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Elijah Mitchell
Home is where the heart is ❤️
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Table of contents
Home's Melody
Familiar Echoes
Heart's Anchor
Whispering Walls
Beacon of Love
Hearth and Heart
Roots and Wings
Doors and Dreams
Memories & Milestones
The Unbreakable Bond
Sanctuary of Serenades
Where Dreams Dwell
Time's Tender Tapestry

Home's Melody

Verse 1:

Walking through the city lights,

Yet craving home’s cozy nights,

Remembering the stories shared,

Where love and dreams paired.


Home is where my song begins,

With love that never thins,

It's the rhythm, the melody,

Echoing in my memory.

Verse 2:

Past the streets and city maze,

Longing for home’s gentle gaze,

Where walls hold tales so sweet,

And love feels so complete.

Familiar Echoes

Verse 1:

The world's big, the world's wide,

Yet home's where my heart does reside,

Hearing the echoes of the past,

In a song that’s meant to last.


Echoes of love, echoes of time,

Home's the peak I always climb,

Familiar tales, familiar streaks,

It's the comfort my heart seeks.

Verse 2:

From childhood games to teenage dreams,

Home's been the place of sunbeams,

Where every corner, every nook,

Holds a chapter from my book.

Heart's Anchor

Verse 1:

I’ve seen mountains, crossed the seas,

Yet home's the breeze through the trees,

The anchor that holds me tight,

Guiding me through the night.


Home, my refuge, my song,

The place I truly belong,

With its tales, both old and new,

It’s the love that always grew.

Verse 2:

From first steps to bittersweet goodbyes,

Home's been the star in my skies,

The sanctuary, the sacred door,

Where my heart finds its core.

Whispering Walls

Verse 1:

In every city, every town,

It's home's warmth that wears the crown,

Where walls whisper tales of yore,

And memories galore.


Whispering walls, singing trees,

Home’s the place that sets me free,

A symphony of love and lore,

It’s the place I adore.

Verse 2:

From morning laughs to evening tales,

Home's the ship that always sails,

Through storms and sunny days,

It's where my heart always stays.

Beacon of Love

Verse 1:

Journeying under the moon and sun,

Yet home's where the day is done,

The beacon that shines so bright,

Guiding me with its light.


Home is my guiding star,

No matter how far I are,

It's the tune, the lullaby,

Underneath the open sky.

Verse 2:

From the meadows to the city square,

It's home's love that's rare,

Where dreams take their flight,

In the soft, gentle night.

Hearth and Heart

Verse 1:

Snowflakes dance, winters chill,

Yet home's hearth is warm still,

A sanctuary from the storm,

Where hearts transform.


Hearth and heart, fire and flame,

Home's the keeper of my name,

It's the dance, the warm embrace,

Where love finds its place.

Verse 2:

Beyond the frost, beyond the cold,

Home's tales are gold,

Where love burns bright and true,

It’s the place I always renew.

Roots and Wings

Verse 1:

Exploring the world, chasing dreams,

Yet home's where the heart beams,

The roots that keep me grounded,

Where love is unbounded.


Roots and wings, love that clings,

Home's where the heart sings,

The story, the endless rhyme,

It’s love that stands the test of time.

Verse 2:

From sunrise hues to twilight blues,

Home's the muse I never lose,

The canvas of my life's art,

It’s where love does start.

Doors and Dreams

Verse 1:

Beyond every door, a dream unfolds,

Where love and memories are gold,

Each corner, each stone,

Speaks of love that’s grown.


Doors and dreams, love's extremes,

Home's where the heart gleams,

The anchor, the endless song,

Where all dreams belong.

Verse 2:

From moonlit nights to sunny days,

Home's the tune my heart plays,

The stage of life’s grand play,

It's where love will always stay.

Memories & Milestones

Verse 1:

Windows gleam with tales old,

Golden moments, memories bold,

Each room echoes with a voice,

Recounting a past choice.


Memories & milestones, love's zone,

Home's the throne where seeds are sown,

Stories woven, love's decree,

Where every moment's a jubilee.

Verse 2:

Passing seasons, shifting hues,

Home retains love's true blues,

Every laughter, every tear,

Marks time's passage clear.

The Unbreakable Bond

Verse 1:

Globetrotting, paths unknown,

Yet, the pull of home is shown,

A compass, a guiding light,

Through darkest night.


The unbreakable bond, love's wand,

Of which every soul is fond,

Past the world's constant roar,

Home's the shore we always adore.

Verse 2:

Shared meals, quiet talks,

To home, the heart always walks,

It's more than wood and stone,

It's love alone.

Sanctuary of Serenades

Verse 1:

Beyond city lights, stars gleam,

Home’s where we weave our dream,

Every brick, every stone,

Echoes love alone.


Sanctuary of serenades, where love never fades,

Past all the worldly charades,

Where true feelings cascade,

Home’s where true bonds are made.

Verse 2:

Secret nooks, hidden spaces,

Home's where the heart embraces,

Old tunes, familiar song,

It's where we belong.

Where Dreams Dwell

Verse 1:

Cityscapes, starry skies,

Yet, home's where the dream lies,

Every corner, every bend,

Tells of a time we’d spend.


Where dreams dwell, stories to tell,

A loving, protective shell,

Past the chaos, past the din,

Home's where love has always been.

Verse 2:

Warm kitchens, cozy beds,

Home's where love spreads,

Holding moments, holding time,

It's a love so sublime.

Time's Tender Tapestry

Verse 1:

Clocks ticking, moments fleeting,

Yet, home’s embrace is ever-greeting,

A mosaic of love and grace,

A timeless embrace.


Time's tender tapestry, love's symphony,

Where every memory is a spree,

Past the transient, past the new,

Home's love remains true.

Verse 2:

Echoes of old lullabies,

Home, under the endless skies,

Crafted with care and art,

It's the keeper of the heart.

PUBLISHED: Oct 16, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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