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Gothic Poetry Anthology: Echoes from the Shadows
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Gothic Poetry Anthology: Echoes from the Shadows

"Gothic Echoes: An Anthology of Shadows" is a collection of eight gothic poems, each featuring four stanzas that delve into themes of melancholy, mystery, and the macabre. The anthology begins with a poem about a secret-filled walled garden, followed by a spectral dance in "The Midnight Specter's Ball." "Veil of the Evening's Sigh" reflects on the thinning barrier between worlds at twilight, while "Nocturne of the Damned" laments the fate of cursed souls in a desolate chapel. "Gallows of the Forsaken Dream" pays tribute to lost aspirations, and "Requiem for the Raven's Wing" honors the enigmatic raven. The collection continues with "Lament of the Thorn-Crowned Mausoleum," which personifies a mausoleum as a guardian of the past, and concludes with "Whispers of the Wind's Regret," capturing the wind’s conveyance of past regrets. Each poem is introduced with a brief explanation, setting the stage for the haunting verses that follow.

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