Gothic Poetry Anthology: Echoes from the Shadows

Clara Hudson

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"Gothic Echoes: An Anthology of Shadows" is a collection of eight gothic poems, each featuring four stanzas that delve into themes of melancholy, mystery, and the macabre. The anthology begins with a poem about a secret-filled walled garden, followed by a spectral dance in "The Midnight Specter's Ball." "Veil of the Evening's Sigh" reflects on the thinning barrier between worlds at twilight, while "Nocturne of the Damned" laments the fate of cursed souls in a desolate chapel. "Gallows of the Forsaken Dream" pays tribute to lost aspirations, and "Requiem for the Raven's Wing" honors the enigmatic raven. The collection continues with "Lament of the Thorn-Crowned Mausoleum," which personifies a mausoleum as a guardian of the past, and concludes with "Whispers of the Wind's Regret," capturing the wind’s conveyance of past regrets. Each poem is introduced with a brief explanation, setting the stage for the haunting verses that follow.
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Table of contents
Whispers in the Walled Garden
The Midnight Specter's Ball
Veil of the Evening's Sigh
Nocturne of the Damned
Gallows of the Forsaken Dream
Requiem for the Raven's Wing
Lament of the Thorn-Crowned Mausoleum
Whispers of the Wind's Regret

Gothic Echoes: An Anthology of Shadows

Veiled in twilight whispers, this anthology unravels the gothic tapestry of melancholy, mystery, and the macabre. Each poem, an echo from the darkened chamber of the soul, invites readers into the embrace of the night. 

Whispers in the Walled Garden

Introduction: In the heart of a forgotten walled garden, the soft rustle of secretive conversations tangle with the climbing roses. The overgrown paths lead us deeper into thought with this elegy of the forsaken. 

In the shadowed, walled enclosure,

Where time's face is overgrown,

Roses weep in dusk's composure,

Whispers through the brambles blown.

Moonlight stitches silver threads,

Through the canopy it bled,

Mingling with the vines' affairs,

Secrets of the loveless dead.

Statues watch with marble eyes,

Guarding every silent plea,

While the nightingale eulogizes

Lover's vows that couldn't be.

Walls encircle, keepers faithful,

Cloistered tales they'll always guard,

Within the hush of nature grateful,

Grow the whispers of the barred. 

The Midnight Specter's Ball

Introduction: A grand hall is set for a specter's rendezvous, candles flicker with otherworldly grace. This nocturnal ballet spins its invite to the living to join as the clock strikes its ghostly chime. 

Midnight's chime disrupts the gloom,

Danse macabre in splendid room,

Specters twirl in ghostly dress,

Each step an ethereal caress.

Chandeliers with shadows play,

Flitting, fleeting light astray,

Ghosts in rhythm, drift and sway,

Life's frailties to portray.

Candle flames in reverence bend,

To the timeless waltz that never ends,

Mourning life’s untimely dim,

With each solemn, haunting hymn.

As daylight’s claim begins to call,

Specters fade in the dimming ball,

Till echoes of laughter softly fall,

On empty night's shadowed wall. 

Veil of the Evening's Sigh

Introduction: As twilight descends with a sigh, the veil between worlds grows thin. This verse meditates on the ethereal threshold, a haunt of both the beauty and the dread of the night. 

Evening's sigh strokes the pane,

Gossamer veil of pending night,

Worlds collide in hushed domain,

As shadows claim the fading light.

Mistral's breath, a whispered lore,

Ebbing light on heathen moor,

Elusive truths forevermore,

Behind the eve's soft, somber door.

Gather close the mantle's hem,

Shroud the day in twilight's gem,

Stars awake at dusk's decree,

Secrets kept in silent harmony.

The night's caress, a tender plight,

Mingling fear with rare delight,

Within the folds of eventide,

Lie the dreams that daylight hides. 

Nocturne of the Damned

Introduction: In a godforsaken chapel, the cursed gather to lament their fate. In the echoes of their somber song, this nocturne is captured, a melodic shroud of those who cannot forget. 

Chorus echoes, chapel hollow,

Nocturne for the souls ungrieved,

In cursed recitals, anguish wallow,

Mourning joy they never received.

Stained glass relics faintly glower,

Upon the damned in twilight’s hour,

Singing dirges sweet and sour,

Spectral ballads of the dour.

Notes resonate through stone so cold,

Carrying tales that time has told,

Harmony of hearts unwhole,

Bearing the darkness they enfold.

Until the leeching dawn does creep,

Their voices wane, return to sleep,

In cryptic silence, secrets keep,

Beneath the shadowed arches steep. 

Gallows of the Forsaken Dream

Introduction: The gallows stand, a skeletal tribute to forgotten dreams. This mournful ode commemorates the whispers and echoes of aspirations that reached for the stars, only to fall to shadowed ground. 

Harsh this timbered silhouette,

Against the gray, foreboding sky,

Gallows grasp what souls forget,

Dreams that dared to aim too high.

Ropes swing with a silent creak,

Testament of the hope that blurs,

Weathered words no longer speak,

Of the condemned and what was theirs.

Pallid moon patrols above,

Shedding light on lost reprieves,

Ghosts recount their squandered love,

In the night’s embracing sieves.

Stand these pillars stark and grim,

Hollow echoes of the dream,

In the shadows, prospects dim,

Fade like whispers in a scream. 

Requiem for the Raven's Wing

Introduction: The raven, bearer of ominous lore, inspires awe and superstition. Within this somber verse lies a requiem for the dark-winged harbinger, whose shadow spins tales of the unknown and unspoken. 

Ominous bird of sable hue,

Wings clipping dusk’s last light,

Prophet of the somber true,

Silent soarer of the night.

Timber'd perches tell your tales,

Of secrets carried in your trails,

Silvered eyes that nothing veils

As through the haunting sky you sail.

Midnight sentinel, perched high,

Guarding secrets, time can't pry,

Requiem sung in moonlit sigh,

For the raven’s wing, the darkened sky.

Yet with the morn, your silhouette

Fades with night’s black amulet,

But in hearts, your image set,

Never does the world forget. 

Lament of the Thorn-Crowned Mausoleum

Introduction: A mausoleum crowned with wild thorns bears the weight of the ages, a silent guardian of the once revered. This elegiac poem reflects on the eternal watch of stone and briar. 

Age-old sentinel clad in thorned crown,

Stands the mausoleum, worn and proud,

Marble gates defy time's renown,

Whispered laments in the briar loud.

Resolute in each stoic stone,

Memories sealed in cryptic bone,

Reverence lives in hush alone,

For those whose names are overgrown.

Centuries pass, the earth's grim hold,

Clutching at relics, stories untold,

Whilst roots enlace with love so bold,

Caressing each forgotten soul.

Thorns ensnare with woeful plea,

Mourning grandeur none can see,

Grief's own fortress bound to be,

Legacy's eternal decree. 

Whispers of the Wind's Regret

Introduction: The wind carries with it the susurrations of past misgivings and the quiet breath of remorse. In each gust, a whisper of the heart’s regret is borne across the forlorn landscapes. 

Wind weaves through the willow's wails,

Bearing tales of sorrow's trails,

Forgotten hymns on the breeze frail,

Whispers of the sinners' tales.

Across the moors and barren lands,

Gentle cries that time disbands,

Fleeting through the hollow strands,

Regrets slipped through life's withered hands.

Sighs lift from the ancient earth,

From hearts once filled with mirth,

Now carried forth in quiet dearth,

A requiem for rebirth.

So listen to the wind's regret,

Its unseen debt forever set,

In every moan and every fret,

Remnants of the suns now set.

PUBLISHED: Dec 25, 2023
Written By
Clara Hudson
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