Faith Poems

Jessica Palmer

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Faith serves as an eternal muse, inspiring a collection of poems that delve into its multifaceted presence in our lives. These verses explore the steadfastness, comfort, and profound journey that belief imparts upon the human spirit.
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Table of contents
Threads of Belief
Canticle of Certainty
Orchard of Belief
Vespers of the Faithful
The Anchor of Assent
Citadel of Creed
The Pilgrim's Way
Faith's Galleon
Vestiges of Verity
Chorus of Conviction

Threads of Belief

Within the weaver’s quiet splay,
Silken faith threads through the day,
Each twine a promise, subtly spun,
Glinting boldly in the sun.


The loom clacks with a steadfast rhythm,
Crafting life’s unyielding prism,
Colors blend in sacred blend,
A tapestry of trust to mend.


Knotted doubts give way to grace,
Each thread its purpose, its own place,
Entwined destinies start to mesh,
In the vast divine caress.


Patterns emerge from life's soft loom,
Shadows lift, dispelling gloom,
Through the fabric, virtues weave,
Harmony’s fine gossamer sleeve.


In this quilted firmament,
Belief is but a testament,
To the art of holding fast,
An enduring faith that lasts.


Canticle of Certainty

Unseen, yet felt in the heart’s deep core,
Faith's gentle knock upon the door,
A whisper where no sound is heard,
A solitude, by grace deferred.


Beneath the night’s celestial sphere,
Stars like silent hymns appear,
Edicts of belief suspended,
In astral psalms, heaven’s expended.


Each prayer ascends like a dove,
Carrying messages of love,
Feathers dipped in sacred ink,
Bold declarations on the brink.


Inside the chapel of the soul,
Certainty plays its vital role,
Choirs within serenely chant,
Allegiance firm, and vigilance scant.


And in this cloister of the spirit,
Only the faithful shall inherit,
The peace that comes from trust's own song,
An echo where all truths belong.


Orchard of Belief

In the orchard where faith grows,
Nurtured by what no one knows,
Roots dig deep, they touch the unseen,
Branches reach for light, serene.


Fruits of certainty ripen slow,
Basking in the truths we sow,
Glowing orbs of conviction,
Harvested by inner diction.


Leaves murmur with the wind’s discourse,
Swaying with divine source,
Saunter through this grove so hushed,
Where doubts are buried, fears are crushed.


Existence hums—a quiet psalm,
In this faith’s tranquil realm, so calm,
Each seedling promise, a sacred trust,
Growth unbidden, yet oh so just.


In this garden, hearts convene,
Amongst the shades of emerald green,
When one eats of this ripened lot,
Belief is tasted, ever sought.


Vespers of the Faithful

Evensong’s last light retreats,
Paving way for night’s heartbeats,
Fingers clasped in dimming glow,
Faith’s vespers start to flow.


Whispered dreams climb through the air,
A supplication turned to prayer,
Candles flicker in the mute procession,
Guiding forth the silent confession.


Chanted credos weave through stone,
In sacred halls, we’re not alone,
Echoes of a steadfast plea,
In the cathedral’s sanctity.


By cloistered arch and hallowed room,
A faith that stands against the gloom,
Vestiges of daylight linger,
In the touch of twilight’s finger.


And as darkness wraps the nave,
Strong belief, the heart’s enclave,
Throughout the solemn nocturne drift,
Each soul partakes of faith’s pure gift.


The Anchor of Assent

The anchor drops through storm-tossed waves,
Its steadfast hold, the vessel craves,
So too does faith, midst tempests found,
Secure us firmly to hallowed ground.


Through howling winds and skies that weep,
Belief’s anchor sinks into the deep,
A covenant between sea and soul,
The quiet force that makes us whole.


As billows rage and timbers moan,
In tumult’s midst, we’re not alone,
For faith’s firm clasp, relentless, grips,
As steadfast as the captain’s lips.


Below the surface, unseen it dwells,
In fathom’s deep, where silence quells,
A bulwark against the surging tide,
It holds us where we must abide.


The tempest passes, the skies abate,
The anchor’s role we appreciate,
For in the calm, and in the squall,
Faith anchors us, through it all.


Citadel of Creed

Upon a hill, stark and grand,
A fortress built by unseen hand,
Its walls a rampart for the soul,
A citadel for faith’s control.


Stone by stone, the credo climbs,
Unyielded by the passing times,
Turrets reach toward the blue,
Mortar mixed with hope anew.


Gates thrown wide for the seeker’s tread,
No weary pilgrim ever dreads,
For each is welcomed by the spire,
To bask within belief’s fire.


Within its keep, firm convictions sleep,
Vestments of protection, cloaked deep,
Echoes resonate, pure and loud,
An anthem, sung by faith’s own crowd.


This bastion of the things unseen,
Holds fast against what might have been,
A sanctuary for those who recite,
The creed that guides them through the night.


The Pilgrim's Way

The pilgrim walks a path unseen,
Footsteps where the past has been,
Faith his compass, true and tried,
Guides him through the great divide.


Marked by stones of trials past,
He treads a route so wide and vast,
Eyes fixed on the distant shrine,
A journey's end, divine by design.


Through verdant fields and forests deep,
Ascending mountains, valleys steep,
His faith a torch that lights the way,
A beacon for both night and day.


He rests by waters calm and clear,
Reflections of belief appear,
He drinks the spirit's tranquil brew,
And finds again his vow anew.


At last, he stands before the grace,
The sacredness of this holy place,
Faith’s voyage etched into his skin,
The pilgrim finds his home within.


Faith's Galleon

A ship sets sail on faith's bright ocean,
Its hull inscribed with deep devotion,
The mast a cross against the sky,
It captures every dreamer's eye.


The compass rose spins ‘round its heart,
Pointing toward a divine chart,
The sails, billowed by holy gusts,
Carry souls from dust to dust.


Starlit crossings on the main,
Where beliefs and heavens are twain,
Upon this vessel, fears abate,
For trust in course is sailors’ fate.


Through gales of doubt and swells of pain,
The galleon’s faith does not wane,
It cuts through waves with steadfast prow,
Affirmed by sacred, unspoken vow.


Unto that distant, unseen shore,
With hope as cargo, evermore,
Its journey marked by stars above,
Faith’s galleon sails on love.


Vestiges of Verity

What vestiges of faith remain,
After the years of sun and rain,
Through the ebb of youthful tide,
The remnants of belief abide.


Once bright and bold, colors fade,
Yet firm foundations have been laid,
Though leaves of doubt may start to fall,
The roots of verity stand tall.


The testaments of seasoned hearts,
Where wisdom’s age, its grace imparts,
Lines of life tell stories clear,
Of a belief that doesn't shear.


Etched upon the wrinkled skin,
Are tales of where the soul has been,
Each laughter line and furrowed brow,
Bears witness to the ever-now.


In the silence of the elder’s gaze,
Resides a trust that does not raze,
For deep within their steadfast stare,
Lies faith, undiminished by the years.


Chorus of Conviction

In the chorus of conviction’s hymn,
Voices rise in seraphim,
Melody of steadfast love,
Descends like grace from realms above.


Harmony in sacred bind,
In the song, we ourselves find,
Beliefs entwined in each refrain,
Heartbeats in a celestial chain.


Notes afloat on wings of prayers,
Resounding through hallowed airs,
Every pitch with purpose rife,
Sung by choir of infinite life.


Bass and treble, rise and fall,
A symphony that enthralls us all,
Through dissonance and consonance clear,
The music of faith draws near.


And as the final notes resound,
Echoing with a truth profound,
In the silence that follows the song,
Faith's chorus within us, ever strong.


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Jessica Palmer
Nature enthusiast and poet, I find magic in every sunrise and solace in every sunset.
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