3 Birthday Poems For Him

Maya Thompson
What can I say... I guess I'm just a hopeless romantic 😶
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Table of contents
Celestial Birthday
Echoes of Moments
Ocean's Birthday Serenade

Celestial Birthday

In the vast tapestry of time's embrace,

Another year adds to your glowing grace.

You shine brighter, with every year's accrue,

My guiding star, so steadfast and true.

Galaxies might twirl, comets take their flight,

Yet, your love outshines the brightest night.

With every birthday, a celestial gleam,

You are the dreamer of every dream.

Each candle lit, each wish that you make,

May it be as boundless as a cosmic lake.

For in this vast universe, so profound,

It's your love, my heart has truly found.

Eons may shift, constellations rearrange,

But my love for you will never change.

On this special day, under the night's design,

Know that I'm eternally grateful you're mine.

Echoes of Moments

With every tick, the hands of time bestow,

Another year of memories that brightly glow.

In the silent whispers between each heartbeat's play,

I cherish your birth, every single day.

Each sunrise you've witnessed, every dusk you embrace,

Adds to the tales of your charm and grace.

Your laughter, the melody I forever chase,

Your presence, the gift, life's loving grace.

Through years that have passed, through this day so new,

I find countless reasons to fall for you.

Each candle, a testament to tales so grand,

Of dreams shared, and moments hand in hand.

As you celebrate today, amidst joy and cheer,

Know that I treasure every moment, every year.

For in this dance of life, with dreams we knit,

You are the magic, every birthday candle lit.

Ocean's Birthday Serenade

By the shore of time, another year laps,

Your birthday's song, nature's gentle claps.

The ocean's vastness, its deep blue view,

Reminds me of the depths, I love in you.

Tides of joy rise, bringing dreams so new,

With each year, my love for you grew.

For every wave, every sea's embrace,

Holds the tales of us, in its boundless space.

Moonlit wishes on this special night,

As you blow candles, with all your might.

In every reflection, every shimmering band,

I see the journey of us, hand in hand.

The horizon where past and future align,

Holds promises as vast as the brine.

With every birthday, by the sea or lands,

Know my love for you forever expands.

PUBLISHED: Aug 25, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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