Summer Poems for Kids

Maya Thompson
From sunhats to fireflies, embrace the wonders of summer with these delightful poems. Perfect for little adventurers ready to explore the vibrant tales of the season!
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Table of contents
Golden Rays of Summer Fun
Dance of the Dandelions
Splashy Summer Adventures
Summer's Symphony
Berries, Baskets, and Bright Blue Skies
Castles, Coasts, and Creamy Cones
Whizzes, Whirls, and Windy Wonders
Bugs, Bees, and Bouncing Balls
Sunhats, Shades, and Slippery Slides
Campfires, Constellations, and Cool Nights

Golden Rays of Summer Fun

Sunny days with skies so blue,  

Ice creams melting, drips accrue.  

Grass beneath our feet so green,  

Children laughing, sights unseen.  

Beach ball bouncing, water's edge,  

Building castles, sandy ledge.

Ocean waves crash on the shore,  

Seagulls cawing, asking for more.  

Picnics on the warm, soft ground,  

Joyful moments all around.  

Butterflies dance in the breeze,  

Summer memories, hearts at ease.

Longer days bring endless play,  

Sunset late, extends the day.  

Cicadas singing, fireflies glow,  

Warmth surrounds, nature's show.  

Gentle breezes touch the skin,  

Summer's embrace, we're all in.

Nights are short but dreams are long,  

Crickets chirping their evening song.  

Stars above shining so bright,  

Guiding dreams throughout the night.  

Embracing all that summer brings,  

Nature's song, as it sings.

Summer Fun Fact:

Summer's a time of endless wonder. Dive into the sun, the fun, and all the tiny moments. Nature's like a big playground; just step outside and join the adventure!

Dance of the Dandelions

Whispers of golden petals glow,  

Children running, faces show.  

Dandelions rise to the sky,  

Dancing freely, spirits high.  

Twirling, swirling, joy does spread,  

Golden crowns upon each head.

Fields stretch out, an endless sea,  

Of yellow blooms, wild and free.  

Wishes made on tiny seeds,  

Carried by the summer's breeze.  

Moments captured, time does freeze,  

Nature's gift, simple and pleased.

Kids lay back, shapes they trace,  

In clouds above, a gentle pace.  

Dreams take form, in azure vast,  

Memories made, forever to last.  

Whimsy moments, nature's art,  

Summer's magic, a fresh start.

Evening comes, sky's rosy hue,  

Dandelions bid their adieu.  

Stars twinkle, a lullaby,  

Summer's wonders, never shy.  

Rest now, for tomorrow's spree,  

More summer joys, just wait and see.

Summer's Secret:

Every dandelion carries a wish. Make one, blow, and see where dreams can take you!

Splashy Summer Adventures

Bright balloons filled with water,  

Laughter rings, sun feels hotter.  

Splish, splash, a joyous sound,  

Summer fun is all around.  

Rainbow arcs, water sprays,  

Gleeful shrieks, endless days.

Pools shimmer, sunlit dreams,  

Children dive, sunlight gleams.  

Rubber ducks, floating by,  

Underneath the vast blue sky.  

Echoes of joy, waters deep,  

Summer's promise, memories to keep.

Slide and glide, wet and wild,  

Every grown-up, once a child.  

Reminded of days so free,  

Running wild, skinned-up knee.  

Chasing shadows, laughing loud,  

Underneath a cotton cloud.

As the day draws to close,  

Sunset paints, a pinkish rose.  

Water cools, but hearts stay warm,  

Embracing each summer storm.  

Days of wonder, nights so sweet,  

Summer, truly can't be beat.

Giggle Tip:

Every splash is a laugh waiting to happen. Dive into the fun, and don't forget to giggle!

Summer's Symphony

Melodies of cicadas sing,  

Nature's orchestra, on a string.  

Dragonflies, their wings do hum,  

To the rhythm of summer's drum.  

Bees buzz by, flowers bloom,  

Perfumes waft, dispelling gloom.

Children clap, forming a band,  

With homemade instruments, hand in hand.  

Tambourines shake, bells do ring,  

Joyous tunes, hearts do bring.  

Footsteps tap, to the beat,  

Summer's song, truly neat.

Under trees, shade's embrace,  

Guitar strings, find their place.  

Ukuleles strum, harmonies merge,  

Nature and kids, music surge.  

Songs take flight, on a breeze,  

Whistled notes, through the trees.

Campfires glow, night's embrace,  

Marshmallows roast, smiles on each face.  

Stars above, join the play,  

Twinkling in a milky way.  

Music fades, but feelings stay,  

Summer's symphony, come what may.

Fun Fact for the Day:

Every chirp, buzz, and whistle is a note in summer's special song. Listen closely, and you might just hear the magic!

Berries, Baskets, and Bright Blue Skies

Blueberries burst, a juicy treat,  

Raspberry bushes, sun's gentle heat.  

Straw hats bob, down the rows,  

Picking fast, as the warm wind blows.  

Baskets fill, colors mix,  

Summer’s bounty, children’s picks.

Red cherries hang, from branches high,  

Reach for them, nearly touch the sky.  

Sun-kissed faces, fingers stain,  

From berry juices, nature's gain.  

With every taste, flavors pop,  

In summer’s dance, the fun won't stop.

Ants march by, to the shade,  

While lemonade stands are quickly made.  

Coins clink, glasses clatter,  

Ice melts, soft chatter.  

Underneath a green tree's crown,  

Sip and rest, sun going down.

Fireflies emerge, a twilight show,  

Tiny lanterns, soft yellow glow.  

In the meadow, children chase,  

Capturing light, in gentle embrace.  

Magic moments, stars align,  

Summer nights, simply divine.

Playtime Pointer:

Every berry is a tiny burst of fun. Gather them, eat them, and let the summer giggles begin!

Castles, Coasts, and Creamy Cones

Golden sands, stretch out wide,  

Tide comes in, a gentle glide.  

Bucket and spade, castles tall,  

Moats and towers, won't let them fall.  

Seashells scatter, treasures hidden,  

Beach day stories, all unbidden.

Waves crash, surfboards ride,  

Brave young souls, tide and stride.  

Sunburned noses, laughter loud,  

Beneath the vast, cloudless shroud.  

Footprints fade, but memories stay,  

Each wave carries cares away.

Ice cream truck, chimes its song,  

Long lines form, nothing’s wrong.  

Vanilla, chocolate, twist and twirl,  

Creamy delight, makes toes curl.  

Sticky hands, faces beam,  

Melting moments, a summer dream.

Evening's hue, colors blend,  

Another day, begins to end.  

Cooling sands, stars peek through,  

Whispers of another day to pursue.  

Close your eyes, dreams take flight,  

'Til the morning's radiant light.

Adventure Alert:

Every sandcastle tells a tale. Build yours, share its story, and dive into the summer fantasy!

Whizzes, Whirls, and Windy Wonders

Kites soar high, colors blur,  

Tails stream behind, winds do stir.  

Children run, strings held tight,  

Chasing dreams, pure delight.  

Every tug, a call to play,  

Skies alive, in bright array.

Pinwheels spin, a vibrant dance,  

Twirling, turning, in summer's trance.  

Picnics spread on grassy ground,  

Tasty treats all around.  

Butterflies flit, joining in,  

Nature’s fiesta, endless grin.

Meadows sway, grasshoppers leap,  

Underneath, secrets to keep.  

Running free, with no end,  

Catching breezes, round the bend.  

Laughter floats, hearts unbound,  

In summer’s embrace, joy is found.

As dusk settles, winds grow still,  

Golden hues, evening’s fill.  

Crickets chirp, their nightly song,  

Day’s play, all along.  

Rest now, for tomorrow's spree,  

More wind wonders, you’ll surely see.

Whimsy Wisdom:

Every gust is an invite. Let the wind guide your play and see where the breezy fun takes you!

Bugs, Bees, and Bouncing Balls

Ants march, in tiny rows,  

While dragonflies put on aerial shows.  

Butterflies dance, wings all aglow,  

Nature's performance, never slow.  

Balls bounce high, then fall low,  

Kids in gardens, faces all aglow.

Bees buzz, around the blooms,  

Humming their sweet, rhythmic tunes.  

Children leap, chasing their shadow,  

Over the meadow, fast then slow.  

Grasshoppers spring, into the blue,  

In this playground, joys accrue.

Picnic blankets, sprawled on grass,  

Cool drinks, sun through glass.  

Cicadas sing, their evening song,  

In this magic, we all belong.  

Bugs alight, a tiny thrall,  

In summer's splendor, big and small.

Twilight deepens, stars emerge,  

Day's excitement, starts to surge.  

Dreams of adventures, yet to come,  

Underneath the setting sun.  

Close your eyes, let dreams enthrall,  

In summer, there's magic for all.

Giggle Guide:

Every bug has a dance. Find their rhythm, join their prance, and embrace summer's enchanting chance!

Sunhats, Shades, and Slippery Slides

Sunhats tilted, blocking rays,  

Glasses reflecting sunny days.  

Slides await, hot to touch,  

Giggles echo, joy is much.  

Running fast, then a glide,  

Summer's thrill, cannot hide.

Water splashes, poolside fun,  

Jumping in, once chores are done.  

Rainbows form, in the mist,  

Sun and water, a shimmering tryst.  

Shades protect, eyes that spy,  

Wonders of a clear blue sky.

Ice pops melting, colors run,  

Sweetness drips, under the sun.  

Shadows grow, as sun sinks low,  

Golden hours, a soft glow.  

Fireflies, begin their parade,  

Day's end, but fun's not delayed.

Blankets spread, on the ground,  

Stargazing, wonders are found.  

Shooting stars, wishes made,  

In summer's embrace, memories won't fade.  

Dream of tomorrow, its sunlit tides,  

And the joy that summer provides.

Fun Flash:

Every slide is a journey. Dash to the top, swoosh to the bottom, and let summer's thrill fill your heart!

Campfires, Constellations, and Cool Nights

Tents pitched, under a tree,  

Campfires lit, as cozy as can be.  

Marshmallows toast, on wooden sticks,  

Golden brown, sweet and crisp.  

Children's tales, in the firelight,  

Of brave adventures, and starry nights.

Night's canvas, sprinkled with stars,  

Pointing out Venus, Jupiter, and Mars.  

Stories told, of constellations bright,  

Guiding sailors, in the night.  

Eyes wide, wonder doesn't cease,  

In this tranquil, nighttime peace.

Cool breezes, rustle the trees,  

Whispering tales, of ancient seas.  

Guitar strums, a lullaby tune,  

Underneath the gentle moon.  

Hearts full, hands held tight,  

In the enchantment of the night.

As embers fade, eyes grow heavy,  

Snuggled in sleeping bags, all ready.  

Dreamland calls, to one and all,  

Under the vast, celestial sprawl.  

Rest awaits, in the night's embrace,  

Till dawn breaks, with new grace.

Twinkle Tip:

Every star tells a story. Gaze up high, dream big, and let summer's nights unfold their glory!

PUBLISHED: Sep 15, 2023
Written By
Maya Thompson
Brooklyn's own keen observer🔎 ✒️Turns city vibes and heartfelt moments into compelling prose.
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