Good Night Love Quotes

Maya Thompson
As the city winds down and the skyline twinkles with a thousand stars we can't see, it's time to find some peace. These good night love quotes are my gift to you, the sleeping heartbeat of this ever-awake city. Share 'em, snuggle up with 'em, or send them to someone special. Sweet dreams, everyone.
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Letting go is how you unwrap the gift of your own peace.  

When you let go, you give yourself the permission to heal.  

In the arithmetic of love, subtraction can lead to addition.  

Sometimes love is a maze; letting go is the exit.  

The harshest part of love is realizing that 'forever' has an expiration date.  

To let go is to turn the page but not close the book.  

Letting go is the punctuation that ends a complex sentence of entangled emotions.  

You let go because sometimes love is about subtraction, not addition.  

In the economy of love, letting go is the cost of emotional freedom.  

Letting go is the underlined truth in every love story.  

The act of letting go is a love letter you write to yourself.  

Sometimes you have to set someone free, just to keep your own soul intact.  

In the orchestra of love, letting go is the pause between two notes that gives the music depth.  

To let go is to paint a new landscape in the art of your life.  

The courage to let go is a love note to your future self.  

Letting go is the most selfless and selfish thing you can do simultaneously.  

To let go is to love yourself more than you love the idea of someone else.  

Unclenching your fists is how you let love fly free.  

The heart sometimes has to be empty to be refilled.  

Letting go is the silence that speaks louder than love's sweetest words.  

You have to be willing to lose to gain yourself.  

Letting go is like turning off a familiar road, onto one that leads to unknown destinations.  

The journey of letting go is a solo trip to find the destination of a new you.  

Sometimes the most scenic route in love's journey is the detour of letting go.  

In the geometry of love, letting go is the angle that straightens a twisted situation.  

Letting go is how you rip off the bandage of dependency.  

The act of letting go is the truest form of cherishing what you had.  

Love may fade, but the courage in letting go illuminates your path.  

Letting go is not a loss but a gain of a wiser, stronger you.  

To let go is to take a free fall with the hope that you'll learn to fly.  

Love isn't always about holding tight; sometimes it's about loosening the grip.  

Letting go is the love you return to yourself.  

When you let go, you're not planting sorrow; you're sowing the seed of a fresh start.  

Love might end, but bravery begins in letting go.  

The irony of love is that letting go could be the key to holding on to yourself.  

Letting go is how you turn love's pages without tearing them.  

To let go is to unlock a cage and realize you were the bird all along.  

The end of a relationship is not the end of love, but a reconfiguration of it.  

In love's architecture, letting go is the cornerstone of a stronger foundation.  

PUBLISHED: Sep 01, 2023
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Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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