Poems about Summer

Sam Rodriguez
In the solitude of warm summer nights, these poems were born—each a snapshot capturing the fleeting yet unforgettable moments that define the season. By Sam
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Table of contents
Heatwaves on Asphalt
Infinite Horizon of Coastlines
Golden Fields of Harvest
Journey Through Hiking Trails
The Hum of the City in July
Ripples on the Lake
Midnight Skies and Fireflies
Summer in the City Streets
The Solace of a Summer Storm
Evenings at the Carnival

Heatwaves on Asphalt

Beneath the harsh summer sun

Long shadows carve their intricate forms

Children laugh and shout in pure ecstasy

Summer is their sprawling canvas

Unfurling in the sweltering heat

Waves of heat dance across asphalt

A mirage blooms in the far distance

Slow-moving vehicles crawl forward

Their engines hum in unison

A subdued symphony of the scorching

Lawnmowers tear through resilient blades of grass

Neighbors transform into dedicated gardeners

The intoxicating smell of fresh earth

Mingles delicately with the scent of sunscreen

A peculiar summer bouquet in the air

In a stuffy room without air conditioning

Ceiling fans whirl in utter protest

A desperate yearning for a breeze

Hopes trapped in the spinning blades

The air remains in unyielding stillness

At long last, nightfall arrives

A sky scattered with twinkling stars

Cicadas chant in ancient tongues

Yet the warmth defiantly lingers

A stubborn reminder that dawn is near

Infinite Horizon of Coastlines

Ocean mist rises to greet the dawn

Taste of salt settles gently on my lips

Footprints etched deep in golden sand

Summer memories imprinted

On a transient canvas of shore

Children tirelessly build fragile sandcastles

Dreams meticulously sculpted in shifting grains

High tides eventually come roaring

Mercilessly washing their efforts away

Yet youthful spirits remain wonderfully unfazed

Sailboats dot the infinite horizon

Tiny specks against the overwhelming vast

Where sky tenderly kisses ocean

In an endless and eternal embrace

That makes poets question their mortality

Boardwalks come alive in magical twilight

Arcade sounds blend with laughter and cheer

Cotton candy melds with salty sea air

A strange yet comforting paradox

Wrapped beautifully in the hues of sunset

The day may end but fires begin

Beachside bonfires dance with the approaching night

Strumming of guitar strings fill the air

Unseen perhaps, yet profoundly felt

The glowing embers of a summer well-lived

Golden Fields of Harvest

Stretching before me are golden fields

Each stalk of wheat bending to the will

Of whimsical August winds sweeping through

A myriad of paintbrushes coloring the landscape

Capturing the essence of this warm season

Farmers stand at the edge, their labor evident

Squinting eyes shielded from the afternoon sun

Calculating yields, weighing risks, and challenges

Contemplating the grace of nature's hand

In the intricate dance of human toil

Rows upon rows of fruit line the markets

Fresh peaches, succulent plums, and ripe berries

A culmination of the season's arduous work

Nature's abundant bounty laid before us

In colorful displays that tempt and satisfy

Families gather for picnics on patterned cloths

Laughter and conversation fill the lazy air

Yet among the joy exists a nagging realization

Summer performs its finite and fleeting dance

And we must embrace the moments it provides

Weathered barns stand tall against the fading light

Tomorrow brings another day of labor and toil

Yet for today, this very moment in time

We put aside our tasks to savor the simple joys

That are born from the sunlight of these days

Journey Through Hiking Trails

Boots crunch down on gravel and dirt

Mountain paths beckon the restless spirit

The silent woods listen intently to each step

As I traverse terrain both physical and emotional

Discovering mysteries within and beyond these woods

Streams gurgle secrets to ancient boulders and trees

Each step I take becomes a negotiation

With the very Earth that supports my weight

A silent agreement formed between Man and Nature

Where respect earns the right of passage

The sky above remains remarkably unfiltered

Sunlight pierces the dense canopy of leaves

Illuminating patches of ground darkened by doubt

Shadows cast by the uncertainties within my soul

Are banished by the revealing rays of the sun

The summit may be within sight but remains elusive

It's not the ultimate aim of this journey

The trail itself whispers life's crucial lessons

Each stride becomes a profound discovery

And every pause a chance to reflect on life's vastness

I rest on a ledge overlooking valleys and hills

My eyes closed yet seeing clearer than ever

Summer unfolds its wisdom in these moments of stillness

Teaching me that like the seasons, all is transient

And in its ephemerality, there exists true beauty

The Hum of the City in July

Skyline ablaze with the setting sun’s orange glow

Concrete and steel structures stand defiant

Each one a testament to human ingenuity

Yet even they seem to sweat under the summer heat

As if yearning for a cool breeze from the river

City streets bustle with the rhythm of life

Car horns, casual chatter, impatient footsteps

Every face tells a story in this anthology of existence

Bound together by the unifying threads of heat and humidity

A melting pot in the most literal sense

The welcoming interiors of coffee shops and bookstores beckon

Brief but cherished oases in this urban desert

Sips of iced coffee and the turn of pages

Provide a temporary yet much-needed balm

For souls weary from the incessant heat

Basketball courts and parks come alive as dusk falls

The asphalt becomes a stage for demonstrations of skill

Each dribble, each shot, each play a poetic motion

Unwritten yet profoundly understood among its players

A celebration of summer, youth, and endless potential

As nightfall descends, the city transforms yet again

Skyscrapers reach up to touch the distant stars

Within the endless expanse of the cosmos

Dreams of summer nights find a nesting place

Where the imagination can roam free until the dawn

Ripples on the Lake

Mirror-like surface of the quiet lake

Reflects the brilliance of the summer sky

Kayaks and canoes cut through the calm

Creating ripples that disturb and beautify

A natural canvas transformed by human touch

Families flock to the water’s edge

Armed with fishing rods and hopeful gazes

The fish below evade capture with grace

A playful challenge exchanged between species

In the idyllic setting of this tranquil escape

Lily pads float like misplaced green islands

Housing frogs that leap in well-timed arcs

Dragonflies dart around in erratic paths

Their iridescent wings shimmering in the light

As if touched by the paintbrush of the sun

A sudden splash breaks the peaceful silence

Children jumping from a weathered wooden dock

Their laughter reverberates through the warm air

The embodiment of summer’s playful spirit

Captured in a moment as fleeting as their youth

As evening approaches, the lake finds its calm

The setting sun paints hues of pink and gold

Silhouettes of distant trees stand like sentinels

Guarding the beauty that exists within their midst

And for a moment, all feels perfectly right in the world

Midnight Skies and Fireflies

Darkness blankets the world yet light persists

Thousands of fireflies illuminate the night

Tiny beacons signaling messages unknown

A celestial dance taking place at ground level

Captivating the hearts of young and old

The air is thick with the sound of crickets

Their incessant chirping a rhythmic lullaby

Complementing the twinkling visuals before us

A harmonious blend of sight and sound

That exists only in the magic of summer nights

Children run through fields with glass jars

A quest to capture the ethereal glow

Yet once in hand, the light seems less magical

A lesson in the beauty of letting things be

Free to shine in their natural habitat

On a nearby porch, a couple shares a kiss

Illuminated only by the moon and these tiny stars

The world around them fades into obscurity

As they get lost in the embrace of one another

Oblivious to the wonders unfolding around them

The clock strikes midnight yet the night feels young

It’s as if time itself stops to savor this season

Where daylight lingers and darkness brings its own charm

A pause in the never-ending cycle of life

An invitation to cherish the present, illuminated by fireflies

Poem 8: "Long Days of Leisure"

Sleepy eyes greet the morning sunlight

Piercing through the cracks of closed curtains

No alarm, no hurry, just the promise

Of a day without agenda or purpose

An endless stretch of time to be filled

Backyards transform into realms of possibility

Gardens become jungles, sheds turn into fortresses

Imagination knows no bounds in the heat

Each game invented more elaborate than the last

Childhood creativity at its uninhibited best

Parents watch from shaded patios and porches

Iced tea and novels occupy their idle hands

A momentary reprieve from responsibilities

An unspoken agreement to let chores wait

As the summer day begs to be enjoyed

Friends gather for barbecues and potlucks

The smell of charcoal and sizzling meat fills the air

Conversations flow as naturally as the drinks

Laughter rises and falls with the sun

Until the stars take over as the evening’s backdrop

At last, the day concludes in quiet reflection

Sun-kissed skin feels the softness of clean sheets

Windows open to welcome the night air

Crickets sing their song as sleep draws near

In this season of leisure, we find our peace

Summer in the City Streets

Sweat trickles down foreheads and spines

As the heat wave sweeps through the city

People seek solace in the shade of tall buildings

An urban forest of concrete and glass

Where the temperature soars but spirits don’t falter

Street vendors offer relief in the form of ices

Colors and flavors as diverse as the crowd

Children line up with crumpled bills in hand

Their faces lighting up at the first taste

An instant antidote to the sweltering atmosphere

Musicians take to the corners and subway stations

Guitars, drums, and saxophones in tow

Each note a gift to the passerby

The soundtrack of summer echoing off walls

A gratuity thrown into cases as tokens of gratitude

Tourists wander through with cameras and maps

Captivated by the energy that never seems to wane

A city that comes alive in a different way

When the sun shines and the days stretch long

Every snapshot a memory, every step a new experience

As dusk settles, the cityscape transforms

Rooftop bars and balconies fill with people

The skyline becoming a silhouette of dreams

As the city takes a deep breath under the night sky

Embracing the rest it needs but never fully takes

The Solace of a Summer Storm

The sky turns a shade darker, a moody blue

Clouds roll in with an urgency in their drift

The air thickens, and leaves stir restlessly

Summer presents its paradoxical relief

In the form of a storm on the horizon

Thunder rumbles in the distance like a prelude

Sudden gusts of wind carry the promise of rain

Faces look upwards with a sense of anticipation

A natural respite from the unyielding sun

The atmosphere alive with electric potential

The first droplets fall hesitantly, then all at once

Streets darken under the sudden deluge

Pavements release a smell distinct to the rain

A mixture of wet earth and the cleansing of air

An olfactory symphony that signals a welcome change

People dash for cover, but some stand still

Allowing the rain to soak them to the bone

For them, the storm is not an inconvenience

But a temporary escape from the ordinary

An unplanned shower of pure liberation

As quickly as it arrived, the storm departs

Leaving behind puddles and a refreshed world

Flowers stand taller, and air feels lighter

Even the sun reemerges, a bit humbler

As if acknowledging the beauty of its counterpart

Evenings at the Carnival

Balloons and lights decorate the evening sky

The carnival comes to life as dusk descends

Ferris wheels rotate with a slow, steady grace

Offering glimpses of towns and lives below

As if the world is simpler from this vantage point

Children dash from ride to ride with enthusiasm

Unbounded energy fueled by cotton candy and corn dogs

Each spin and tumble a new adventure

A universe contained within fenced boundaries

Where joy is measured in laughter and screams

Games of chance and skill line the bustling walkways

Soft toys and trinkets dangle as prizes

Success and failure measured in the toss of a ring

Or the aim of a dart thrown in earnest hope

Brief moments of triumph in a world often unfair

The aroma of popcorn and deep-fried treats wafts

Enticing even those with the most steadfast will

A smorgasbord of indulgence laid out in stalls

Where culinary restraint takes a willing backseat

To the tastes and smells of this fleeting summer night

As the carnival lights begin to dim, people disperse

Some hand in hand, others in contemplative solitude

Each carries away a piece of this ephemeral magic

The essence of summer captured in a single evening

A reminder to savor the simple pleasures life offers

PUBLISHED: Aug 28, 2023
Written By
Sam Rodriguez
San Antonio, Texas
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