Christmas Poems

Sam Rodriguez


Discover a collection of original poems that encapsulate the warmth, joy, and enchantment of the Christmas season. Each piece is a unique celebration of wintertime magic and holiday spirit.
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Table of contents
Yuletide Whispers
December’s Grace
Velvet Night
Winter’s Embrace
A Glimmer in the Frost
Frosted Panorama
Celestial Choir
Glow of the Season
Reflection in Ice
Tapestry of Light

Yuletide Whispers

Gentle snowflakes kiss the eaves,
Silent night, the world reprieves,
Candlelight through frosted panes
Murmurs warmth in soft refrains.


Upon the hearth, a fire roars,
Orange glow on wooden floors,
Stockings hang, a row so neat,
Expectant of the morn’s sweet treat.


Silhouettes of pine, adorned,
Each bough by loving hands is worn,
Twinkling lights, like stars alight,
Whisper Christmas, pure and bright.


Outside the crunch of snow-booted feet,
Laughter flitters 'cross the street,
Carols sung from door to door,
Love spreads faster than before.


As night grows deep, we close our eyes,
Listen for the reindeers' cries,
In dreams of peace and joy reside,
Till Christmas morning, opens wide.


December’s Grace

December’s chill, the world calms down,
Ice crystals form a jeweled crown,
Shortest day, the longest night,
Festive cheer by candlelight.


Aroma of the pine so fresh,
Ribbons, paper, crease, and mesh,
Children’s laughter, peppermint air,
Echoes of old songs declare.


Snowman guarding the still lawn,
Scarved and buttoned until dawn,
Breath becomes a fleeting dance,
In the crisp cold, a merry prance.


Eggnog’s rich, a creamy tide,
Toasts are made by the fireside,
Memories hung on every limb,
Of the tree, so festive, trim.


Love encircles all who gather,
Despite the chill or weather's lather,
Christmas comes but once a year,
Filling all our hearts with cheer.


Velvet Night

Velvet night, soft snow below,
White the world in moonlit glow,
Christmas whispers through the trees,
Wishes riding on the breeze.


Sleigh bells ring from distant sled,
Journeys made as children bed,
Gifts amassed with tender care,
Hope cocooned in evening's air.


Echoes of the year's goodbyes,
New beginnings start to rise,
Tinsel glistens, holding dreams,
In the stillness, faith redeems.


Midnight chime, the world in peace,
For an instance, worries cease,
Carved in time, this silent night,
Full of stars, oh so bright.


Mystical, this night's caress,
Hearts are full, ready to bless,
Christmas tales told once more,
Magic thrives in festive lore.


Winter’s Embrace

In the heart of winter’s grip,
Where the frost and laughter sip,
Red nosed cheer, from cold’s sweet chase,
We find warmth in winter’s embrace.


On the branch, a robin red,
Greets the dawn with feathered spread,
Songs of Yuletide, clear and high,
Sung beneath the gray-skyed sigh.


Golden bells toll soft and sweet,
Melted paths for merry feet,
Wrap the cold in love’s duvet,
Thus the spirit of Christmas Day.


Ornaments with history speak,
Of joyous yules and cheek to cheek,
Dancing ‘round the fir tree’s base,
In the folds of winter’s lace.


When the nightfall comes to close,
Candles dim, and the quiet doze,
Dreams of sugarplums so fair,
Rock the world without a care.


A Glimmer in the Frost

The world is muted, soft, and still,
In the quiet, a festive thrill,
Each street adorned with gleeful gloss,
A glimmer found within the frost.


Through every nook, a carol spills,
Forging warmth that cold dispels,
Notes that glide on iced air streams,
Carry forth our hopeful dreams.


Midst winter’s blanket, sleeping tight,
Hearts abound with pure delight,
The solstice moon, a chaperone,
For Christmas grace, newly sewn.


Citrus, clove, in kitchens blend,
Families gather, ties to mend,
Smiles spread faster than the flame,
From candles lit in love’s own name.


Let kindness be the gift we share,
Beneath the mistletoe, we dare,
To steal a kiss or grant a wish,
In the spirit of Christmas bliss.


Frosted Panorama

Snowflakes dance a waltz of white,
Weaving cloaks in the blushing night,
Frosted windows frame the scene,
Realms of silver, blue serene.


Children press their nose to glass,
Wonder when Saint Nick will pass,
Every breath a puffed-up cloud,
Gazing out in awe unbowed.


Mulled wine's scent does softly creep,
Up the stairs, to rooms of sleep,
Dreams are dressed in holiday tales,
‘Cross snowy peaks and frosty dales.


Figgy pudding, mince pies too,
Flavors mix and laughter’s hue,
Cherished faces glow with years,
Telling tales, igniting cheers.


Beneath the boughs gifts await,
As dawn peels back the night’s slate,
Greeting Christmas with open arms,
Charmed by its eternal charms.


Celestial Choir

Stars tremble in the Christmas Eve,
With each breath that winter heave,
Angels sing with voices clear,
A celestial choir we just might hear.


In the peace of night’s embrace,
Noel’s story takes its place,
Shepherds watch and wise men kneel,
The ancient tale turns its wheel.


Orbs of light on fir limbs sway,
Guiding us on our merry way,
To celebrate with fond cheer,
A moment we hold so dear.


Children’s dreams soar through the sky,
With each snowflake that flutters by,
Hearts beat to a joyous drum,
With the promise of more to come.


So let us pause, the world to save,
From this night of peace we crave,
And for a spell, our souls are near,
The love that comes with Christmas cheer.


Glow of the Season

Amidst the rush, there shines a glow,
A warmth amid December's snow,
It's not the gifts, nor glitter's sheen,
But loved ones gathering, sight unseen.


Hearth fires crackle with mirthful pop,
Time slows down, foregoing the clock,
Glasses raised in festive toast,
To all we love, to what we treasure most.


Lovelight twinkles in children's eyes,
Elves work secret in their guise,
Candy canes, striped in repose,
Near gingerbread men, in merry rows.


Old songs hummed, a soft refrain,
Through the blizzard, through the rain,
Winter's hymn in the frosty air,
Unites us all from here to there.


So let the bells ring, sweet and clear,
For Christmas day is finally here,
In its glow, we find our worth,
And revel in the season's birth.


Reflection in Ice

Gazing at the icy pond,
Footprints leading far beyond,
Christmas shapes each frosted breath,
Midst the stillness, life and death.


Underneath the spectral moon,
Reflections dance to winter's tune,
Twisting limbs in silent praise,
Nature's monument encased in glaze.


Heaven's gaze drops gentle light,
Blessing us this holy night,
Prisms on the snow-crushed ground,
Wherever Christmas love is found.


Ginger snaps in tender hands,
Traditions from forgotten lands,
We retell the story old,
Of birth and hope, the tale bold.


In the cold, a warm reprieve
To cradle hearts on Christmas Eve,
Each flake a wish, a thought, a grace,
Reflecting in this icy place.


Tapestry of Light

Thread by thread the homes alight,
Curtains drawn to fend the night,
Each chimney's smoke, a lazy flight,
Weaves through the tapestry of light.


Wreaths on doors, a welcome ring,
A testament to what we bring,
Joy and merriment to sing,
While winter grips, we’re blossoming.


Crystal laughs and silver bells,
Whimsical their story tells,
Across the air their chorus swells,
Enchants the evening as it dwells.


Gift of time, most precious coin,
Fleeting moments we anoint,
Around the tree where kinfolk join,
Cherishing what we conjoin.


Through the night, our carols rise,
Gratitude beneath the skies,
For the season that applies,
A gentle balm before sunrise.


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024


Written By
Sam Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas
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Aretha Johnson
Oct 22, 2023
Beautiful Christmas poems Keisha, love them!
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