True Love Poems

Aretha Johnson

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True love is an endless wellspring of inspiration, a theme that poets have been exploring through the ages. These original poems delve into the depths of love's enduring bond, painting a vivid picture of its beauty and strength.
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Table of contents
Whispers of Eternity
Canvas of the Heart
Sonnet of Synchrony
Harbor of Hearts
A Melody of Two
Echoes of Passion
Garden of Devotion
Bridges of Embrace
Ode to the Lighthouse
Tapestry of Heartstrings

Whispers of Eternity

Two hearts aligned beneath the moon's soft glow
With whispers soft as summer's gentle breeze
In glances where truest affections show
They find a love as timeless as the seas


Through trials and tempests, their bond holds fast
The roots entwine with every passing day
In love's vast garden, their bloom shall last
A testament that true love finds a way


They speak in silence, needing not a word
Their touch a language all its own devising
In every beat, their unity is heard
A symphony with each heart synchronizing


Their laughter mingles, weaving through the air
A joyful echo of the love they share
As stars above bear witness, pure and fair
To every promise silently declared


True love, a flame that never shall expire
An ode composed by passion's finest choir
Through aging years and moments to aspire
They walk together, kindred souls afire


Canvas of the Heart

Upon this canvas, my love I impart
Stroke by tender stroke, the colors blend
Shades of affection, from deep in the heart
A masterpiece that time cannot transcend


Oceans of azure mirror your eyes
Horizons that beckon with open arms
Sunsets that capture our breath with their dyes
A portrait of grace with unfading charms


Vivid the hues of the memories made
Etched in the fabric of our shared existence
Gentle the brushstrokes of light and of shade
Creating a fusion with no resistance


The texture of whispers, soft as a feather
Details that dance in the warmth of your light
Held in the stillness, two souls together
Embraced by the day and cradled by night


Love is an artist, precise and profound
In you, a muse of pure beauty is found
Upon this canvas, where our souls are bound
In true love's gallery, our hearts resound


Sonnet of Synchrony

Entwined in synchrony, two spirits soar
Bound by a rhythm only they can hear
With every beat, they're yearning evermore
To hold the cadence of the one they hold dear


In each other's gaze, infinity lies
Mirroring the vastness of skies above
Love’s dance twirls them 'round, no need for disguise
In their whirl, they pirouette to the tune of love


Breaths weave together in a silent vow
Promises etched in the air they respire
Each moment a petal in time's endow
Blooming in a garden of sweet desire


Hands clasped in trust as they traverse the mire
A sonnet of unity they compose
In every obstacle they encounter
Their combined strength as one distinctly grows


Through life's crescendo and its subtle pianos
Their love's melody forever echoes
As they script their lives in tender manos
True love endures, the heart's endless frescoes


Harbor of Hearts

Safe in your harbor, my heart finds its peace
Sheltered from storms by the light in your eyes
Your love, an anchor, grants my soul its lease
A covenant written in starlit skies


Waves of your presence wash over my fears
Bringing solace to my once restless night
The sound of your voice, a serenade to my ears,
In the symphony of our shared delight


With every ebb, with every flowing tide
We drift into a lover's sweet embrace
Finding in each other a place to confide,
Our bond, a fortress no trial can erase


The promise of sunrise in your smile
Greets my days and warms my trials
Together we'll sail life's endless mile,
Guided by love's all-enduring wiles


As harbors withstand the ocean's rage,
So does our love, from stage to stage,
In the safety of our hearts' enclave,
Eternal in its loving gauge


A Melody of Two

Loving you is a tranquil melody,
Each note a whisper of the wind's caress
Harmonizing in silent reverie,
Our souls entwined in tender togetherness


Your laughter rings like chimes in the breeze,
Rippling through the chambers of my heart
An opus written with effortless ease,
In which you play the most vital part


Every sigh, a chord struck deep and pure,
Resonating with the sound of serenity
In your arms, I find my refuge sure,
The rhythm of our love's own identity


Different voices blend into one song,
Lyrics of devotion where we belong
Together singing away all wrong,
In life's great chorus, bold and strong


Let our duet soar on forevermore,
Through cacophonies and silent scores,
For true love's melody will endure,
A symphony that time only adores


Echoes of Passion

Whispers of passion, soft as the dawn,
Speak of a love that hides not in the shade;
An ardor upon which our dreams are drawn,
A bond that time's hand cannot degrade.


With every heartbeat echoes your name,
It rings through the chambers of my essence;
A fervent flame, no tempest can tame,
Alive with the glow of your presence.


The brush of your lips ignites the fire,
A tender touch that stirs the deepest yearn;
Our togetherness fuels the burning pyre,
In the heat of passion, we twist and turn.


Words are but shadows of our affection,
Mere echoes of our boundless connection;
Each gaze, each touch, a whispered confession,
Binding us in perpetual perfection.


In the silence, our spirits discourse,
Reverberating with unyielding force;
True love’s echo, an endless source,
A chorus that charts an infinite course.


Garden of Devotion

Deep in the garden of my soul you tread,
Planting seeds of love that bloom in the shade;
With gentle care, our devotion is fed,
In rich soil where promises are made.


Petals of trust, unfurling in the light,
Bathed in the hues of your unwavering gaze;
Through every season, through day and night,
Our love blossoms in myriad ways.


Roots intertwined beneath the verdant floor,
Anchored in depths that only we can feel;
Like mighty oaks, we'll weather evermore,
In the garden where our affections seal.


Your laughter, a fountain that never dries,
Waters the blooms with joyous surprise;
Each smile, a sun that never denies,
Warming the ground where our fond heart lies.


In this sacred grove, our love's respite,
Fruitful and fragrant in the lover's rite;
We'll grow in devotion, day and night,
In our eternal garden, so pure and bright.


Bridges of Embrace

With tender arches, our hearts expand,
Building bridges over streams of doubt; 
Hand in hand, together we stand,
In true love's architecture, strong and stout.


Each word a brick, each kiss a beam,
Spanning the chasms once thought wide;
Uniting dreams within a shared dream,
Our affections flow like an endless tide.


The footprints we leave upon these boards,
Tell stories of a love both free and bound;
Against life's torrents, we draw our swords,
Braving the surges where our faith is found.


In the spaces between us, there’s no trace,
For our embrace is love's abiding place;
In every timber, in every lace,
Lies the strength of our steadfast grace.


Together we'll cross life's vast expanse,
Through storms and sunsets, in joy or plight;
On bridges of embrace, with each advance,
True love upholds us, withstanding the night.


Ode to the Lighthouse

In the night, your love stands tall and firm,
A beacon of hope when waves begin to rise;
Guiding me through every storm and squirm,
Your luminous heart, my prize.


As a lighthouse stands against the gale,
So does your love resist the fickle tide;
A haven where my fears rest, pale,
In the glow of your unerring guide.


In the dark, your light spins 'round and 'round,
A brilliant dance that pierces through the black;
No tempest can quench what we have found,
With your beacon, there’s nothing we lack.


Your rays, a compass in unchartered seas,
Promise of a shore where my spirit eases;
Each luminescence, a vow that frees,
Amidst the chaos, your radiance never ceases.


True love, an ode to the lighthouse strong,
Withstands the torrents, however long;
Keeping the night from going wrong,
Your love, the melody to my soul's song.


Tapestry of Heartstrings

Our souls, two threads woven in time’s loom,
Intertwined tight in life’s intricate design;
In love’s rich tapestry, brightly they bloom,
A masterpiece where your colors meet mine.


In every weave, a story is told,
Knots of joy, of ardor, and of pain;
A fabric made from strands of pure gold,
In a pattern unique, without any stain.


With each pulse, the tapestry sways alive,
Heartstrings plucked by the fingers of fate;
Creating melodies that will survive,
Harmonies that no distance can abate.


Binding the fray with resilience and might,
Our love, the thread that holds against the tear;
A canvas broad as day, deep as night,
Emblazoned by devotion, beyond compare.


A tapestry spun from heartstrings true,
Where each passing year imbues a new hue;
In the gallery of time, our love's view,
An ever-growing tribute, forever anew.


PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2024
Written By
Aretha Johnson
Passionate storyteller and lyricist, I'm Aretha — capturing life's moments, one verse at a time. ✌️
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