Scary Poems

Martin Dejnicki
These scary poems are intended to not just scare and entertain you, but also frighten someone that you decide to share them with. However, most of them are not very scary, and therefore may be shared with kids (depending on their age).
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Scary Horror Poem
Scary Poems for Kids
Scary Halloween Poem
Short Scary Verse
A Scary Poem for Adults

I enjoyed writing all of these scary verses. They certainly challenged my imagination, and creative side.

My favourite one is probably "Cries", since it creates a sense of panic. But I also like, "Broken Branch", which is the fourth one from the top.

It's meant to create a scary illusion as you're sleeping at night in your bed. You could read it to yourself before bed, on a night when it's very windy outside. That should be cool.

You'll notice trhat some of these poems are scarier than others. In any case, hope you have fun reading them.

Not The Wind

Your body filled with a dreadful chill,

Stared at your desk, and the white old quill.

Windy night, the quill moved slight,

You turned the switch, seeking light.

No light came, the bulb was dead,

You thought of going back to bed.

Suddenly noticed, quill moved slight,

You approached, with all your might.

Not the wind, window was closed,

Heart raced, a message exposed.

You read in horror, ink was red,

"Not the wind, go back to bed!"

By Martin Dejnicki

So what did you think of that poem? How did you like the ending? Maybe you should look for a white quill and place it on your night table or desk before going to bed. That's just a suggestion. Better yet, what if you place the quill along with the poem on someone else's desk? That might actually spook someone. I think it would freak me out a bit, if someone did that to me.


That feeling like you're all alone,

They're all gone, you grab your phone.

Quickly scrolling through your list,

Phone is bleeding down your wrist.

You bring the phone to your ear,

Low sad voice, you begin to hear.

Voice whispers, don't look back,

You slowly glance, it's all black.

Dropped the phone, as you run,

You fall over, a bloody gun.

In your pocket, you hear a ring,

You reach in, you feel a sting.

Poison hits you, right away,

It is clear, you're the prey.

You look back, they lay alone,

Holding on, to their phone.

By Martin Dejnicki

I really enjoyed writing the above scary poem, simply because we all use our cell phones a lot these days. I tried pretty hard to make the phone into an evil or cursed device. Maybe you could share it with your friends that are always on their phones. I plan on emailing it to my teenage niece who is always texting.

Now which one of these spooky poems do you think are scarier? Personally, I like the second one titled, "Broken Branch".


As a child, I played in the forest nearby,

One evening I heard, a little girl cry,

It was obvious she was lost,

In the middle of winters frost.

I ran out in a frantic search,

Bells rang in our local church,

Ran faster, followed the cries,

My fear for her, began to rise.

Cries turned into a continuous weep,

I never felt emotions so deep.

Looked up, dropped to my knees,

A dying crow, I saw in the trees.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next poem talks about a vivid nightmare. When was the last time that you experienced a nightmare where you woke up sweating in the middle of the night? How about frightening visions at night? I get those once in awhile, and they're not pleasant at all. I recall waking at night and thought my lamp was a shadow of a person, or thought my chair was a bear. You're probably laughing right now. But it wasn't very funny when it was happening. Well, I hope you enjoy the remaining scary poems on this page.

Broken Branch

Night arrived as you fell into a deep dream,

Outside your window, you heard a loud scream.

Was it a scream or was it a crash?

Looked on your arm, noticed a gash.

Seemed forever, as silence came,

Full moon covered in a flame.

Never experienced such a dream,

Seconds later another scream.

Shivering cold, you dared to look,

Hitting your window, long brown hook.

You gasped for air, as you woke,

Broken branch from your oak.

By Martin Dejnicki

What is the scariest dream that you've ever had? How did you feel? Maybe you would like to write a poem that rhymes about your dream or nightmare and share it with the world. Simply send it over, and I will post it on this page.

Scary Horror Poem

Here's a scary horror poem about a ghost. Maybe you would like to share it with someone you know that claims to have seen a ghost? I emailed it to my mom, and I actually managed to scare her. Now she's afraid to open my emails. Oops!


Woke one night, with a pain,

Hair was soaked, pillow stain.

There was nothing I could hear,

A human shadow did appear.

Slowly crept out of bed,

Stunned I stood, as I bled.

Could not hear the dripping sound,

As my blood, soaked the ground.

Could not move, I was engrossed,

As I stared at the ghost.

He was missing his right ear,

The ghost was me, it was clear.

By Martin Dejnicki

What did you think of that twisted ending? Were you surprised? Just think how scary and freaky that would be if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw your own ghost. I don't know what could possibly beat that?

Scary Poems for Kids

Here's a few scary poems for kids. These poems are meant to be a bit more light hearted and will not traumatize any children. Kids can share these poems with their friends on Halloween, or any random "scary" day.

Scary Room

There's a ghost in my room,

And a Witch on a broom,

Vampires under my bed,

A headless monster in the shed.

All these characters are pretty scary,

The Werewolf is very hairy,

They always seem to appear at night,

To protect me, I need a Knight.

Which one do I fear the most?

It's gotta be that ugly ghost,

Always walking without a head,

He calls himself, Mr. Fred.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next poem is scarier than the first one. So maybe this one could be given to slightly older kids. Hopefully, it won't stop them from playing on field during recess at school.


They walked to school, it was dark,

Heard a roar or was it a bark?

Walked like zombies I must say,

Their skin was old and very grey.

In the field where children play,

Dug a hole without delay.

They decided to hide inside,

Just be careful when you slide.

During recess kids came to play,

Zombie hands, searched for prey.

When a boy came to close,

In the ground he saw zombie toes.

By Martin Dejnicki

Scary Halloween Poem

Here's a scary Halloween poem about a Witch and her very hungry cat. To me it sounds a bit funny. It might sound a little scary to young children. You be the judge.

Old Scary Witch

Old scary Witch lived down the street,

Insects and rats she would eat.

Acting evil was her game,

Knew the spells to make a flame.

Old scary Witch lived down the street,

Only ate kids that were sweet.

She had this old scary black cat,

He ate other cats, that made him fat.

Old scary Witch lived down the street,

She was missing both her feet.

You guessed it, it was her cat,

He ate her feet and her bat.

By Martin Dejnicki

You may also be interested in these halloween poems for kids. Enjoy!

Short Scary Verse

The following short scary verse talks about a wedding massacre. I'm sure those are quite rare events. Just make sure you don't share it at someone's wedding reception. That would be a bit too freaky.

Wedding Terror

She ran her hardest as they chased,

Blood in her mouth, she could taste.

She looked back, eyes were wide,

Wedding massacre, she was the bride.

All her anger, she held tight,

Looked ahead, saw just night.

Suddenly stopped, and turned around,

Ghostly figures from her town.

Dead Groom asked, what have you done?

Anger she held, was actually a gun.

By Martin Dejnicki

A Scary Poem for Adults

This poem is about a butcher. It's definitely intended for adults, and a bit too graphic for kids (in my opinion). The butcher is a serial killer in this poem and clearly has many of the tools of the trade.

Butcher Shop

He lived on the east side of town,

Anger filled his evil frown.

20 years he worked the shop,

Mastered threats and the chop.

He worked best during heavy fog,

Searched for victims that would jog.

Threw them right into his van,

To cause sorrow was his plan.

He made sure to chop each limb,

But first he'd tear off all their skin.

When they yelled, oh please, oh stop,

He'd smile and say - "Welcome to my butcher shop!"

By Martin Dejnicki

So what did you think of these scary poems? Some of them might have scared you, while others probably not as much. Well, I hope you enjoyed reading them, and I hope they entertained you and the people decide to share them with.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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