Poems about Death of a Brother

Sam Rodriguez
I really miss you my dear Brother. To honor you, these verses flow, and in my heart, you'll always have a home.
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Table of contents
The Last Fishing Trip
Fragments of You
The Space You Left
Chords of Brotherhood
Odyssey of Two
A Conversation in Silence
Footprints in the Sand
Unwritten Letters
Whispers in the Wind
Fading Echo
Stars in the Night Sky

The Last Fishing Trip

We cast our lines into the lake,  

Two brothers fishing in the dawn.  

You laughed and said, "For heaven's sake,  

This peaceful spot's a sacred fawn."

But now you've gone where I can't tread,  

A final voyage you had to take.  

I cast my lines alone instead,  

Each tug reminding me of our stake.

You were the laughter, the guts, the dare,  

In every memory that we did share.  

And though you're gone, I still declare,  

You're with me in this morning air.

I reel it in; the line's drawn tight,  

Just as our bond, in darkness or light.  

You're in each ripple, each bird's flight,  

As I fish alone in the breaking light.

Fragments of You

I find you in fragments,  

In pieces tucked away—  

In notes you scribbled,  

In games we used to play.

I hear your laugh in hallways,  

I see your face in dreams,  

And though you're not beside me,  

You're closer than it seems.

You're in the whispers of the wind,  

You're every hue in a sunset sky.  

You're the tears that come unbidden,  

Every time I wonder why.

You're the courage in my choices,  

The love in every sacrifice,  

And though I can't hear your voice,  

Your presence will suffice.

A brother's love's eternal,  

Unending as the sea.  

Though your form has left this plane,  

Your essence stays with me.

The Space You Left

The space you left is hollow,  

A gaping void too big to fill.  

Yet life insists that we must follow  

Paths that wind around the hill.

You were my ally in every battle,  

My confidant in times of need.  

Losing you was like losing my shadow,  

A part of me has been freed.

But I feel you in the evening breeze,  

I see you in stars that gleam.  

For bonds like ours never truly cease,  

They’re the substance of every dream.

I carry you in my memories,  

In stories that I recount.  

The space you left is not empty,  

It's a sacred, hallowed ground.

Chords of Brotherhood

The music stopped, the chords went mute,  

The day you stepped beyond.  

Yet in my mind, the melodies  

Of our brotherhood still bond.

You were the rhythm to my blues,  

The crescendo to my song.  

In this life's unpredictable reviews,  

Your memory makes me strong.

You're not a fading photograph,  

Or just a name upon a stone.  

You're the music in my laughter,  

The comfort when I'm alone.

Each note played is a tribute,  

Each lyric softly sighed.  

In the music of my life, my brother,  

You're an everlasting guide.

Odyssey of Two

We began as co-adventurers,  

Exploring life’s terrain.  

But the odyssey we started,  

You couldn't fully sustain.

Now, I traverse hills and dales,  

With you in my heart, not hands.  

You’ve crossed a river I can’t ford,  

Gone to undiscovered lands.

I imagine you exploring realms,  

I can only hope to see.  

Though one traveler is missing,  

The journey continues for me.

You're the lore in my storybook,  

The treasure in my quest.  

Your journey has concluded,  

While I still face the test.

We’ll meet again at journey’s end,  

Until then, I’ll sojourn on.  

Knowing that each step I take,  

Proclaims the love that’s never gone.

A Conversation in Silence

I spoke to you in silence,  

As I stared at your gravestone.  

A dialogue without words,  

Each of us alone but not alone.

You answered in the rustling leaves,  

In the quiet I could hear.  

A symphony of unsaid words  

As I let go another tear.

We laughed, we cried, we reminisced,  

As if you were still here.  

In that silent conversation,  

I felt you ever near.

Death is just a change of form,  

As history shows again.  

It can never sever  

The love between us, kith and kin.

Footprints in the Sand

We walked the shores of childhood,
Our footprints close, side by side.
Two sets of hopes, two sets of dreams,
Carried forth by the rising tide.

Then came the storm that claimed you,
Your footprints washed away.
I walk the shore in solitude,
A lone set of prints to stay.

Yet in the winds that kiss my face,
And in the sea's eternal roar,
I find a trace, a subtle grace,
Of the brother who walked the shore before.

The sands may shift, the tides may turn,
Eroding what was cast.
But your imprint is a lasting one,
In my heart, it will forever last.

You're the moon that pulls my tides,
The sun that warms my sea.
Though your footprints are no longer here,
You still walk each shore with me.

Unwritten Letters

I write you letters you'll never read,  

Ink them in the quiet of night.  

I seal them with tears and unspoken fears,  

In hopes that they might take flight.

Though the postman can't deliver  

To the realm where you now dwell,  

Each word penned is a tether,  

A story only time can tell.

You were my first audience,  

My secret keeper, my guide.  

The words may be unread, my brother,  

But they keep you by my side.

So I’ll continue to write these letters,  

With love as their only theme.  

Unsent, unread, yet invaluable,  

They bridge this unchosen stream.

Whispers in the Wind

You were the whisper in the wind,  

A presence always near.  

Now that you've taken wing, my brother,  

That whisper’s all I hear.

When the world’s too loud,  

And silence is a scarce friend,  

I hear your voice in the hush,  

A comforting message to send.

In each rustle of the leaves,  

In every sway of a tree,  

Your whispers reach my ears,  

Bringing you back to me.

So let the world grow silent,  

Let the noise come to an end.  

I’ll find solace in your whispers,  

My ever-present, unseen friend.

Fading Echo

In the canyon of our youth,  

We'd shout our dreams into the void.  

Echoing off walls, those dreams  

Were sounds we both enjoyed.

Your voice has faded now,  

A silence in the depth.  

Yet my dreams carry the echo  

Of the brother I have kept.

I shout anew, my voice alone,  

Yet layered with your tone.  

Though you're not here to answer back,  

I never feel alone.

Each reverberation in the rock,  

Each reflection in the sound,  

Is a tribute to the voice I loved,  

Still echoing all around.

Stars in the Night Sky

We looked for constellations,  

Maps of stars in the sky.  

You'd point out hidden galaxies,  

As evening hours went by.

Now you're a star in heaven,  

In the celestial realm, you soar.  

Though my eyes may not see you,  

You're not hidden anymore.

Every glimmer, every sparkle,  

In the canvas of the night,  

Is you speaking through the universe,  

A quiet, shining light.

Though I walk in earthly shadows,  

Your brilliance is never far.  

For no matter where I am,  

You're my navigating star.

PUBLISHED: Aug 31, 2023
Written By
Sam Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas
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