Good Morning Poems for Him: Awakening Love at Dawn

Aretha Johnson
As the morning sun heralds the start of a new day, these poems offer tender words to awaken and inspire the one you love. Each verse is a gentle nudge to rise and embrace the day together.
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Table of contents
Morning Embrace
Silent Serenade
Coffee Kisses
Dawn's Gentle Whisper
Daybreak's Serenity
Amber Awakening
Quiet Hues of Dawn
Lover's Sunrise
Morning's Tender Call
Whispering Dawn

Morning Embrace

Dawn's fingers reach with gentle light,
Stirring shadows of the passing night,
Your slumbered breath, a whispered lure,
To a day promising, fresh and pure.


The sun climbs shy, a blushing climb,
Shy as you when time was but a rhyme,
Warmth spills upon your resting face,
Within your arms, the world finds grace.


Coffee whispers in the kettle's steam,
Like distant echoes of a waking dream,
The scent entwines in morning's gleam,
In whispers where our futures seem.


The day awaits outside our door,
A canvas spread for us to pour,
Colors of love, joy to implore,
To paint today with love’s galore.


Rise, my love, embrace the light,
In every morn, there's a delight,
Together as one, we'll face the height,
Good morning, my dear, my heart's outright.


Silent Serenade

Hush! the dawn plays a quiet tune,
Silver notes cast by the sleepy moon,
I watch you breathe, your chest in rise,
Your peace, the song of morning skies.


Softly does the day begin to stir,
Gentle as the caress I gift to your hair,
Each strand, a verse in the ode I recite,
To wake you sweet, my day’s first light.


Orange hues now edge the dawn,
Welcoming you to stretch and yawn,
New dreams to chase as you awaken,
In every morn, be not forsaken.


My fingertips trace lines of sleep,
Contours of your face, a hillside steep,
Where I wander, lost in admiration,
In your eyes, find my day’s elation.


Good morning to the one I cherish,
In your love, I endlessly flourish,
For you are dawn’s most precious hue,
Awake, my love, the world awaits you.


Coffee Kisses

Steam ascends in swirling dance,
Morning heralds its advance,
I place a cup in your waiting hands,
An aromatic promise in these lands.


Awake, for the day greets us bold,
Its canvas yearning for stories untold,
With every sip, may you feel my charm,
In this quiet hour, there’s no cause for alarm.


Soft rays filter through our bind,
Casting patterns, shapes entwined,
Each one telling of love's design,
In this new morn, you are mine.


My lips brush yours with tender press,
A caffè kiss, I must confess,
Brings more warmth than the sun's caress,
In these shared moments, we access.


Good morning, my love, this day's anew,
Fresh as the coffee's morning dew,
Within its depths, my love does brew,
Rise and shine, to love stay true.


Dawn's Gentle Whisper

Whispers tread where roosters crow,
In the soft dawn, love's undertow,

With you beside, my heart’s aglow,
In morning's light, our feelings grow.



Let's greet the sun, its warmth foretell,
The stories night will never sell,
In your arms, I'm under a silent spell,
Where love speaks volumes, a tale to quell.


The world awakens, subtle and mild,
The promise of day, fresh and wild,
With your slow smile, harmoniously styled,
My heart follows swiftly, quite beguiled.


Daybreak shines upon your cheeks, a kiss,
My darling, it’s moments like this,
We entangle in a silent bliss,
Within a morning's gentle abyss.


Rise with me, my morning muse,
This day's a gift we cannot refuse,
Good morning, my love, let's not snooze,
For in your eyes, the world renews.


Daybreak's Serenity

Daybreak ignites the far-off hills,
In silent hues, the earth refills,
With every blush upon the sky,
Another chance for you and I.


The early breeze, a sacred vow,
Kisses your lips, your furrowed brow,
Awakening dreams not lost, but kept,
In night's embrace, where you have slept.


Linger not in night's embrace,
To morning's charm, ascend with grace,
All quiet whispers through the pane,
Call forth the sun, let night wane.


Your heartbeat is the rhythm sure,
That pulses morning’s allure,
Your opening eyes, my sunrise cure,
Within them, love is ever pure.


Good morning to the heart I claim,
Each dawn with you is never the same,
In every light, your name I proclaim,
For with your love, life is a gentle flame.


Amber Awakening

Amber rays stretch, yawning wide,
Seeking you in the morning tide,
To warm the sheets where dreams reside,
A gentle glow, in you, I confide.


A silent stretch, a sleepy groan,
In every gesture, love has grown,
From the night's cocoon, we both have flown,
To greet the day that’s freshly sown.


Your smile, the crest of dawn's own wave,
A treasure, every morning, I save,
Beside you, I'm strong, no longer grave,
In your gaze, my heart is brave.


Wake, my love, let's not delay,
Each second precious, in love's bouquet,
Together, we'll watch the night decay,
In your presence, all my fears allay.


Greet the morning, its subtle call,
Another chapter in love’s protocol,
Good morning, my love, through rise and fall,
In every sunrise, you're my all.


Quiet Hues of Dawn

Quiet hues of dawn paint your face,
Softest light in love's embrace,
Gazing upon your resting pace,
My morning refuge, my secret place.


In the stillness, our breaths align,
Gentle rhythms that intertwine,
I trace the contours that define,
This love of ours, endlessly fine.


Good morning whispers from lips to ear,
A tender melody for you to hear,
A daily ode, sincere and clear,
With each new dawn, I hold you near.


The world awakes, yet here we lie,
Beneath the awakening of the sky,
With you, time sweetly passes by,
In morning's grace, we unify.


Wake, my heart, to light's soft kiss,
In this serenity, find our bliss,
Good morning starts with moments like this,
Embraced in dawn's ephemeral mist.


Lover's Sunrise

The curtain lifts on the stage of day,
Where first light scripts our lovers' play,
Your eyes flutter open, chasing night away,
To you, the world's bright bouquet.


My heart, a drum, beats strong and sure,
With every dawning, love's allure,
In waking moments, our love matures,
Good morning to us, ever pure.


Your yawn, a symphony of new beginnings,
In every note, our love is spinning,
With every breath, I catch you grinning,
A flawless day, together, winning.


The sun’s embrace in your gaze reflects,
No greater beauty the world expects,
In your smile, my day is set,
With you, each dawn, my place is kept.


Good morning, my love, rise and shine,
Embrace the day, forever mine,
In every sunrise, our hearts entwine,
Together savoring the divine.


Morning's Tender Call

Morning's tender call echoes deep,
From dream to day, we gently leap,
Your warmth beside me, a treasure to keep,
In the promise of daylight, love takes its sweep.


The hushed world stirs, it does not rush,
New horizons in gentle hush,
Your eyes—my dawn, my heart's flush,
In love's soft light, the world awash.


Beyond the window, life awaits,
A symphony of opening gates,
With every sunrise that elates,
Our bond, it further conjugates.


Stir from your slumber, my steadfast oak,
Arise to morning's soft stroke,
Within you, my love awoke,
In dawn's embrace, we both soak.


Good morning, my soul, my tether,
In life's storms, our love's weather,
Through changing skies, like a feather,
We'll drift in dawn's light together.


Whispering Dawn

In the quiet calm of breaking light,
Before the world stirs from the night,
Your slumbering form lies soft and tight,
Beneath the whispers of dawn's first flight.


The subtle songs of morning rise,
As sunbeams find your closed eyes,
My heart swells with no disguise,
Embracing daybreak's sweet reprise.


Cool sheets tell tales of ember's glow,
Entwined in dreams only we know,
Good morning, my love, let our love show,
In each day’s rhythm, steady and slow.


The moment still, our time alone,
Before the day claims its throne,
In your arms, my haven shown,
In morning's hush, our seed is sown.


Rise to the day with soft delight,
In my gaze, find your first sight,
Good morning, my heart, my knight,
Together we bloom in the day's fresh light.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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