Goodbye Poems

Zoe Monroe
Parting is a challenging experience, and these poems capture that sentiment beautifully. Take pleasure in reading and sharing them.
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Table of contents
Parting's Gentle Sigh
Farewell in a Teardrop
The Last Sunset
The Train's Soft Hum
Waves of Goodbye
Blossoms in the Breeze
Clock Hands Wave Farewell
Mountains' Silent Adieu
Departing Feather's Drift
Coffee Cup Farewell

Parting's Gentle Sigh

Beneath the moon's soft silver glow,

We speak in whispers, voices low.

Goodbye, a word, heavy yet light,

In the quiet of the impending night.

A gentle breeze, a fleeting touch,

In parting's pain, we clutch.

Memories linger, time stands still,

In this goodbye, there's a chill.

Eyes meet, a moment's grace,

In this departure, hearts race.

Silhouettes against the pale sky,

In every adieu, there's a sigh.

Goodnight, we whisper, a gentle plea,

In this farewell, we find a decree.

Under the moon, we part our way,

In silence, there's nothing left to say.

Farewell in a Teardrop

In a single tear, a farewell hides,

Down a cheek, it silently glides.

A silent adieu, a quiet end,

To a lover, a comrade, a friend.

Eyes glisten, emotions swell,

In each droplet, stories dwell.

Sorrow, joy, a mix so rare,

In this goodbye, we lay bare.

Quietly it falls, a salty sea,

In this departure, what will be?

A whispering promise, a silent vow,

In a teardrop's journey, we bow.

Goodbye, unspoken, yet understood,

In a teardrop's path, we’ve stood.

A moment's grief, a lifetime's bond,

In this farewell, we respond.

The Last Sunset

Crimson skies and amber hues,

A canvas of our last adieus.

The sun dips low, says its goodbye,

In the twilight, we let out a sigh.

Orange and pink, a farewell embrace,

In this sunset, time we chase.

A fleeting beauty, a moment's grace,

In the sun's descent, we trace.

Horizon's kiss, a gentle end,

In this goodbye, messages we send.

Day turns to night, a cycle complete,

In this farewell, we discreetly meet.

Stars emerge, night's hello,

In this sunset's afterglow.

A final adieu, a closing scene,

In this goodbye, we find serene.

The Train's Soft Hum

The train departs, a hum so sweet,

Goodbyes echoed in its rhythmic beat.

A journey begins, another ends,

In the rail tracks' bend.

Wheels clatter, steady and sure,

In every farewell, something pure.

Windows reflect, faces pass by,

In this goodbye, a silent sigh.

Smoke trails, a steamy goodbye kiss,

In the locomotive's bliss.

Towns and cities, a blur on the side,

In this farewell ride, we confide.

Station approaches, a journey's end,

In this goodbye, letters we send.

Train departs, leaving behind,

In its hum, memories we find.

Waves of Goodbye

Waves retreat, a sandy shore,

A goodbye etched forevermore.

Footprints fade but memories stay,

As the tide sweeps them away.

Seashells whisper, a salty tale,

In every farewell, details unveil.

Ocean's lullaby, a rhythmic sigh,

In the beach's adieu, time goes by.

Horizon stretches, endless and blue,

In every parting, something new.

Sea foam dances, a fleeting grace,

In waves of goodbye, we embrace.

Tide comes in, erasing the trace,

In sandy farewells, we find solace.

A chapter ends, as waves withdraw,

In every goodbye, wonder we saw.

Blossoms in the Breeze

Petals fall in a gentle dance,

A goodbye whispered by chance.

Nature's way, graceful and free,

In a blossom's farewell, we see.

Blooms bow down, their time is near,

In this parting, there's no fear.

A cycle of life, a ballet grand,

In each farewell, we understand.

Garden sighs, a fragrant adieu,

In each blossom, morning dew.

Colors vibrant, now a memory,

In a flower's goodbye, we find glee.

Petals scatter, a tapestry fine,

In this farewell, we intertwine.

Blossoms may fade, but return anew,

In each goodbye, life's cycle we view.

Clock Hands Wave Farewell

Tick-tock, time doesn’t dwell,

Clock hands wave their farewell.

Seconds fleeting, moments pass,

In time's goodbye, we raise our glass.

Hours turn, a steady pace,

In every farewell, a silent grace.

Minutes count down, a quiet retreat,

In time’s goodbye, history we greet.

Gears whirr, a rhythmic song,

In each adieu, we belong.

Dials turn, marking the end,

In clock hands’ farewell, messages we send.

Faces old, hands that wave,

In every goodbye, time we crave.

Clock winds down, a chapter’s close,

In time’s farewell, life’s path we chose.

Mountains' Silent Adieu

Peaks in the distance, stoic and high,

In their silhouette, a silent goodbye.

A farewell embraced in a rocky crest,

In nature's departure, we find rest.

Summits call, a lofty end,

In every adieu, messages we send.

Stone and snow, a parting so grand,

In mountains’ goodbye, we understand.

Valleys echo, a departure sweet,

In every farewell, we discreetly meet.

Ridges stand, against time’s tide,

In a mountain's adieu, secrets confide.

Heights majestic, bidding adieu,

In every parting, vistas new.

Mountain’s whisper, a tranquil quest,

In nature’s farewell, we find our zest.

Departing Feather's Drift

A feather departs, a bird takes flight,

In its drift, a goodbye so light.

Floating gently, it descends,

A feathery adieu that never ends.

Wind carries it, a soft embrace,

In this farewell, a tender grace.

A whispering breeze, a hush so sweet,

In a feather's goodbye, hearts discreetly meet.

Sky so vast, an azure sea,

In this departure, what will be?

A feather's journey, silent and free,

In its farewell, a symphony.

Softly it lands, a final rest,

In this adieu, we’ve given our best.

Feathered goodbye, in the air it twirls,

In its silent farewell, eternity unfurls.

Coffee Cup Farewell

Empty cup, a coffee's end,

Goodbye to moments we won't mend.

Bittersweet, like caffeine's trace,

A farewell in a warm embrace.

Steam rises, a fragrant goodbye,

In every sip, memories lie.

Ceramic cool, the coffee spent,

In this farewell, words are lent.

Café sounds, a clatter and hum,

In this parting, we succumb.

Aroma lingers, a final plea,

In coffee's goodbye, we find glee.

Stirring spoon, a clinking sound,

In this adieu, stories are found.

Empty now, the cup is bare,

In this coffee farewell, we care.

PUBLISHED: Nov 02, 2023
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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