours each day without my back supporting chair. It's the best health and work related investment that I've ever made.

Office Safety

Office Safety

What do you think of your office chair?

If it's not ergonomic, your back should beware.

You definitely need, great back support,

Don't take chances, it's not a sport.

Excellent chairs, are not very cheap,

But they'll prevent the pain and the weep.

Just make sure, if you do invest,

Sit in a few, go with the best.

In a good chair, you could sit for hours,

You should still get up, and go smell the flowers.

Office safety, when you work and you're sitting,

Save your back, begin with admitting.

By Martin Dejnicki

I hope the above safety poem helps you find the ideal office chair that will save your spine.

Here's one more work related poem about safety. This one has been written for the industrial sector, where safety is a huge issue, simply because of all the obvious dangers.

Industrial Safety

Industrial Safety

It all begins with the safety shoe,

Protective glasses may not give you the best view,

We all know, they're often essential,

Accidents may result in loss of potential.

Simple things such as climbing a latter,

If done carelessly, many bones could shatter.

This poem is not intended to scare,

To stay safe, you must be aware.

Please be careful with that large machine,

It can crush your liver and spleen.

Handle chemicals with extra care,

Otherwise, you'll need a prayer.

Industrial jobs, risks they posses,

If you're not sure, you better not guess.

Because safety is number one,

A safe workplace, can also be fun.

By Martin Dejnicki

Internet Safety Poems

These days internet safety is a huge issue and affects both children and teens. Below you will find two poems that talk about internet safety. The first one is intended to educate kids and the second is for teens.

Stay Safe On The Web

All young kids use the web to explore,

Play online games, go for a high score.

The internet has many dangers,

Some people are bad, watch out for strangers.

Some websites will try to give you a prize,

Watch out for bad adults under disguise.

They may try to hurt you real bad,

This will make your parents real sad.

Never give your address or name,

Talk to your parents, they will explain.

The internet contains many dangers,

Please watch out for all those strangers.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now here's a poem that will hopefully help teens become more aware of the dangers of the internet.

Online Smart

Online Smart

Connecting online, we all know it's cool,

Everyone's doing it, especially in school.

Just watch out, when you share your ID,

It's like giving out, your personal key.

Look at Facebook, they're not all a friend,

Some are identity thieves, who simply pretend.

Another thing is, watch what you write,

If they know you're alone, they may come at night.

Some will try to pick up and flirt,

Might be an old sicko, trying to hurt.

But if you do, try to meet,

It's gotta be a safe crowded street.

Just be careful, who you trust,

You don't know, whether they're just.

You also shouldn't just click any link,

They'll hack your computer, and know what you think.

Bottom line - think what you share,

Identity theft is much more than a scare.

Keep eyes opened, make sure you're aware,

Don't be like those, that simply don't care.

By Martin Dejnicki

That last poem covered several internet safety issues, including identity theft and meeting up with strangers that you have met online. In both cases, extreme caution needs to be taken, for your own safety and well-being.

Hope you enjoyed reading this diverse collection of safety poems. I really hope you share it with those in your life that need a little safety reminder, whether at work, at home, or at school.

Stay safe!

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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