Poems about Time

Clara Hudson
My fondness for antiques makes me particularly sensitive to the passage of time. Enjoy.
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As I sit in my ancestral home, surrounded by antiques that have stood the test of time, I'm often reminded of the impermanence of moments and the permanence of memories. Inspired by an old grandfather clock that has been ticking away for generations in my family, this poem was born.

The Grandfather’s Tick

The tick and tock of time’s decree,

In my home, stands a sentinel tree.

A clock that’s seen centuries pass,

Moments fleeting, shadows cast.

Generations gone, stories told,

In its chimes, memories unfold.

Tick and tock, without a miss,

Time's dance, a fleeting kiss.

With every hour, it chimes anew,

Echoes of past, hints of future’s hue.

In its rhythm, life’s pace is known,

Moments born, memories sown.

A witness to joys, sorrows, and mirth,

A chronicle of our journey on this Earth.

For in its steady, unyielding track,

Time’s essence, it brings back.

Amid the moss-covered trees of Savannah, as seasons come and go, I'm often reminded of the cyclical nature of time. Drawing inspiration from the changing hues of nature, this poem emerged.

Cycles of the South

Golden summers, winters cool,

Time dances, never playing the fool.

With every turn, Savannah shows,

How time's river forever flows.

Autumn leaves, spring’s fresh bloom,

In time’s embrace, both find room.

Eras change, yet nature’s song remains,

Time’s gentle touch, its joy, its pains.

From cobblestone streets to endless seas,

Time’s dance is evident in every breeze.

Moments captured, memories spun,

Under the Savannah sun.

For in the heart of the South, time does show,

A rhythm, a pace, a gentle flow.

With every season, with every rhyme,

Witness the magic of time.

Walking through the historical districts of Savannah, I often find myself drifting back in time. Every corner holds a tale, every building a memory. This poem is a reflection of one such afternoon stroll.

Echoes on Cobblestones

Footsteps of the past, on streets so old,

Stories of love, courage, tales bold.

With every step, time’s voice I hear,

Whispers of yesteryears, drawing near.

Ancient homes, moss-draped trees,

In their silence, time’s mysteries.

Lovers' trysts, battles won and lost,

On these streets, time has cast.

Centuries merge, moments intertwine,

In Savannah’s heart, echoes of time.

From colonial days to modern spree,

Time’s tapestry, for all to see.

For in these alleys, time stands still,

Echoing tales of will and thrill.

Every brick, every stone does chime,

With the eternal song of time.

Surrounded by antiques, each holding a slice of history, I often ponder on the nature of time. How it moves, how it shapes, and how it leaves an indelible mark. On one such reflective evening, this poem found its way onto paper.

Antique Hours

In the curves of a chair, the design of a vase,

Time's touch, its gentle embrace.

A world gone by, a moment preserved,

In antiques, time’s essence is observed.

Elegance of eras, beauty so profound,

In every piece, time’s voice is found.

Whispers of craftsmen, lovers' sigh,

In antiques, moments never die.

From Victorian grace to Art Deco style,

Time’s journey, mile by mile.

In the gleam of silver, the hue of brass,

Echoes of time, from the looking glass.

For in my home, with treasures abound,

Time’s silent tales are found.

In every nook, every space,

Time leaves its gentle trace.

As the Southern sun casts long shadows, marking the passage of days and nights, I am reminded of the fleeting nature of moments. This poem, inspired by a sunset over the Savannah River, captures the essence of such reflections.

Savannah Sunsets

Golden hues, twilight's embrace,

Marks the end of time’s daily race.

Over the river, as the sun does sink,

I find a moment to pause and think.

Of days gone by, of nights to come,

Of time’s eternal, rhythmic hum.

With every sunset, a promise is made,

Of memories created, of moments that won't fade.

Shadows lengthen, the world turns gold,

In this spectacle, time’s tales are told.

From dawn to dusk, in every ray,

Time’s dance, in full display.

For as the sun sets, over the pier,

Time’s beauty becomes crystal clear.

In the heart of the South, with every twilight’s chime,

Witness the enchanting waltz of time.

One evening, as I gently polished the face of an old pocket watch passed down through the Hudson family, I was struck by the thought of countless hands that had once held it. The heartbeat of this antique timepiece gave birth to this piece.

Heartbeat of Yore

In my palm, a relic so small,

Yet its beats tell tales so tall.

An heirloom, a witness of days,

Echoes of laughter, love, and always.

Gentle ticks, memories they weave,

Of ancestors, and stories they leave.

Moments captured, eternally bound,

In the watch's rhythm, history is found.

From ballroom dances to quiet nights,

This timepiece has seen countless sights.

With every tick, a heartbeat of the past,

Echoing moments, forever to last.

For in this token, time does confide,

A legacy of love, family pride.

Holding it close, I feel the rhyme,

Of love, life, and timeless time.

The oak trees of Forsyth Park, with their expansive canopies, have watched over Savannah for ages. Reflecting upon the countless seasons they've witnessed, and the secrets they might hold, this poem emerged.

Whispers of the Oak

Stalwart and tall, a guardian grand,

Overseeing time's shifting sand.

The oak stands, its branches wide,

Holding secrets, time can't hide.

With every leaf, a tale is spun,

Of golden days, under the sun.

Of lovers' promises, whispered low,

Of life's ebb, its gentle flow.

Centuries pass, yet it stands still,

Bearing witness, bending to no will.

Its roots deep, its spirit free,

Echoing tales of history.

For beneath its shade, as I recline,

I sense the dance of the old and the divine.

In its whispers, in its silent chime,

The oak shares stories of timeless time.

The cobwebs and dust in the attic hold a certain charm for me. Often, as I sift through old letters and photographs, I'm transported to another era. One day, an old diary entry inspired this reflection on time.

Pages of Yesterday

Yellowed pages, ink now faint,

Echoes of wishes, dreams, and plaint.

In this diary, time has a place,

Recording life's gentle pace.

Tales of joy, moments of despair,

Hopes, dreams, love in the air.

With every word, time stands still,

Capturing emotions, bending to will.

From festive balls to quiet nights by the fire,

Of ambitions, desires, passions that never tire.

Between these pages, time does confide,

Tales of life, in its stride.

For as I read, the past does chime,

Echoing the beauty of a time,

When life was slow, moments divine,

Preserved forever, in this timeline.

An old clock tower in Savannah often catches my attention. Its hourly chime, echoing through the streets, has been a constant in the ever-changing landscape. This poem was a tribute to that timeless sentinel.

Chimes of Eternity

In the heart of the city, it stands tall,

Marking time, for one and all.

The clock tower, with its voice so deep,

Guarding moments, memories to keep.

With every chime, it tells a tale,

Of sunlit days, nights with no veil.

Of changing eras, moments gone by,

Its voice a comfort, under the sky.

People change, buildings rise and fall,

Yet its chimes remain, through it all.

A testament to time, and its play,

Echoing history, day by day.

For in its voice, I find a rhyme,

A melody, a song of time.

Steadfast, strong, in every clime,

The eternal dance, of the clock's chime.

The fragility and fleetingness of time often weigh upon my heart, especially as I witness the changing landscapes of my beloved Savannah. One such contemplative evening led to the creation of this poem.

Sands of Time

In the hourglass, sands do flow,

Marking time, with a gentle glow.

Fleeting moments, captured in grain,

Whispers of joy, echoes of pain.

As I watch, the grains do slide,

Reminding me of time's relentless tide.

Of moments lost, memories gained,

In time's embrace, everything is chained.

From the bustling squares to the quiet shore,

Time touches all, forevermore.

With its gentle hand, shaping our fate,

Reminding us, before it's too late.

For in these grains, I see the divine,

A dance, a rhythm, a sacred line.

Marking life, with every chime,

The beautiful journey of time.

PUBLISHED: Aug 29, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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