Poems for Grandmother

Maya Thompson
I love my grandma so much! I dedicate all of this poems to her. Thanks for loving me unconditionally...
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Table of contents
Seasons of Love
The Gift of Years
Heart’s Gentle Echo
The Gentle Harbor
Blossoms of the Heart
Grandmother’s Quilt
The Eternal Garden
The Gentle Stream
The Wise Oak
The Warm Hearth

Seasons of Love

Spring's first bloom, her gentle face,

In every bud, her love I trace,

Her laughter, summer's warm embrace,

Her touch, a soft and tender grace,

A garden of love, my heart's base.

Her voice, the autumn's gentle rustle,

Her stories, the winter fires' hustle,

In every season, love's soft bustle,

In life's harsh winds, her warm nestle,

Her love's the sun through clouds' tussle.

Her wisdom, trees tall in skies,

Her care, the morning sun's rise,

In her love, my fear belies,

Through life's seasons, our bond ties,

Her love, the sun in my skies.

Her comfort, the cool shade in glare,

Her patience, the answer to my prayer,

In her eyes, love laid bare,

Through seasons of life, rare and fair,

Her love, none other could compare.

Through seasons' change, her love stands firm,

In her hug, life feels less stern,

Her love, the brightest summer term,

In the garden of life, she's the germ,

Her love's the sun, that shines long-term.

The Gift of Years

Her hands, a map of tender years,

Stories etched in laughter, tears,

A voyage of love, hopes, fears,

In the tapestry of life, she steers,

Her love, a melody in my ears.

A face adorned with wisdom's lace,

Her life, a journey of grace,

With every challenge, she'd embrace,

Her strength, my heart's base,

Her love, time could never erase.

Her eyes, a deep pool of days,

Reflections of life in soft haze,

Her gaze, a comforting blaze,

Her love, a comforting maze,

Her life, a story of love's ways.

Her smile, my world's soft glow,

Her love, a river in constant flow,

Through life's high and low,

Her love, a comforting show,

Her embrace, a soft tender throw.

Her words, seeds of love sown,

In her love, my life has grown,

Through years, her love shown,

Her presence, a comforting tone,

Her love, the sweetest ever known.

Heart’s Gentle Echo

Her words, a soft caress,

Her love, life's sweet redress,

In worry's night, a light express,

Her love, my soul's impress,

A comforting balm in life’s mess.

Her laugh, a sweet spring's song,

Her love, the right in wrong,

In life’s chaos, where I belong,

Her love, a bond strong,

A gentle guide in life’s throng.

Her touch, a soft sunbeam,

Her love, a sweet dream,

In life's hustle, a soft stream,

Her love, a gentle gleam,

A soothing balm in life’s scheme.

Her gaze, a soft morning light,

Her love, my soul's bright,

In life's storms, my heart’s flight,

Her love, a comforting sight,

A sanctuary in the long night.

Her heart, a tender shore,

Her love, a treasure store,

In life’s journey, I ask no more,

Her love, a bond to explore,

A gentle echo in my core.

The Gentle Harbor

Her voice, a lull in stormy sea,

Her love, a shelter to be,

In life's rough, a place to flee,

Her love, my soul's decree,

A gentle harbor, forever free.

Her eyes, stars guiding night,

Her love, my soul’s bright,

In life’s dark, a soft light,

Her love, a comforting sight,

A guiding star in harsh plight.

Her touch, a soft summer breeze,

Her love, life’s hard freeze,

In life’s struggle, a gentle ease,

Her love, my heart’s lease,

A comforting touch in harsh tease.

Her laugh, a morning's chirp,

Her love, a soft harp,

In life’s music, a soothing burp,

Her love, my heart's carp,

A gentle rhythm in life’s sharp.

Her heart, an endless shore,

Her love, a treasure to explore,

In life's voyage, a gentle oar,

Her love, my soul’s core,

A gentle harbor, love’s store.

Blossoms of the Heart

Her words, petals of soft lore,

Her love, a sweet shore,

In life's garden, love’s spore,

Her love, my heart's core,

A gentle blossom in life’s uproar.

Her eyes, dew in morning light,

Her love, my soul's flight,

In life’s dawn, a gentle sight,

Her love, a comforting night,

A soft blossom in heart’s fight.

Her touch, a spring’s soft plea,

Her love, a soothing sea,

In life’s harsh, a gentle tree,

Her love, my heart’s key,

A soft blossom, forever to be.

Her smile, a tender bloom,

Her love, a sweet perfume,

In life’s journey, a gentle room,

Her love, a soft loom,

A tender blossom in heart’s gloom.

Her heart, a gentle seed,

Her love, my soul’s feed,

In life’s garden, a soft breed,

Her love, my heart’s creed,

A tender blossom, love’s deed.

Grandmother’s Quilt

Her life, a quilt finely sewn,

Each stitch, love tenderly shown,

Colors of wisdom brightly thrown,

Her love, the warmth I've known,

In life's quilt, love is grown.

Her hands, threads of gentle care,

Sewing love in life's sparse fare,

Each day, a pattern rare,

Her love, beyond compare,

In life's quilt, love's soft lair.

Her eyes, needles of soft light,

Sewing dawn in life's long night,

Each glance, a comforting sight,

Her love, my heart's delight,

In life's quilt, love's bright flight.

Her voice, threads of soft song,

Sewing comfort all along,

Each word, where I belong,

Her love, life's strong thong,

In life's quilt, love's sweet throng.

Her heart, life's gentle seam,

Sewing dreams in daytime beam,

Each beat, love's soft stream,

Her love, my heart's dream,

In life's quilt, love's supreme.

The Eternal Garden

In life’s garden, she's a bloom,

Her love, sweeps away gloom,

Each day, her love's perfume,

Her love, my heart's room,

In life’s garden, love’s plume.

Her eyes, morning's soft dew,

Gentle rays of hope threw,

Each glance, life's colors drew,

Her love, a soft hue,

In life’s garden, love’s view.

Her hands, nurturing tender roses,

In love, my heart encloses,

Each touch, love proposes,

Her love, my soul disposes,

In life’s garden, love reposes.

Her voice, spring's soft call,

In love, fears befall,

Each word, love's enthral,

Her love, my soul’s enthral,

In life’s garden, love's enthral.

Her heart, an endless flora,

In love, my soul soars,

Each beat, love implores,

Her love, my heart explores,

In life’s garden, love restores.

The Gentle Stream

Her love, a gentle stream,

Flowing through life’s dream,

In each ripple, love's gleam,

Her love, my heart's theme,

In life’s stream, love's beam.

Her voice, a soft breeze,

Soothing life’s rough seas,

Each word, a tender tease,

Her love, my soul’s ease,

In life’s stream, love's lease.

Her eyes, pools of calm,

In love, a healing balm,

Each gaze, a soft palm,

Her love, my soul’s calm,

In life’s stream, love's psalm.

Her touch, a soft tide,

In love, my soul abides,

Each stroke, love resides,

Her love, my heart's guide,

In life’s stream, love's ride.

Her heart, an endless flow,

In love, my heart grows,

Each beat, love bestows,

Her love, my heart knows,

In life’s stream, love glows.

The Wise Oak

Her wisdom, an old oak,

Roots deep in life's folk,

Her love, a soft cloak,

Her words, life's gentle yoke,

In life’s oak, love evokes.

Her eyes, leaves of lore,

In love, my heart soars,

Each gaze, life’s truths implore,

Her love, my soul restores,

In life’s oak, love explores.

Her voice, a gentle rustle,

In love, life’s soft bustle,

Each word, a soft rustle,

Her love, my heart’s muscle,

In life’s oak, love hustles.

Her touch, a soft breeze,

In love, my fears cease,

Each caress, a sweet lease,

Her love, my soul's peace,

In life’s oak, love’s piece.

Her heart, an endless canopy,

In love, my soul's tapestry,

Each beat, love's rhapsody,

Her love, my heart's epiphany,

In life’s oak, love's symphony.

The Warm Hearth

Her love, a warm hearth,

In life’s cold, a gentle path,

Each word, a soft garth,

Her love, my heart's hearth,

In life’s hearth, love’s mirth.

Her eyes, flames of care,

In love, my soul’s fair,

Each gaze, a comforting lair,

Her love, beyond compare,

In life’s hearth, love’s air.

Her voice, a soft ember,

In love, my heart remembers,

Each word, a warm timber,

Her love, life’s sweet ember,

In life’s hearth, love’s ember.

Her touch, a gentle flame,

In love, my fears tame,

Each caress, love’s claim,

Her love, my heart's aim,

In life’s hearth, love’s name.

Her heart, an endless fire,

In love, my soul’s desire,

Each beat, love’s sweet lyre,

Her love, my heart’s pyre,

In life’s hearth, love’s spire


PUBLISHED: Sep 26, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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