Love Poems for Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Cry

Aretha Johnson
So, love's complicated, right? But that's what makes it so raw and beautiful. I've written down some love poems that are close to my heart, and I hope they speak to you too. Whether you're in love, searching for it, or just love the idea of love, there's something here for you. Enjoy the read and feel the vibe! ❤️🎶
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Table of contents
Whispers in the Rain
Love's Forgotten Lyrics
Between the Lines
Love's Uncharted Territory
Echoes of a Heartbeat
Stargazing Love
Tangled in Melody
The Autumn of Our Love
Timeless Affection
Inferno of Affection

 Whispers in the Rain

Love ain't quiet, but it ain't loud,  

Lost in the crowd, yet easily found.  

Like whispers in the rain, we're free,  

Love's silent melody, just you and me.  

You're the thunder in my cloudy sky,  

A sweet lullaby, where dreams don't die.  

Beneath this umbrella, we find our place,  

Love's fleeting grace, in a simple embrace.  

Raindrops roll, yet we remain,  

Unchanged by the storm, love's quiet domain.  

Our whispers mix with the pitter-patter,  

In love, only we matter.  

When skies clear, and rain's at bay,  

What's left to say, when clouds fade away?  

Love's whispers linger, a secret kept,  

Where dreams have slept and tears were wept.  

In the end, we're more than rain,  

More than pain, more than gain.  

Love's whispers eternal, a song anew,  

Everlasting, like morning dew.  

 Love's Forgotten Lyrics

In the mixtape of my life, you're track one,  

A song unsung, yet brighter than the sun.  

We're a tune others might not understand,  

A secret band, in love's shifting sand.  

You're the lyrics I forgot, but always knew,  

The melodic view, in a world askew.  

When the radio plays another sad love song,  

In your arms, I belong.  

Life can be an untuned guitar,  

A falling star, yet here we are.  

You make sense of forgotten chords,  

In your words, I find my rewards.  

Maybe we're a B-side, not easily found,  

Yet love's compound, in the sound.  

You're the lyrics I'll never forget,  

A love vignette, no regret.  

And when the needle lifts, and the music ends,  

We're not just trends or seasonal friends.  

You're the song that stays in my head,  

In love's vast spread, enough said.  

 Between the Lines

You're not just another word on my page,  

You're the sage in my youthful age.  

Like ink that flows yet never smears,  

You're the years in my universe of tears.  

They say love's a book yet to be read,  

But instead, you're the words I've always said.  

We're a tale spun in a cozy nook,  

Love's overlooked, yet timeless book.  

Between the lines, our love resides,  

On joyrides, where truth abides.  

You're the plot twist I didn't see,  

Yet eternally, you complete me.  

In our love story, we're both the lead,  

We're the seed, and love's our creed.  

You're the climax in my narrative,  

Where love lives, and we're declarative.  

So let's write our sequel, me and you,  

Something true, in shades of blue.  

Between the lines, love defined,  

You and I, eternally signed.  

 Love's Uncharted Territory

We're the explorers of our own domain,  

Love's terrain, where we can't feign.  

Like pioneers on an open field,  

We yield to love, forever sealed.  

You're the map I didn't know I needed,  

Unheeded, yet where love succeeded.  

When we get lost, that's when we find,  

Love's kind, and we're intertwined.  

We discover places in each other,  

Like no other, love's secret druther.  

You're the adventure I'll always choose,  

Where we lose just to amuse.  

We'll pitch our tent in love's wide open,  

A token of words yet unspoken.  

Under the stars, we make our claim,  

Love's flame, in an uncharted name.  

In the geography of you and me,  

We're free, love's territory.  

Through compass points and rising suns,  

Love runs, and we're the fortunate ones.  

Echoes of a Heartbeat

You're the rhythm in my restless soul,  

A love untold, worth more than gold.  

In a world that spins beyond control,  

You're the stroll that makes me whole.  

We dance to beats only we can hear,  

So near, yet bound by no frontier.  

You're the tempo in my life's song,  

Where we belong, and can't go wrong.  

In the chorus of our love's tale,  

We sail through life without fail.  

You're the refrain I can't escape,  

Love's landscape, with no red tape.  

Your love reverberates within my core,  

Evermore, it's you I truly adore.  

Echoes of a heartbeat, tender and sweet,  

In every meet, we're truly complete.  

We're the tune that won't fade away,  

By the bay or in the fray of life's ballet.  

Our love, a constant beat in time's fleet,  

Echoes sweet, in every feat, we're replete.  

Stargazing Love

In a night sky filled with endless gleam,  

You're the dream behind my starlit theme.  

Though constellations shift and fade,  

In your shade, my love's forever made.  

You're the North Star in my cosmic quest,  

In love's fest, you are simply the best.  

In the galaxy of life's complex sphere,  

You're near, and everything's clear.  

Amidst celestial bodies, you shine so bright,  

In the quiet of the night, you're my light.  

The universe may be vast and wide,  

But beside you, I'll forever reside.  

Through telescopes or naked eyes,  

Our love lies beyond earthly skies.  

You're the wonder I find in night's embrace,  

Love's space, in this timeless place.  

Though stars may dim and skies might fall,  

In love's thrall, you remain my all.  

In cosmic turns or earthly spins,  

Love begins and ends, with no wins or sins.  

 Tangled in Melody

Like lyrics tangled in a melody so sweet,  

Our love's feat is incredibly neat.  

We're the notes in a tune so pure,  

I'm sure, it's you I'll forever endure.  

Through verses high and bridges low,  

We grow in a love that continues to flow.  

You're the chord progression in my soul's tune,  

A love boon, under the silvery moon.  

In improvisations, we find our grace,  

Face to face, in love's endless chase.  

We may stray from the music sheet,  

Yet meet in a harmony that's complete.  

Your love's the refrain I can't forget,  

No regret, in this romantic duet.  

Like a song that breaks all the molds,  

Our love holds, in its gentle folds.  

In an album filled with diverse tracks,  

Love attracts and never looks back.  

You and I, tangled in life's sweet medley,  

In love's spree, forever ready.  

 The Autumn of Our Love

Like leaves that change but never die,  

You and I defy the autumn sky.  

In the cool breeze, I find your kiss,  

Love's bliss, in this seasonal abyss.  

You're the hue in my autumnal scene,  

In between the red and the green.  

In a world that quickly turns so cold,  

You're gold, my love story boldly told.  

As leaves fall, we rise above it all,  

A love sprawl, that heeds nature's call.  

In the harvest moon's gentle glow,  

We grow, as only true lovers know.  

You're the apple cider of my heart,  

A love art, from the very start.  

In the shortening days and lengthy nights,  

Love ignites, in all its autumnal rites.  

Though autumn turns to winter's fray,  

In love's play, you're my endless May.  

In every season or reason to come,  

Our love's sum, will never succumb.  

 Timeless Affection

Love's not confined by seconds or days,  

In countless ways, it forever stays.  

You're the hourglass of my existence,  

In every instance, you're my persistence.  

Minutes may flee and hours may wane,  

But love's terrain knows not of bane.  

In every tick and tock of life's great clock,  

Love's the rock that withstands the shock.  

Days turn to nights, and yet we find,  

Love's designed to be unlined.  

You're the midnight of my brightest day,  

In love's array, there's no disarray.  

Time may age us, give us wrinkles and lines,  

Yet love defines what no clock confines.  

In your arms, I find a timeless space,  

Love's embrace, that nothing can erase.  

Years may roll, yet love's our goal,  

A timeless scroll, written in the soul.  

You and I, a love story that knows no end,  

Forever penned, in each moment we spend.

Inferno of Affection

They say love's a fire, a consuming desire,  

A quagmire, where hearts aspire.  

Yet, you're the flame that never dies out,  

No doubt, you're what love's all about.  

We're a bonfire under a starlit night,  

A sight so right, in love's fervent light.  

You're the ember in my life's cold ash,  

Love's flash, in every clash and crash.  

In your heat, I find my solace,  

A love palace, where nothing's amiss.  

You're the hearth that warms my core,  

Evermore, it's you I deeply adore.  

Though fires may fade, you're the coal,  

The soul in my heart, love's eternal goal.  

Like a phoenix, love rises from each ember,  

To remember, in every glowing member.  

In the wildfire of life's complex plane,  

Love's domain, you're my eternal flame.  

Through scorching suns or freezing rain,  

Love remains, an endless burning chain.  

These should bring your collection to a full set of twelve poems. I hope they're what you were looking for!

PUBLISHED: Aug 31, 2023
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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