Goodnight Poems for Her: A Serenade of Dreams

Alex Green
As the day closes and the night unfolds, these poems are crafted to tenderly say goodnight to her, wrapping the evening in warmth and affection. Each piece is a gentle serenade to guide her into a peaceful slumber.
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Table of contents
Whispers to the Moonlight
Velvet Evening's Sigh
Gentle Into Night
Nocturne's Tender Hold
Stars Whisper Her Name
Moonflower Lullaby
Serenade of Stillness
Sailing in Dreams
The Quiet Sky
Goodnight Kiss to Her Soul

Whispers to the Moonlight

Softly as the night descends,
I send these whispers on the breeze,
Moonlit tendrils, love extends,
Goodnight, my dear, may dreams appease.


Stars are watching, ever bright,
Guarding you from dusk till dawn,
In their glow, you're wrapped so tight,
Slumber deep until the morn.


Crickets play their lullabies,
Nature's orchestra so clear,
Underneath the velvet skies,
Close your eyes, I'm always near.


As the owls in treetops perch,
Singing to the silken night,
I too serenade your search,
For dreams within the soft moonlight.


Goodnight, my love, in dreams take flight,
Amidst the seas of tranquil light,
Until the morning's gentle kiss,
Drift sweetly in nocturnal bliss.


Velvet Evening's Sigh

Fleeting whispers in the air,
Velvet evening's gentle sigh,
Love's embrace becomes our chair,
Goodnight, my love, in peace you'll lie.


Stars aglow with secret tales,
Silent wishes they receive,
As the night’s soft voice prevails,
In its calming web, we weave.


Crescent moon a watchful eye,
Casting down a silver sheen,
With every slow and deepened sigh,
You wander into dreams unseen.


Rest your head on pillows deep,
Let your weary thoughts unfurl,
Through the night, my love will keep,
Watching over you, my girl.


So goodnight until the light,
Creeps upon the morning’s door,
In your dreams, I'll hold you tight,
Until the night is no more.


Gentle Into Night

The world now whispers soft and slow,
It's time to rest, my dear, let go,
Surrender to the night's embrace,
Where stars reflect your radiant face.


The lullaby of evening's tide,
Carries you on a tranquil ride,
To lands where only dreams may roam,
And you, in sleep, find your way home.


Cool the sheets where you will lay,
Night's cool kiss ends the vibrant day,
Every sigh a note in time,
In night's sweet symphony, sublime.


Rest you now, my love, and find,
Solace in the silence, kind,
I'll meet you where the dreamers go,
Goodnight—into the dark, you glow.


Close your eyes, release your fears,
I’ll whisper love that only you hears,
Until the morn’s new anthem starts,
Goodnight—held close in heart to heart.


Nocturne's Tender Hold

In our room the shadows play,
As daylight bows and slips away,
Nocturne's hand extends to you,
To cradle dreams and tuck you through.


Just a whisper in the gloam,
Softly saying, "You're not alone,"
My words, a blanket over fears,
Goodnight, my love, dry those tears.


Tendrils of the night enfold,
Cocooning you in silken hold,
Sleep's caress, gentle and kind,
Carrying you on wings of mind.


There, upon the brink of sleep,
Where thoughts and fantasy will creep,
I send a kiss both warm and light,
To bless you, love, and say goodnight.


Drift away, let day resign,
In sleep's embrace, your hand in mine,
Till sunrise paints the sky anew,
Goodnight, my dear, I'm here with you.


Stars Whisper Her Name

In this silent room, I feel your calm,
A soothing rhythm, a nighttime psalm,
Stars outside spell your sweet name,
Goodnight to you, their lights proclaim.


Eve's cool blanket drapes the earth,
Heralding dreams of quiet mirth,
While the moon outside does gleam,
It sends you off to peaceful dreams.


Close your eyes, my heart's delight,
Let me be your last goodnight,
As the night sky's canvas claims,
Endless wonder that never wanes.


Let the night's soft whispers weave,
Through your dreams, so you perceive,
Love that in the starlight beams,
Cradling you in sleep's soft streams.


Goodnight, my dear, let slumber fall,
In dreams, my voice will gently call,
Until dawn's first tender flame,
Brings forth the sun, and day, the same.


Moonflower Lullaby

Moonflower blooms beneath the stars,
Casting scents across night's bars,
A lullaby in fragrant forms,
Goodnight to you as silence warms.


Every petal, gentle hush,
In the quiet, a tranquil crush,
Night, a symphony so true,
Harmonising just for you.


Sleep invites with tender hand,
Guiding you to slumber's land,
There amidst the dusk, you'll find,
Trails of dreams that softly bind.


Moon's soft glow adorns your bed,
With silver tales that haven't said,
Rest now, in its gentle sight,
The world whispers your goodnight.


So drift, my love, to sleep's gentle sway,
In dreams where we can dance and play,
Till morn recalls the light of day,
Goodnight, my love, in stars we'll stay.


Serenade of Stillness

When the world has calmed its pace,
In this room, our heart's embrace,
I watch the stillness claim the air,
Goodnight, my love, to you so fair.


Silence wraps its quiet arms,
Around your sleep, a siren's charms,
Distilled in dreams, you softly lie,
Beneath a tranquil, ink-blue sky.


Within the hush, I find you there,
Lost in sleep, without a care,
My goodnight a kiss from far,
Gently landing like a star.


Our breaths align, a silent song,
In this space where you belong,
The night's caress, your soul's delight,
Whispered softly, “Sweet goodnight.”


Until dawn's blush on horizon's line,
In this quiet, your hand in mine,
Sleep well, my dear, embrace the night,
Till morning brings its gentle light.


Sailing in Dreams

Upon the ocean of the night,
Sailing towards the morning light,
Stars as beacons, gently gleaming,
Goodnight, my dear, in dreams be teeming.


Waft on breezes, silk and smooth,
Let the lunar sailboat soothe,
Drifting 'mongst celestial themes,
Navigating streams of dreams.


Rocked by waves of lullabies,
Curtained by the darkened skies,
Do not fear the night's expanse,
In sleep, my dear, you'll dance the dance.


In the quiet, realms await,
Where dreams are spun and hearts relate,
Kiss the day a soft goodbye,
In the night sea, you and I.


Goodnight, and let the sail unfurl,
Upon dream waves, let's gently twirl,
'Til dawn's first ray casts its gleam,
Goodnight, my love, enjoy your dream.


The Quiet Sky

Amidst the silence of the falling night,
When shadows whisper and take their flight,
There's a solace in the sky so high,
Goodnight, my love, beneath the quiet sky.


Darkness drapes its calming shroud,
Over hills, so soft, it's almost loud,
Within this night, our love does lie,
Beneath the watchful, quiet sky.


Rest your head, and let dreams cascade,
In twilight's tender, velvet shade,
The celestial bodies gently vie,
To sing you a goodnight lullaby.


Close your eyes, my cherished dear,
Let go your worries, release your fear,
To the night, my love, you fitly tie,
Underneath the vast, quiet sky.


Goodnight, love, till morning's nigh,
Slumber now as stars stand by,
In dreams, on love's wings, you'll fly,
Goodnight, my love, beneath the quiet sky.


Goodnight Kiss to Her Soul

A kiss upon your forehead placed,
In the stillness, time erased,
One more moment to extol,
Goodnight kiss to her very soul.


Shadows lengthen, whispering fair,
Dancing lightly through the air,
Around you, let the quiet roll,
Sealing the goodnight to your soul.


Dreams eagerly wait in line,
To take your hand and intertwine,
Leading you to your dream’s goal,
As the goodnight greets your whole.


With this night, may peace enrobe,
Wrap you in its cozy globe,
And in warmth, may you enroll,
With my goodnight kiss to your soul.


So slumber now without control,
Let the night take on its role,
Until dawn peeks through a knoll,
Sleep sweet, my love, goodnight your soul.


PUBLISHED: Mar 04, 2024
Written By
Alex Green
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