Poems about Life and Death

Clara Hudson
Life is the melody; death, the echo that ensures it is never forgotten.
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Table of contents
The Voyage of Seasons
Whispers of the Cosmos
River of Existence
Canvas of Time
Song of the Seasons
The Dance of Duality

The Voyage of Seasons

In spring's embrace, the world awakes,

Blossoms bloom, as morning breaks.

Every petal, a story unfolds,

Of youth, of dreams, of tales untold.

By summer's glow, the world's aflame,

Heartbeats race, in love's sweet name.

Long days pass, in a golden haze,

In its warmth, we joyfully laze.

Autumn arrives with a rustling sound,

Golden leaves, carpeting the ground.

A dance of shadows, a song of sighs,

Time whispers softly, as daylight dies.

In winter's grasp, the world is still,

Snowflakes dance, atop the hill.

Beneath the cold, life's heartbeat slows,

Awaiting spring, as the cold wind blows.

Yet, within these cycles, a truth remains,

Life's journey is bound by invisible chains.

With every hello, there's a silent goodbye,

In every birth, a hint of the sky.

Death is not darkness, nor the end of the line,

But a transition, a shift in time.

Like winter to spring, it's a change we all face,

A new chapter, in the universe's embrace.

Embrace each moment, let not fear constrain,

For life is a journey, with both joy and pain.

Celebrate the seasons, for both life and death,

Are but chapters in the book, till our final breath.

Message: Life, in all its phases, is a continuous journey of transformation and renewal. Death is not an end but a transition, just as the seasons change.

Whispers of the Cosmos

Stars above, shimmer and gleam,

Telling tales, in a cosmic dream.

Every twinkle, a life begins,

Every fade, a tale that thins.

Galaxies dance, in a celestial ballet,

Timeless stories, in night and day.

Within the vastness, what do we see?

The pulse of existence, the soul set free.

Life's a flicker, in the cosmic scale,

A momentary gust, in a timeless gale.

Yet, in that flicker, worlds unfold,

Tales of valor, of love, retold.

Death, the silence in between the notes,

A passage, on which the universe dotes.

Neither an end, nor a final goodbye,

But a pause, a breath, a softened sigh.

Embrace the vastness, both far and near,

For in the cosmos, we face our fear.

The dance of birth, the still of death,

Are cosmic beats, in the universe's breath.

Seek the stars, when lost in the night,

For they guide us, with ancient light.

In the dance of time, life finds its tune,

Under the gaze, of the ever-watchful moon.

Message: Our existence is but a moment in the vast cosmic dance, and both life and death are integral to the universe's rhythm.

River of Existence

A river flows, from source to sea,

Through winding paths, it moves free.

Birth at the spring, where waters start,

The tender beats, of a young heart.

Through rapid streams, and calm strides,

Life's river carries, both lows and highs.

Every twist, every turn, a story makes,

Of love, of loss, of heartaches.

As waters merge, with the vast expanse,

Death arrives, in a gentle dance.

Not a termination, but a fusion profound,

With the great ocean, where all is found.

Rivers may vanish, but waters remain,

In the cycle of rain, of joy and pain.

Life and death, in nature's play,

One leads to another, in a seamless way.

Embrace the flow, the journey we're on,

For at its end, is a new dawn.

In the vast ocean, where rivers end,

New journeys, new tales, again ascend.

Message: Life, like a river, is a journey from birth to the vastness of death, where endings are but new beginnings in the eternal cycle.

Canvas of Time

Life paints colors, on the canvas vast,

Shades of the present, echoes of the past.

Every stroke, a memory, every hue,

Moments of joy, and tears anew.

The artist's hand, sometimes unsure,

Yet with every line, stories pure.

Bright days sketched in golden and blue,

Darker times in shades subdued.

Yet, as colors fade, and canvases wear,

The inevitability of end, we all share.

Death, the final touch, the artist's seal,

A closure, a calm, a quiet appeal.

But canvases may end, art does not,

In galleries of memory, they're sought.

Life and death, in this gallery stand,

Hand in hand, on time's shifting sand.

Message: Our lives are artworks, and while the canvas might come to an end, the art itself - our memories, stories, and impact - live on.

Song of the Seasons

With spring's melody, life starts its song,

Notes of hope, where dreams belong.

Every chirp, every bloom, in harmony,

The symphony of birth, in nature's spree.

Summer's chorus, rises high and strong,

A tune of vigor, where days are long.

Laughter and love, in every refrain,

A rhythm of growth, joy, and gain.

Autumn hums, a lullaby sweet,

Golden tones, where memories meet.

A gentle reminder, of time's swift pace,

A song of gratitude, and graceful grace.

Winter's silence, a pause, a rest,

A solemn note, in nature's bequest.

Yet, in the quiet, a promise is kept,

Of spring's return, after winter has slept.

Life and death, in this musical blend,

Start and end, a loop that won't end.

For every ending note, another begins,

In the eternal song, that nature sings.

Message: Life and death are continuous notes in the grand symphony of existence, and every end is a precursor to a new beginning.

The Dance of Duality

In life's grand ballroom, we start to dance,

With steps of hope, love, and chance.

Every twirl, every leap, shadows cast,

The dance of now, echoes of the past.

Yet, as the music plays, a partner awaits,

Death, in its grace, at the ballroom gates.

Not to halt, but to change the tune,

A waltz, a tango, under the moon.

Together they dance, life and demise,

A dance of duality, under the skies.

For one cannot be, without the other's embrace,

A rhythm, a balance, in time's vast space.

As the final note plays, and curtains descend,

The dance doesn't end, but takes a bend.

For in the encore, life finds its way,

To dance once more, in the light of day.

Message: Life and death are partners in the dance of existence. One gives meaning to the other, and their duality creates the rhythm of our journey.

PUBLISHED: Sep 20, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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