Son Poems

Alex Green

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Exploring the profound bond between fathers and sons, these poems delve into the shared experiences, growth, and lessons that define this timeless relationship. Each piece captures the essence of paternal love and the journey of a son's life.
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Table of contents
Son of the Morning
Lessons in His Eyes
Voyage of Prodigy
Quiet Temples
The Mirror's Edge
Guidance in Shadow
Growing Pains
Of Kites and Freedom
Uncharted Stars
Harvest of Heart

Son of the Morning

The dawn alights upon his hair
A son awakes to world's embrace
New hopes and dreams in freshened air
His life, a canvas, clean and bare


In fields of play, he makes his mark
Running, laughing, full of spark
The sun chases shadows stark
In his light, life's not dark


His questions shape the evening sky
"Why is this?" and "How? And When?"
Each answer a parental tie
Forms the bond 'tween now and then


Through storms he grows, a sturdy oak
Roots grasping earth, in tempests' soak
A father's hand, a mother's cloak
Protects as life's tides invoke


My son, the morn shall carry forth
Your dreams, like ships, will find their north
And when you gaze upon the stars
Remember home is where the heart's


Lessons in His Eyes

Each day a page, his life unfolds
Curiosity in his gaze holds
Lessons learned in the eyes of youth
Transformed in time to wisdom's truth


From first steps to falls he braved
In ocean tides, his laughter waved
A boy tentatively explores
Worlds beyond our open doors


A story told on father's knee
A universe of fantasy
A dragon slain, a castle freed
In stories planted, life's small seed


In time he'll chart his own path
For now, he basks in aftermath
Of games played 'neath the setting sun
The world is vast, his journey, one


Father to son, the wisdoms pass
Like shadows in the looking glass
And in his eyes, the gleam I see
A brighter future sculpted free


Voyage of Prodigy

With ink of stars and dreams so vast
The son sketches his first cast
A voyage charted for the deep
Awake his soul, no more to sleep


Each chapter scribed on heart’s own leaf
Arcs of joy and tides of grief
Countless tales of daring plays
And quiet acts that ne'er amaze


As seeds to blossoms open wide
Ambitions swirl like ocean tide
Each goal set on horizon's lip
Navigates his fated ship


A father's hand upon the stern
Steers not, but helps the son to learn
The courage found in letting go
To trust the winds that fate does blow


The stars, his guides, this night confess,
Each point of light, a soft caress
Of dreams once dreamt in cradle's sway
Now sail the son on outward bay


Quiet Temples

In quiet temples, whispers flow
A son’s reverence, soft and low
Bound by blood yet free in soul
Seeks his place, his role, his goal


Rows of wisdom stand in time
Ancestral echoes in his mind
I watch in awe as he grows
A seeker of the truths he chose


Lineage of thought and dream
A future built on past's regime
In every word a father spake
A son’s foundation firm to make


Prayers for peace, for strength, for grace
A son's ambitions thus embrace
Silent vigils, heart to heart
In temples, where the journeys start


And in his stride, the silent plea
“Remember, son, to honor thee”
For in your march towards the light
Lies the love that holds you tight


The Mirror's Edge

Within the mirror’s honest pane
A son’s reflection speaks again
Mimics moves and echoes speech
A life ahead, within his reach


I trace the lines around his eyes
Echoes of laughs, the soul's bright spies
A young man now, where a boy once stood
Carving his way through time's great wood


As seasons change, and years unbind
His character, the fondest kind
Remarkable in ordinary days
As he matures, as he sways


A father's pride, unspoken still
In every triumph, every spill
For in this youth, I see so clear
A part of me, in him, draws near


The mirror's edge, a fine, thin line
Between his world and what was mine
My son, may you embrace the view
Of the boundless life that waits for you


Guidance in Shadow

His shadow stretches down the lane
Each evening, growing with the wane
A son’s stature cast in dark
Beside the elder's silhouette mark


A silent mentorship is taught
In every quiet walk we've walked
The setting sun, our muted guide
As shadows blend side by side


Conversations without a word
In dusk's soft light, the lines get blurred
His future in this twilight gleams
Father and son share silent dreams


Yet not eclipsed by my own shade
His brightness, never to evade
For he's to shine in time's own right
A shadow proving future bright


Though one day, paths may part
Son, you'll forever hold my heart
No shadow there can ever dull
The love within, forever full


Growing Pains

A son’s struggle with the bound
Of childhood's laughter, once so sound
Pushes, pulls, in growing pain
A world expanding, much to gain


Bruised knees are trophies of his play
Emblems of life, day by day
With every fall, a lesson learned
In every scar, his strength confirmed


The adolescent storm does rage
A passage writ on life's own page
Father stands by, a quiet host
Guiding through what matters most


In his rebellion, I find peace
For with each test, he'll find release
And through these pains, he will transform
Beneath the chaos, life's true norm


Growth is fraught with tender ache
But love endures for his own sake
A son's journey through each strain
Ensures the man he will attain


Of Kites and Freedom

A son with kite in hand does stand
On verge of flight, on brink of land
His gaze aloft, the string does guide
As up above, the winds confide


He learns to run against the gale
To free his joy without a veil
Unbounded, soaring in the sky
Beside the birds, his kite does fly


A father’s voice, carried in cheer
Encouraging, dispelling fear
"Fly high, my boy, embrace the breeze"
Between the clouds, find your ease


A cord connects, but not to bind
Its purpose: strength and trust defined
With each gust, the kite's ascent
Teaches freedom with consent


One day the string may come undone
My son, his course around the sun
But in this flight, I've watched him grow
A man prepared to face the flow


Uncharted Stars

My son, asleep beneath the moon
Dreams of galaxies, far and soon
New worlds painted in his mind’s art
Uncharted stars, with him at heart


In gentle rest, his breath does heave
Cosmic tales, his mind does weave
An astronaut in slumber’s space
The universe, his own to trace


I tuck him in, his journey vast
Knowing these dreams may one day last
To take him where I'll not embark
Guided by inner light that's stark


A father's wish is but a stream
Feeding into his wider dream
For him to soar among the sky,
In realms where wishes don’t wave goodbye


In sleep, a whisper to the night
Take care, my son, in your grand flight
Among those stars, find your own place
Within the cosmos, your own space


Harvest of Heart

The field of youth, a son must tend
Where seeds of character we send
Those gentle plants, they tend to grow
In warmth of heart and soul’s soft glow


Each sunrise tells of toil anew
Harvest of heart, of feelings true
A father watches o'er the sown
As son makes each furrow known


Amongst the rows, a patience learned
For every season, his own turned
With care, the virtues start to sprout
In youthful soil, love casts no doubt


Cycles pass, the growth rings spread
In timeworn tales and truths we've fed
A son's crop, his essence yearned
By what he reaps, his living earned


And when the time does come to reap
We'll glance, reminisce, and sometimes weep
For in the bounty, once we part
Remains the yield from his own heart


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Alex Green
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