Song Lyrics about Luck

Zoe Monroe
Sitting under a canopy of stars one clear Nashville night, I felt the universe's serendipity. It was then that I felt compelled to write down the whimsical nature of luck, understanding that sometimes life's path isn't just about choices but the dance of chance.
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Table of contents
Dancing with Destiny's Dice
Luck's Lullaby and Life's Lore
Serendipity’s Song and the Heart’s Hum
Luck's Endless Ebb and Flow
Rolling Dice of Destiny
Horseshoes, Clovers, and Dreams
Stars Aligning, Fate’s Design
Wishes upon a Lucky Star
Footprints of Fortune

Dancing with Destiny's Dice

Verse 1:

Tossed in the air, fate's coin does spin,

Every landing, a loss or win,

In life’s gamble, stakes high and low,

We play our cards, let the dice throw.

Verse 2:

Chances taken, risks embraced,

In luck's dance, our hearts raced,

For every stumble, a step ahead,

By fortune’s tune, we're led.


Dancing with destiny's dice, unswayed,

In the game of luck, our bets laid,

Win or lose, come what might,

In luck's embrace, we take flight.


Fortune’s wheel, round and round,

In its spin, our fates are bound,

In the ebb and flow, in the game's spree,

Luck whispers secrets, of what’s meant to be.

Verse 3:

Lucky stars, wishes made,

In the cosmic ballet, our dreams laid,

For in the dance of chance and skill,

Destiny's designs fulfill.

Luck's Lullaby and Life's Lore

Verse 1:

In the quiet night, a coin tossed high,

Luck's lullaby, a dream's sigh,

In every shadow, every light's flick,

Life dances to the rhythm, quick.

Verse 2:

Golden clovers, rabbit’s foot charm,

In luck’s embrace, no cause for alarm,

For with every turn, twist, and bend,

Fortune’s tales, to us, send.


Luck's lullaby, life's lore,

Guiding us, forevermore,

In the dance of chance, destiny's song,

To luck's melody, we belong.


Wishing wells, dandelion seeds,

Luck grows from our hopes and deeds,

In the quiet moments, in the roar,

Luck’s tales, an ever-growing lore.

Verse 3:

As stars shoot, wishes cast,

In the embrace of luck, hopes amassed,

For in the symphony, soft and loud,

Luck's blessings, life's crowd.

Serendipity’s Song and the Heart’s Hum

Verse 1:

Unexpected turns, paths that twist,

Moments of fate, can’t resist,

In serendipity’s sweet embrace,

Heart finds rhythm, life’s pace.

Verse 2:

Coincidences, stars align,

In the tapestry of time, they intertwine,

With every heartbeat, every thrum,

To serendipity’s song, we succumb.


Serendipity’s song, the heart’s hum,

To the rhythm of luck, we become,

In the dance of destiny, so grand,

By luck’s grace, we stand.


Lucky charms, stars that gleam,

In the dance of fate, dreams teem,

With every twist, every turn,

Luck’s lessons, we learn.

Verse 3:

Fortunate winds, breezes that blow,

Guiding us, wherever we go,

In the song of serendipity, so pure,

The heart finds its allure.

Luck's Endless Ebb and Flow

Verse 1:

Tides that rise, waves that crest,

In luck's dance, we're put to the test,

Sometimes adrift, sometimes aglow,

In the ebb and flow, we grow.

Verse 2:

Fortuitous turns, winds that shift,

On the sea of fate, our spirits lift,

With sails set and anchors stow,

To luck's horizon, we go.


Luck's endless ebb and flow,

Guiding us, to and fro,

Through storms and sunlit glow,

By luck's compass, we row.


Starlit nights, dawn's embrace,

In the dance of luck, we find our place,

With every tide, high and low,

Fortune's mysteries show.

Verse 3:

Harbors of hope, seas of chance,

With luck, life becomes a dance,

Through calm and tempest’s throw,

In luck's rhythm, we bestow.

Rolling Dice of Destiny

Verse 1:

Gambling on dreams, risking it all,

On destiny’s board, our dice fall,

Chance encounters, fates entwine,

In the game of luck, stars align.

Verse 2:

Boardwalk ventures, passing go,

In the roll of dice, fortunes show,

With every number, every face,

We find our rhythm, our pace.


Rolling dice of destiny,

In the game of life, we're free,

Taking chances, embracing spree,

To luck’s tune, our decree.


Moments of fate, chances rare,

In the gamble, we lay bare,

With every risk, every glee,

Luck carves our legacy.

Verse 3:

Banking on hope, taking the lead,

With every roll, our dreams proceed,

In the toss of fate, in the play,

Luck lights our way.

Horseshoes, Clovers, and Dreams

Verse 1:

Horseshoes hung, clovers four,

Dreams knocking on destiny's door,

With every wish, every glance,

We step into luck's dance.

Verse 2:

Rainbows end, pots of gold,

Tales of fortune, ages old,

In every hue, every beam,

Luck weaves a dream.


Horseshoes, clovers, and dreams so bright,

In the realm of luck, we take flight,

Through trials and treasured seams,

With luck, life gleams.


Golden moments, silver chances,

With every twist, life advances,

Under lucky stars, moonlit beams,

We chase our dreams.

Verse 3:

In the dance of fate and glee,

With open hearts, we're set free,

With every clover, every theme,

Luck's magic, supreme.

Stars Aligning, Fate’s Design

Verse 1:

Gazing skyward, constellations bright,

In the canvas of night, dreams alight,

Every star, a beacon of chance,

Guiding us through luck's dance.

Verse 2:

Cosmic wonders, galaxies far,

Luck written in every star,

With every twinkle, every sign,

Fate and chance intertwine.


Stars aligning, fate’s design,

In the vast cosmos, luck does shine,

Through dark and luminous incline,

By starry luck, we're fine.


Comets passing, wishes cast,

In the vastness, dreams vast,

With every meteor, every line,

Luck’s tales define.

Verse 3:

Galactic dances, celestial play,

With stars guiding, we find our way,

In the universe’s vast design,

Luck and love align.

Wishes upon a Lucky Star

Verse 1:

Night descends, a canvas deep,

Wishes whispered, dreams to keep,

Upon a star, hopes are cast,

In luck's embrace, vast.

Verse 2:

Silent night, wishes bright,

In the realm of starry light,

With every dream, near and far,

Luck shines, a guiding star.


Wishes upon a lucky star,

Carrying dreams, near and far,

Through night's serene bazaar,

By starry luck, we spar.


Galaxies spin, dreams begin,

In the cosmic dance, we're in,

With every shimmer, every scar,

Luck's tales, avatar.

Verse 3:

Starry nights, dreams take flight,

In the embrace of luck’s light,

With every pulse, every spar,

Destiny's lucky star.

Footprints of Fortune

Verse 1:

Sands of time, shifting, flowing,

Footprints of fortune, ever-growing,

With every step, every mark,

Luck lights the dark.

Verse 2:

Desert vast, oasis near,

In the dance of luck, we steer,

With every grain, every arc,

Fortune leaves its mark.


Footprints of fortune, life's dance,

Guiding us, by chance or stance,

Through desert's song, dune's lark,

In luck’s embrace, we embark.


Golden sands, dunes that sway,

In the rhythm of luck, we play,

With every gust, every spark,

Destiny’s landmark.

Verse 3:

Tracks in time, fate’s design,

With luck, our stars align,

Through shifting sands, paths embark,

Following luck’s hallmark.

PUBLISHED: Oct 19, 2023
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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