See You Later Alligator Sayings

Maya Thompson
Unleashing a parade of whimsical goodbyes to tickle your humor buds! Each saying is a playful adieu with a snazzy rhyme. Dive in, it's time to grin!
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See you soon, baboon!

Take care, polar bear!

Be sweet, parakeet!

Goodbye, butterfly!

Stay bright, night light!

Adios, flamingos!

Stay true, kangaroo!

Bye-bye, dragonfly!

Stay cool, swimming pool!

Catch you later, potato!

Out the door, dinosaur!

Stay keen, jellybean!

Farewell, seashell!

Toodle-oo, cockatoo!

Be wise, fireflies!

In a while, crocodile!

Hit the trail, snail!

See you soon, raccoon!

Until then, penguin!

Take it slow, armadillo!

Keep it real, sea eel!

See you round, merry-go-round!

Stay sly, dragonfly!

Run along, King Kong!

Keep it light, firefly!

Zoom off, butterfly!

Stay fine, porcupine!

Stay wild, child!

So long, King Kong!

Take flight, night!

On the flip side, countryside!

Keep shining, starling!

See you later, sweet tater!

Hop along, little song!

Skip away, bluejay!

Slide along, lifelong!

Till next time, wind chime!

Keep buzzing, cousin!

Breeze away, summer day!

Chase the sun, little one!

Stay cool, swimming pool!

Flow on, phenomenon!

Stay sweet, parakeet!

Zoom away, blue jay!

Skip ahead, gingerbread!

Fly on, cygnet swan!

Slide by, dragonfly!

Scoot along, sing-song!

Take care, polar bear!

Ride the wave, brave!

Keep it loose, mongoose!

Glitter on, unicorn!

Shine bright, nightlight!

Dash away, blue jay!

See you soon, raccoon!

Roll away, bobsleigh!

Skip along, song throng!

Take flight, kite!

Hustle on, marathon!

Shake a leg, Easter egg!

Dance away, Broadway!

Ease on, neon swan!

Buzz off, fuzzed moth!

Glide away, sky ray!

Swoop soon, blue loon!

Keep sweet, parakeet!

Glide on, swan!

Be neat, wheat!

Shine on, neon!

Hop along, song throng!

Take it slow, indigo!

Soar high, sky!

Keep it grand, bandstand!

Sway away, ballet!

Flutter on, dawn!

Float by, butterfly!

Swing away, blue jay!

Spring along, song!

Move smooth, groove!

Whiz by, butterfly!

Skip along, song throng!

Bounce back, racetrack!

Slide by, sky guy!

Rock on, green swan!

Flow slow, indigo!

Skip away, blue jay!

Ride on, crimson dawn!

Roll along, song throng!

Drift away, day!

Flow on, dawn!

Zoom away, monsoon day!

Leap soon, moon!

Race on, pace swan!

Skim away, gray!

Swoosh on, dawn!

Jet away, sunset!

Slide aside, moon tide!

Sail away, bright day!

Dash on, dawn!

Fly by, sky guy!

Stroll on, droll swan!

PUBLISHED: Sep 25, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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