Poems about Cats

Maya Thompson
Explore the whimsical world of felines through poetry, delving into their mysterious lives and the subtle ways they leave paw prints on our hearts. Each poem offers a glimpse into the nuanced existence of cats, from their silent vigils to their playful antics.
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Table of contents
Whiskers in the Window
Paw Prints on the Heart
Ode to the Hunter
Silent Whispers, Velvet Paws
Languid Afternoons
The Ballad of Tails
The Night's Minstrel
Guardian of the Garden
Mischief in Motions
Reflections of Nine Lives

Whiskers in the Window

Gazing through morning's gentle light
A feline silhouette sits in grace
Whiskers twitch at the day's first sight
Window's frame, its perfect embrace


Sunbeams dance upon tawny fur
Eyes of emerald slice through haze
Undisturbed, the world's a blur
In its warmth, the cat bathes.


Sparrows chirp a tempting tune
Fancy takes to lofty flights
Yet motionless as the high noon
Content in dreams of fancied fights


Softly as the day reclines
Shadow stretches, then unwinds
Roaming realms woven by feline
In twilight thoughts, peace entwined


As stars commence their silent peep
Whispers of the night do creep
But cat in the window shall keep
Vigil till the world's asleep


Paw Prints on the Heart

A trace of fur, a gentle purr,
Paw prints patter, silent murmur,
Longing looks and soft meows,
They leave their marks, the heart allows.


Through silent halls, on empty beds,
Their memory, like soft threads,
Weaves through each day, a pattern clear,
Of love once close, forever near.


Atop the bookshelf, behind the vase,
Their secret haunts, now quiet space,
Echoes of a presence gone,
Yet in the shadows, life lives on.


For those who've felt a cat's caress,
The loss digs deep, the heart confess,
In little ways, we keep them near,
In whispered memories, hold them dear.


We cannot see them, but we know,
In each soft breeze, their spirit shows.
In every corner, every part,
Their paw prints beat within our heart.


Ode to the Hunter

Beneath the moon's watchful eye
A silent stalker passes by
Intent and focus, pure desire
A shadow amongst shadows, sly


Through fields of whispering grass he roams,
The night air his ancient tomes,
Evoking myths, a ghostly sprite,
A pounce away from claiming thrones.


Nocturnal whispers guide his path,
With each step, an artful craft,
He calculates, prepares to spring,
A ballet of the predator's math.


Unseen, unheard, but always felt,
Master of the dark, where stars do melt,
His reign is quiet, yet profound,
Under the cosmos, his cards are dealt.


Come dawn, the hunter slinks away,
In triumph or in wait for another day,
His saga scribed in sandy floor,
The night's tale, a secret kept at bay.


Silent Whispers, Velvet Paws

Silent whispers, velvet paws,
Through the corridor, she withdraws.
Mistress of the silent call,
Her kingdom within these four walls.


Leaping, landing, light as air,
Eyes gleam like jewels rare.
Her elegance, a dance refined,
In every twirl, grace defined.


Conversations held in blinks,
In every pause, a heart syncs.
Secrets shared in quiet meow,
Understanding more than words allow.


Sentries in fur, guardian kind,
In their gaze, wisdom we find.
Watchers of the day and night,
Guiding us with soft insight.


When day ends, they find repose,
In dreams' realm, where mystery grows.
Silent whispers, velvet paws,
In slumber's keep, their world defrosts.


Languid Afternoons

In the sun's caress, they lie,
Cats of leisure, time slips by.
Yawns stretch out, to skies so blue,
Languid afternoons born anew.


A drowsy blink, a soft sigh,
On nature's lap, they rely.
Masters of repose and ease,
Captains of the snooze and seas.


Moments still, the world on pause,
They slumber without a cause.
Whiskers twitch, in dreams they chase,
Galloping through imaginary space.


Oases of fur, small and curled,
In contentment, their flags unfurled.
No worries of the morrow's dawn,
Embracing now, their sleep drawn on.


As shadows lengthen, they'll awake,
To twilight's charm, a fresh intake.
But for now, they rest in tune,
With the slow dance of the afternoon.


The Ballad of Tails

Forks of lightning, tales of tails,
Swift and lofty, their balance never fails.
Wisdom carried in every sway,
Stories etched, of night and day.


A flick, a warning, or a playful jest,
In every movement, emotion expressed.
Undulating waves, emotion's rudder,
Cats communicate without a mutter.


In gentle curves, a mood's embrace,
Each swish, a nuance, a delicate trace.
Aligned with minds, in silence speak,
Of the secrets that they keep.


Serenading winds, they weave, entwine,
Their ballet, ancient as the pine.
Semaphores of the feline scene,
In every tail, a narrative glean.


In delicate arcs, or bold sharp angles,
They punctuate the world's tangles.
With every curl, they draft their tales,
In the grand ballad of cats' tails.


The Night's Minstrel

The night's minstrel, black as pitch,
Moves with music, note by stitch.
In the glow of streetlight's song,
He strums the evening all night long.


His symphony, a soft-pawed tread,
Through the quiet, his rhythms spread.
Chorus of the cricket's hymn,
In the silence, his light grows dim.


Serenading stars above,
Each alley a stage for his tail of love.
Melodies in moonlit fur,
The world's audience, just for her.


Yet when dawn's first light is cast,
The minstrel's shadow fades at last.
In dreams, his music still plays on,
A whispered echo, as night's withdrawn.


Underneath the skies so vast,
Memories of his tunes amassed.
The night's minstrel, bold and free,
An unseen legacy left in glee.


Guardian of the Garden

Guardian of the garden green,
Silhouetted sight, rarely seen.
Surveying all with emerald eyes,
Keeper of the ground, beneath the skies.


Stalking softly through the bloom,
In every petal, he finds room.
For every beetle, bird, and bee,
He watches, silent as the tree.


In dappled shade, he holds his post,
To nature's secrets, he's the host.
The rose and lily know his tread,
Where he patrols, nothing to dread.


When twilight turns the sky to fire,
He remains, the plants' silent squire.
Moonlit whiskers brush the dew,
As through the verdant maze, he cuts anew.


Guardian of the garden's charm,
With every sunrise, raise the alarm.
To protect and serve with stealth and love,
'Til stars sparkle in realms above.


Mischief in Motions

Cabinet explorer, box inspector,
Daily agendas, home's projector.
High jump artist, vase assailant,
Mischief motions, never complacent.


Curtain climber, shelf dominator,
Gravity’s rules, casual traitor.
Sneaky plunderer, stealthy raider,
Domestic jungles, tiny invader.


Paper sprinter, bag burrower,
Through the tunnels, jocular furrower.
Trouble’s namesake, chaos' friend,
Endless antics, no pretend.


Midnight runner, carpet prowler,
Soft sneaker, silent howler.
Hide-and-seeker, swift attacker,
Carpet's ripple, footfall tracker.


Happiness in these playful stirs,
Life’s unfettered by the spurs;
In a cat’s joy, one learns and sees
Mischief's spell, in motions free.


Reflections of Nine Lives

In each mirror, a tale untold,
Nine lives reflected, futures bold.
Whiskered visages boldly look back,
Each life a different, winding track.


First of nine, a kitten's whimsy,
Tumbles, pounces, endless frisky.
Second finds the hunter's stance,
In every shadow, a second chance.


Third life's a lap of luxury's purr,
Silk cushions, strokes of finest fur.
Fourth walks paths of streets unknown,
Wise to the alleys, ways are shown.


Fifth with kin, a pride's embrace,
Affections deep, heart's steady pace.
Sixth life carved from wisdom's stone,
In older eyes, life's meaning shown.


Last three lives, a quiet blend,
Of memories, friendships without end.
Each reflection’s stories, spun and wove,
Nine lives lived, in eternal trove.

PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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