10 Chilling Poems to Unnerve and Haunt Your Nights

Zoe Monroe
Dive into the chilling depths of the unknown with a collection of eerie poems that will send shivers down your spine. Embrace the haunting whispers and spectral tales that lurk within these verses.
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Table of contents
The Whispers in the Walls
Midnight's Chilling Breath
Gleam of the Raven's Eye
The Haunt of the Forgotten
The Unseen Stalker
The Beast Within the Fog
Voices from Beneath
The Hunter's Moon
Curse of the Shrouded Hand
The Window's Gaze

The Whispers in the Walls

The whispers in the walls speak low,

Through the silent night, they flow,

Secrets of a haunted past,

Echoes of a spell that's cast.

They summon those who dare to listen,

To tales where pale moonbeams glisten,

Warning all who hear their call,

Beware the shadows that befall.

In every creak, a story hides,

In every wind, a spirit glides,

The whispers in the walls convey,

That here, the living should not stay.

Midnight's Chilling Breath

Midnight's chilling breath comes near,

Spreading throughout the cold, stark fear,

Shapes movе in a ghostly dance,

In shadows cast by the moon's glance.

The air turns thick with silent screams,

That ride upon the dreamer's dreams,

Each corner hides a daunting dread,

Where weary souls dare not to tread.

For with the night's deep, dark embrace,

Comes a creeping, unseen trace,

No solace in the stars' soft light,

Only shivers from the endless night.

Gleam of the Raven's Eye

Upon the midnight breach, so stark,

A raven perches in the dark,

Its shimmering eye, an eerie bead,

Reflects the nature of its creed.

The silence breaks with its harsh cry,

The sound of truth or perhaps a lie,

A messenger of fortune's hand,

Across the bleak and barren land.

Wings unfold with tales of dread,

Curse the living, mourn the dead,

Its gleam does more than just imply,

The whispered secrets never die.

The Haunt of the Forgotten

In hollow halls of times mislaid,

The forgotten wander, souls betrayed,

Their whispers seep through cracks and seams,

Inhabitants now of broken dreams.

Their footsteps trace an empty dance,

Within halls stripped of chance,

Each echo marks their weary plights,

Ghostly figures in the night.

Unseen to those who will not see,

The haunt of what will never be,

A chilling thought one can't forget,

In these halls they linger yet.

The Unseen Stalker

With every shadow stretched and tall,

Lurks an unseen specter's call,

Softly tracing every step,

In silence as if secrets kept.

A presence felt though never seen,

Twisting fate, so cruel and keen,

Breathing whispers in your ear,

Till your courage dissolves in fear.

Stalking closer, void of sight,

Shrouded in the cloak of night,

Each heartbeat a drum of war,

For what the unseen stalker's for.

The Beast Within the Fog

From distant moors where mists enshroud;

A beast cries out, its voice is loud,

The fog, a curtain for its form,

A monster in the tempest born.

No shape discerned within the gloom,

Just fearful whispers of impending doom,

Its growl a thunder in the grey,

A shadow that will not decay.

Travelers fear the fog's embrace,

The beast unseen, a dreaded chase,

With each step, they feel its breath,

The chilling touch, a kiss of death.

Voices from Beneath

Softly rise the voices from beneath,

Murmuring secrets, keeping their sheath,

From soil's grip, the whispers break,

And the living's nerve they seek to shake.

Those who listen find no rest,

As eerie calls will not be suppressed,

In eerie concert, dead unite,

And to our realm, lay siege tonight.

Uncertain whence the voices flow,

Yet filled with tales of ancient woe,

The ground resounds with their lament,

A chorus of the discontent.

The Hunter's Moon

When the hunter's moon takes the night,

Silvered forests bask in light,

Shadows carve from tree to tree,

Where creatures lurk, unseen, unfree.

The light emboldens fears to wake,

And wandering souls their leave to take,

For in the glow, all truth’s revealed,

No darker secret left concealed.

The hunter's moon so cold, so clear,

Its silent watch, invokes our fear,

For within its light, we comprehend,

The hunt begins, and we might be the end.

Curse of the Shrouded Hand

In tales of old, the sages said,

A curse befalls the wrongful dead,

A shrouded hand across the land,

Unleashing doom by its command.

The living cower at its grasp,

Each soul emits a final gasp,

For in the curse’s dire dismay,

No mortal might could wish it away.

Seek not the shrouded hand, beware,

Ignore the tales that demons share,

Lest its curse becomes your own,

And into darkness, you are thrown.

The Window's Gaze

There's a window to another plane,

Where horrors lurk and nightmares reign,

Its glassy gaze so still, so cold,

Witness to horrors untold.

Once you've peered into its depth,

You cannot escape its icy breadth,

Gripped by visions grim and stark,

The window leeches out the light from dark.

Let not your eyes seek out that frame,

Lest your soul be lost to its claim,

For those who dare the window's gaze,

Are trapped within its endless maze.

PUBLISHED: Jan 27, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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