Beautiful Poems for Sister

Zoe Monroe

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Sisterhood embodies a bond that transcends time and space, weaving through the laughter and tears of life. These poems delve into the profound connection between sisters, capturing moments of joy and sorrow that can move one to tears.
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Table of contents
Sisters of the Heart
The Silent Goodbye
Eulogy in the Rain
The Laughter We Buried
Dandelion Wishes
For Every Season
Woven Souls
The Final Chapter
Castles in the Sand
The Bridge of Yesterday

Sisters of the Heart

Two mirrors facing, smiles smeared by tears,
A bond unspoken, throughout the years,
In laughter's echo, sorrow hides,
Sister to sister, where love abides.


Childhood secrets, whispered past midnight,
Shared dreams take flight on the wings of twilight,
Hand in hand through storms they stride,
An unwavering fortress, side by side.


Pinkie swears turned to solemn vows,
A canopy of trust, beneath life's boughs,
Sorrows halved and joys doubled,
In sisterhood, their spirits untroubled.


Through the looking glass of passing years,
One's joy reflected, the other's fears,
Each tear that falls, the other catches,
In the tapestry of time, their bond, unmatched.


Even as the twilight claims the sky,
And memories wane like a lullaby,
The sister’s love will forever vie,
A poignant tale, that makes one cry.


The Silent Goodbye

Stern silence grips the room so tight,
A sister's illness steals the light,
Fragile breaths and whispered prayer,
Fading presence, almost rare.


Each visit less of her to see,
A cruel reduction of the glee,
Once radiant faces, now so gray,
Life's cruel game, they're forced to play.


The gentle grip of holding hands,
As life slips away like fleeing sands,
A muffled sob, the hardest strife,
The dying ember of a life.


The farewell, silent, without a word,
A scream within, never to be heard,
Sisters entwined by memories shared,
In her eyes, the fear she's scared.


When the final breath does part,
It rips a seam through the heart,
Goodbyes unsaid, tears imply,
A sister's love, that makes us cry.


Eulogy in the Rain

Whispered eulogies beneath the rain,
Siblings gathered in shared pain,
A somber sky cries for the departed,
Leaving the sister, heavy-hearted.


Words of love, to the heavens we raise,
For the sister lost, in life's cruel maze,
Each raindrop a memory, a moment’s treasure,
A downpour of grief beyond measure.


Stones glisten with Heaven’s weep,
While beneath them, a loved one sleeps,
Life’s cruel theft, so stark and grim,
Leaves ragged souls on the sorrow’s brim.


A single rose upon the ground,
Where echoes of laughter once were found,
Silent prayers, the heart's own sigh,
A loss profound, beneath the sky.


Yet know the rain will cease to cry,
And sorrow’s clouds shall clear the sky,
Sisters in spirit, eternally nigh,
In each other’s hearts, they never die.


The Laughter We Buried

Once we laughed until we cried,
Shared every secret, nothing to hide,
Now I sit alone, reminiscing,
Our laughter gone, your voice I’m missing.


Ringing giggles turned to echo,
Sorrow's weight, an ever-present shadow,
Gone the days of carefree games,
Left are candles and whispered names.


The world grew dimmer on the day,
When the angels took you far away,
And though your laughter I hold dear,
In its silence, I drown in my own tear.


Your picture stands, a frozen smile,
A reminder of life's fleeting while,
In that frame, we are forever young,
Words unspoken cling to my tongue.


Yet, in dreams, we dance and jest,
In nighttime's solace, I find my rest,
Until light calls me back to day,
And the laughter we buried slips away.


Dandelion Wishes

When dandelions graced our summer lawn,
I made a wish, now you are gone,
The seeds dispersed like fleeting years,
Their flight a symbol of my tears.


You left too soon, my heart in shards,
Life without you forever marred,
In whispered wind, I hear your song,
Within my soul, where you belong.


Your essence lingers in every room,
Your laughter echoes, dispelling gloom,
Yet in the quiet, your absence cries,
In every corner where shadow lies.


I wander through our memories’ aisle,
Seeking solace in your lingering smile,
With every bloom that finds the light,
I feel your warmth, hold me tight.


For now I see, though you did depart,
You reside in the alcove of my heart,
Dandelion wishes, sisters never die,
One day we'll meet, in the sky so high.


For Every Season

Springs came and went, sisters playing,
Summers we spent, ambitions weighing,
Falls of laughter, winter's call,
Seasons change, and leaves do fall.


We aged like trees, roots intertwined,
Branches reaching, to the sun inclined,
Rejoicing in rain, enduring frost,
In every season, something lost.


One day you withered, before the winter's end,
My soul’s companion, my dearest friend,
My spring now silent, my summer's plea,
I search for you in every tree.


Autumn's chill brings memories fresh,
Of your struggle, life's enmesh,
Snow now blankets your eternal bed,
Underneath the earth, where you rest your head.


For every season, now I cry,
Beneath the vast, unfeeling sky,
Yet with each teardrop, I begin to see,
You blossom, everlastingly, within me.


Woven Souls

From threads of youth our souls were spun,
Woven tightly, two became one,
A tapestry rich with love's own hue,
My life entwined so close to you.


Patterned laughter in our weave,
Golden moments we'd conceive,
But fate snipped your thread too soon,
Leaving gaps in life’s loom.


I clutch the remnants of our days,
Tracing patterns through the haze,
In every fiber, I feel your touch,
Your absence now weighs just as much.


Your vibrant colors, once so bright,
Now faded in the waning light,
Yet even as the colors blight,
Our woven love holds ever tight.


In every stitch, your story lies,
In every tear, my spirit cries,
Though separated, our souls converse,
In love's eternal, boundless verse.


The Final Chapter

Words unspoken, tales untold,
A sister's story, never to unfold,
Pages turning in the silent night,
Your final chapter, never in sight.


Books lay open, your laugh unheard,
A narrative broken, a vision blurred,
Verses of joy now edged with pain,
A plot undone, purpose vain.


The bookmark rests where you left off,
Mid-sentence, a cough, a scoff,
I read aloud, as if to share,
Hoping my words reach you somewhere.


The library's vast but you're not there,
Echoes of you hang in the air,
A life's anthology, so incomplete,
In every line, our hearts still meet.


Your epilogue, written in the stars,
Beyond the moon, past Mars,
Sisters' tales, in the sky they chart,
A shared novel in each broken heart.


Castles in the Sand

We built our castles in the sand,
With dreams so large and plans so grand,
The tides came in, our spires fell,
Swept away by life's cruel swell.


Hand in hand we faced the sea,
Challenging its vast decree,
But you were taken by the wave,
Leaving me alone and so brave.


I stand before the relentless tide,
Without you here, by my side,
Now every castle that I shape,
Bears your outline in its escape.


Each grain of sand, a memory pressed,
Against my footprints, where you once rested,
Horizons blend the sea and sky,
In their vastness, I hear your sigh.


The beach now holds a sacred space,
Where once we ran with lively pace,
Amongst these castles, I feel nigh,
Tender memories of you, making me cry.


The Bridge of Yesterday

Across the bridge of yesterday,
We'd run and laugh and endlessly play,
Our sisterhood a sacred vow,
A past so distant from me now.


Your footsteps echo in the void,
A presence lost, a world devoid,
That bridge now old, with time's decay,
Holds tales of you that won't dismay.


Beneath its arch, the waters flow,
Carrying whispers of you, to and fro,
Yet still I cross, in search, in plea,
Hoping once more, your face to see.


I wander back to our childhood realm,
Where you were queen, with a gentle helm,
Guiding me through our innocence,
Now just a shadow, just a sense.


A bridge of memories, strong and clear,
Bearing grief too much to bear,
Yet in my tears, your reflection I spy,
A bond not broken, even when I cry.


PUBLISHED: Mar 05, 2024
Written By
Zoe Monroe
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