Poems about Sons

Maya Thompson
For every mother whose heart holds a special spot for her son, these poems are for you. Enjoy and share the love!
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Table of contents
The Day You First Laughed
Whispers of My Young Explorer
Growth Beyond the Garden's Edge
Echoes of Our Yesterdays
Sunrise Moments with My Boy
A Dance Through the Seasons
The Journey of a Thousand Hugs
Tales of the Heartbeat Echo

The Day You First Laughed

When first you laughed, a pure delight,

The world seemed brighter, oh so light.

A joy erupted, strong and true,

My heart was captured, all by you.

In every chuckle, giggle, grin,

Moments shared, a bond so tight,

Nurtured by love, day and night.

Your laughter, like a gentle breeze,

Whispering secrets among the trees.

It’s a sound I hold so dear,

A melody I always wish to hear.

Every time our eyes would meet,

Your laughter made my heart skip a beat.

A promise of joy, so profound,

In your giggles, love is found.

Whispers of My Young Explorer

Tiny fingers, wandering feet,

Into worlds unknown, our hearts do meet.

Mountain climber, deep sea diver,

Every day, you push a bit higher.

Adventures big, and some so small,

With every step, you stand tall.

In every quest, in every play,

You light up my world in every way.

Courage and wonder, hand in hand,

Together, there's nothing you can't withstand.

Worlds to conquer, dreams to chase,

With every challenge, you embrace.

Through valleys and peaks, high and low,

With you, my son, we always grow.

Growth Beyond the Garden's Edge

From seedling small to sturdy oak,

In your strength, my hope awoke.

Branches stretch, and roots run deep,

Promises made and ones to keep.

Dreams that flutter, like leaves in the wind,

Through sunshine bright and stormy night,

You've grown with such a vibrant light.

Leaves may fall, but you stand tall,

Unyielding to winter's cold call.

Through seasons of change, through thick and thin,

Life’s lessons, you've come to learn,

With every twist and every turn.

With grace and grit, side by side,

My son, in you, I take pride.

You're the story I'll forever tell.

Echoes of Our Yesterdays

In your eyes, past and present blend,

Memories of days that seemed to never end.

Childhood joys, hopes anew,

Every moment, a different hue.

The echo of laughs, the trace of tears,

With each step, you conquer fears.

Growing, changing, yet always you,

A journey of love, deep and true.

The pages turn, but the story stays,

In your heart, our love always plays.

Chasing dreams, reaching for the skies,

With every fall, again you rise.

With strength and grace, you pave the way,

My son, you're my beacon every day.

Sunrise Moments with My Boy

With every dawn, a promise new,

Golden rays and morning dew.

In your smile, the day begins,

Warmth and wonder, life's sweet spins.

With every step, a story told,

Chasing shadows, adventures bold.

From mountain tops to the deep blue sea,

With you, every moment is pure glee.

Eyes full of dreams, heart so vast,

Cherishing moments, present and past.

With hands held tight, side by side,

Through life's waves, we smoothly glide.

Your laughter, a song so sweet,

With you, my son, life's truly a treat.

A Dance Through the Seasons

In spring's embrace, you bloomed so bright,

Summer's warmth, winter's snowy night.

Dancing through days, free and wild,

Always my child, yet no longer a child.

Fall's golden hues, a path you pave,

Learning, growing, always so brave.

As leaves fall, and snowflakes kiss,

With every season, it's you I miss.

Yet in every moment, near or far,

You shine, my son, like the brightest star.

Through rain and sunshine, joy and sorrow,

With you, I always see tomorrow.

A dance of love, a bond unbroken,

In every gesture, in words unspoken.

The Journey of a Thousand Hugs

From the first touch, a bond was made,

Through countless sunsets, our love won't fade.

With every hug, tight and warm,

I find shelter from life's storm.

Through scraped knees and bedtime tales,

We've sailed together, without any fails.

Challenges faced, with hands held tight,

In your courage, I find my light.

Through every laugh, and sometimes through a sigh,

With you, my son, I touch the sky.

Memories created, some still to come,

With every beat of your heart's drum.

In your joys, dreams, and littlest bugs,

Ours is the journey of a thousand hugs.

Tales of the Heartbeat Echo

From the first beat, under my skin,

To the man you're slowly turning in.

With every dream you dare to chase,

In your eyes, the universe I trace.

Endless tales, of joys and sorrows,

From countless yesterdays to hopeful tomorrows.

With brave leaps and tiny steps,

In my heart, your memory is kept.

Through twists and turns, high and low,

With pride, I watch you grow.

Every challenge, every grace,

In every line of your beautiful face.

With you, every emotion I undergo,

In the tales of the heartbeat echo.

PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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