Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

Clara Hudson
Drawn to the shadows and the enigma of the unknown, I've crafted tales that dance on the edge of reality and fear. Dive into these four stories, where every word might send a chill down your spine. Are you ready for the thrill?
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Table of contents
The Forgotten Room
The Haunting Lullaby
The Reflection
The Apparition on Elm Street

The Forgotten Room

Nestled at the edge of town stood the Rathburn Mansion, a large and once-stately home that had fallen into disrepair over the decades. It was the sort of place children dared each other to approach on moonless nights, but no one ever did. The house stood untouched, its history largely forgotten, until the Roberts family, enticed by the price and potential, decided to make it their home.

Upon moving in, John and Lisa Roberts loved the mansion’s old-world charm, seeing past the creeping vines and the muffled creaks in the floorboards. Their two children, Ellie and Max, were more taken by the vastness of the house, which provided countless hide-and-seek spots. It was during one such game that Ellie stumbled upon a door different from the others. It was bolted shut, its surface marred by deep scratch marks.

Curiosity getting the better of him, John decided to pry the door open. As it slowly gave way, an icy draft rushed past them. Before them lay a dim room, with walls covered in ancient, faded photographs. The subjects in them seemed to be previous residents of the mansion. But something was off. Their eyes weren’t just wide; they were filled with unmistakable terror. As Lisa reached out to touch one, she swore she felt a pulse emanating from the photograph.

That night, the house was not as it had been. Whispering voices echoed through the hallways, growing louder and more desperate as dawn approached. Lisa, clutching her blanket, murmured, “It’s as if the house is alive, trying to tell us something.”

The next day, John sought answers from the local library. He discovered that every owner from the last century had disappeared under mysterious circumstances. The only common thread? The room and its gallery of horrified faces.

Despite this, the family tried to continue their lives. But an unseen force seemed to constantly pull them toward the room. They’d find themselves standing at its threshold, an inexplicable urge to enter and join the gallery of faces gnawing at them.

Desperate, they decided to leave. However, as they were packing, a dense fog enveloped the house, making it impossible to see the road. They waited, hoping it would lift, but it only grew denser.

The following morning, the fog cleared, revealing an empty house. A neighbor, curious about the abandoned car on the driveway, ventured in. In the sealed room, new photographs adorned the walls. Among them, the terrified faces of the Roberts family stared back.

The Rathburn Mansion was silent once more, waiting for its next inhabitants.

The Haunting Lullaby

Lana always had a penchant for all things vintage, which is why the century-old house on Maple Avenue appealed to her so much. It was adorned with wooden panels, a tiled roof speckled with moss, and windows that reflected the wisdom of the ages. When she first toured the house, she was inexplicably drawn to it, feeling an intimate connection as though she was meant to be there.

The first few nights were peaceful. However, soon, as the clock struck midnight, Lana began hearing the soft, distant strains of a lullaby. It was melancholic, yet beautiful, echoing through the corridors of the house and ending as abruptly as it began.

Curious and slightly unnerved, Lana tried tracing the origins of the sound. It seemed to beckon her, leading her up the creaky stairs, past the attic door, which she had never before opened. Pushing it ajar, the lullaby became clearer. In the dim light, she saw an old music box, intricate patterns carved into its wooden exterior. Beside it, an old diary lay covered in dust, its pages yellowed with time.

Opening the diary, Lana began to read. It detailed the life of Amelia, a previous resident of the house. The diary spoke of the joy of holding her newborn baby, the hours she spent singing to him, and the heartbreak that consumed her when he tragically passed away. She wrote of how she would sing the same lullaby to her baby’s spirit every night, hoping he would hear her from beyond.

Feeling a mix of sympathy and unease, Lana took the music box to her room, placing it on her nightstand. That night, the lullaby started again, but this time it played from the music box, filling her room with its haunting tune. As the clock struck 1 a.m., the room grew colder, and Lana felt a strange weight at the foot of her bed, as though someone was sitting there. The weight shifted, moving up her bed, and she felt what seemed like the gentle rocking motion of a cradle.

Frozen in terror, she barely managed to glimpse a spectral figure of a woman, humming along to the tune, her face filled with sorrow and longing.

From that night on, Lana was never alone. The rocking, the cold, and the sorrowful figure of Amelia became a nightly occurrence. Even when she tried to discard the music box, it always found its way back, the lullaby playing louder, more insistent.

Realizing she was now bound to Amelia’s tale of heartbreak, Lana often found herself singing the lullaby, hoping to bring some solace to the grieving mother's soul.

The Reflection

Tom had always been intrigued by family heirlooms. When his grandmother passed away, she left behind a vast collection of antiques that whispered tales from the past. But one item, in particular, caught Tom’s attention: a grand ornate mirror, its frame delicately carved with intricate patterns that hinted at its age.

Placing the mirror in his bedroom opposite his bed seemed like a fitting tribute to his grandmother. The reflection it cast was impeccable, each detail sharp and true. However, Tom soon realized that something wasn’t right. One evening, as he was preparing for bed, he caught a fleeting smirk on his reflection's face. Thinking it was just a trick of his tired eyes, he brushed the thought aside.

But as days turned to nights, the mirror's eerie behavior became more pronounced. One instance, after returning from work, Tom saw his reflection standing still while he was moving. Another night, his reflection beckoned him with a finger, its eyes glinting with a malevolent gleam.

Terrified, Tom decided to dig deeper into the mirror's origins. He discovered it once belonged to a distant ancestor who was rumored to have dabbled in the occult. It was said he had summoned something into the mirror, a dark entity that craved a corporeal existence.

Determined to rid himself of the cursed object, Tom decided to sell the mirror. Mrs. Cartwright, a collector of rare antiques, quickly purchased it, dismissing Tom's warnings as mere superstitions.

However, it didn't take long for Mrs. Cartwright to sense the mirror's dark essence. One evening, as she gazed into it, her reflection started contorting, adopting a nightmarish visage. She tried to move, but her legs felt anchored to the spot, her eyes transfixed on the hellish version of herself. 

Hours later, Mrs. Cartwright's housekeeper found her lifeless in her study. A look of absolute terror was etched on her face. The police were baffled, as there were no signs of foul play. The only irregularity was the mirror which now bore a smudged handprint on its surface.

Tom, plagued with guilt, decided to retrieve the mirror. It needed to be contained. With the help of a local priest, he performed a ritual to trap the entity. However, as the chants grew louder, the mirror's surface began to swirl, and a dark form lunged at them.

Now, the mirror sits locked away in a church basement, draped in sacred cloths. Tom visits occasionally, ensuring its containment. But every time he's near, he swears he hears mocking laughter, a chilling reminder of the evil that lurks within.

The Apparition on Elm Street

Elm Street was a picturesque neighborhood, with tree-lined avenues, quaint houses, and cheerful gardens. But there was one house at the very end that marred its beauty—a colonial relic that had stood for more than a century, its windows hollow, and its walls tainted with age.

Whispers ran through the community about the house being cursed. No family who moved in lasted more than a few months. Their reason? Every night, precisely at midnight, a mysterious woman in white would appear, pacing the length of Elm Street with an eerie grace.

Her features were always obscured by a flowing veil, but her presence was unmistakably chilling. As she walked, her lips moved silently, repeating a question that no one could hear. Only the bravest ventured out to encounter her, but they were left traumatized, forever muttering, "Where is the child?"

Mark, a journalist and new resident of Elm Street, was both skeptical and curious. Seeing an opportunity for a story, he decided to approach the apparition. On a particularly cold night, with fog blanketing the street, he saw her. Drawing closer, he could finally hear her chilling whisper, "Where is my child?"

Mustering courage, Mark replied, "Who are you? How can I help?" The apparition stopped, turning towards him. Beneath her veil, he glimpsed the sorrowful eyes of a grieving mother.

The next morning, Mark was found wandering Elm Street, his face pale, his eyes hollow, endlessly repeating the apparition's haunting question. He became yet another lost soul, forever searching for the elusive child.

The colonial house remains unoccupied, its windows still watching, waiting. And every night, as Elm Street sleeps, the woman in white continues her endless search, a reminder of the sorrow that once unfolded within its walls.

PUBLISHED: Sep 06, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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