Wedding Invitation Poems

Martin Dejnicki
Here's a few rhyming wedding invitation poems that you are welcome to use with your wedding invites. All of these are unique, and are meant to be different from your traditional wedding invites and the wording format we're accustomed to seeing.
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A Cute & Short Wedding Invitation Verse
Funny Wedding Invitation Poem
Funny Wedding Invitation Poem Asking For Money

In the first poem, the names of the bride and groom are not revealed until the very last stanza.

I guess this will force your guests to read the entire invite.

The goal here is to make sure your invites really stand out, and don't sound the same like all the other ones that you receive in the mail.

Alright, without any more delay, let's take a look at the first verse.

Joyful & True

A special union,

is not far away.

They hope you join them,

on their memorable day.

Just like a flower,

their love has now bloomed.

Smiles and kisses,

both hearts have consumed.

Witness their journey,

or just a glimpse of their bond.

As soon as you can,

please do respond.

They're looking forward,

to having you there.

Their happiness on (date of wedding),

they just can't wait to share.

(name of bride) and (name of groom),

and guests just like you.

Shall make this beautiful wedding,

Joyful and true.

By Martin Dejnicki

The next wedding invitation poem is also a fairly general one, and is meant to apply to any couple's theme and situation. The goal is to definitely generate some excitement and get your guests talking about your upcoming celebration.

Perfect Pair

Absolutely splendid news,

we're so ecstatic to share.

Regarding a wedding day,

for the most perfect pair.

(name of bride) and (name of groom),

shall express their sweet love.

Many will witness,

along with the Lord from above.

We are their parents,

with warmth in each heart.

Their lives together,

in a few months shall start.

As they exchange their vows,

we hope you attend.

These special moments,

together we'll spend.

The feast and celebration,

will last into the night.

We'll dance and we'll talk,

with cheerful delight.

(date of wedding),

please keep in mind.

When all of our blessings,

shall be mutually combined.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now that invitation poem is a bit different from the first one. The name of the bride and groom need to be included in the second verse or stanza, and the date of the wedding, within the last stanza.

But what if your wedding invites don't have as much room inside and maybe you'd like to keep it short and sweet. Well, the next poem was written to meet those concerns.

A Cute & Short Wedding Invitation Verse

The following cute and short wedding invitation verse is meant to be very short, to the point, and of course, sweet. It's also pretty informal, if that's what you're looking for.

Truly Wonderful

Join the celebration,

on our wedding day.

Our mutual love,

we'll openly convey.

Joy and excitement,

gladly we'll share.

It will be truly wonderful,

as long as you're there.

By Martin Dejnicki

This last poem does not contain any spots for the names of the bride and groom, and the wedding date, like the previous verses. That information will need to be included separately, unless of course, you wish to expand upon this poem.

Funny Wedding Invitation Poem

From my experiences, wedding invitations are usually generic and the wording is pretty much the same every time. I find this a bit boring. Especially since they're always so very formal and serious.

Maybe you'd like your wedding invites to stand out by using the following funny wedding invitation poem. The goal here is to make your guests laugh.

Burger & Fries

It all began,

when (name of bride) was single.

(name of groom) appeared,

and just wanted to mingle.

It was a perfect combo,

just like burger and fries.

The love they developed,

became super-size.

But they were still thirsty,

there was a question to "pop".

So he took out a rock,

on one knee he did drop.

Help them determine,

if they should reserve.

Burger and fries,

do you truly deserve?

You better attend,

all jokes aside.

You don't want to upset,

the groom nor the bride.

So please don't forget,

to simply drive-thru.

Or go inside,

and have fun with the zoo!

By Martin Dejnicki

I'll admit, that you'll need a really good sense of humor and plenty of guts to use the above poem with your wedding invites.

Whenever I open a wedding invitation from family or friends, and I notice that it contains the typical formal phrases; I don't even bother reading it. I just look for the names and the date. That's it.

That's the reason I think you should consider using a funny invitation poem. But that's just my opinion.

Funny Wedding Invitation Poem Asking For Money

Here's a funny wedding invitation poem that specifically asks for money as the gift. Many people prefer getting money, because it will at least cover some of the countless costs that go along with planning a wedding these days.

Wacky Memories

This wedding invitation,

is not meant to be formal.

The goal here,

is funny abnormal.

You want the details,

so let's dive in straight.

Don't worry about liquor,

they'll be more than a crate.

Try to come hungry,

they'll be plenty to eat.

Especially if you like,

seafood and meat.

Regarding the gift,

we do prefer cash.

Don't think twice,

just bring your whole stash.

We'll party like animals,

into the night.

When we hit the dance floor,

it shall ignite.

Most importantly,

make sure you're there.

Those wacky memories,

forever we'll share.

By Martin Dejnicki

Now it's decision time. Will you go with the formal type of wedding invitation poems, as seen in the beginning of this section, the short one, or one of the funny verses?

It's totally up to you. But whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you're happy with it.

Also, I just want to wish you a wonderful wedding, and beautiful life with your partner. Because that's what really matters at the end.

PUBLISHED: Sep 29, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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