Poems About Stars

Elijah Mitchell
As a fervent admirer of the night sky, I've often found myself lost in the depths of its celestial beauty. These poems were born from countless hours spent gazing upward, captivated by the silent narratives written in stars and constellations.
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Table of contents
Galaxies Within
Stardust Stories
Silent Whispers
Night's Mosaic
A Glimpse of the Beyond
Cosmic Serenade
Distant Beacons
The Astronomer's Muse
Celestial Lullaby
A Star’s Oath

Galaxies Within

In the quiet of the night  

A star blinks in somber twilight  

It knows not its role  

In a larger celestial scroll

Its light travels eons  

Through space and unknown zones  

Yet it burns not for applause  

But in obedience to cosmic laws

Would it care to know  

Its twinkle adorns my earthly show?  

Does it fathom its own tale  

In my humble earthly scale?

Humans dream of reaching far  

They forget the journey of a single star  

Oblivious that within us are  

Galaxies, as boundless as any star

Stardust Stories

A sky full of luminous orbs  

A quilt of cosmic proportions  

Each dot a story  

Each sparkle a moment

Some stay steady  

Never leaving their post  

Others shoot across the sky  

Gone before you can say goodbye

Stories of birth  

Of creation from a single spark  

Stories of death  

An extinguishing, a departing mark

Yet, they all come from stardust  

And to stardust, they shall return  

A never-ending cycle  

Of which we are but a brief churn

We too are stories  

With chapters yet to unfold  

In this grand tapestry  

A universe yet to be told

Silent Whispers

Dark matter  

We cannot see it  

Yet it holds stars like a net  

Invisible gravity’s puppeteer

They glimmer  

As if trying to communicate  

Through Morse code of light  

Messages indecipherable, yet bright

Millions of years  

Their lifespan outstretches ours  

Yet, their ending is explosive  

A spectacle, grandiose and divisive

A black hole may form  

An abyss, endlessly deep  

Or perhaps a neutron star  

Dense as our dreams are

Their silence is misleading  

For each one is a cacophony  

A fusion of elements  

A whisper of the universe’s sentiments

Night's Mosaic

Each night the sky is a canvas  

Darkness is the backdrop  

Stars the strokes  

Invisible hands craft a mosaic

A satellite passes by  

Like a trespasser on sacred ground  

A fleeting guest  

In an ageless fest

Polaris stands still  

A beacon for the lost  

A compass point  

In life’s daunting joint

Not all stars are seen  

Some are masked by city light  

Their shine suppressed  

Yet, existing nonetheless

A tapestry we can only fathom  

When we turn our eyes upwards  

And mute the noise  

To hear the silent voice

A Glimpse of the Beyond

A telescope in my yard  

Stars not just dots but discs  

Each one inviting scrutiny  

Each one mocking my curiosity

Light-years away  

Yet photons grace my lens  

An intimate dance  

Across astronomical distance

Red giants swell  

Dwarf stars flicker  

Novas bloom and fade  

Cosmic ballet on cosmic stage

I capture photos  

A moment in their life  

Yet that moment is long gone  

By the time it meets my eyes

A paradox of sight and time  

The stars I see may no longer shine  

Yet in that glimpse, I see forever  

A loop of light, broken, yet clever

Cosmic Serenade

The stars above in night's embrace,  

Hold their place in cosmic space.  

Quietly singing, glowing bright,  

In the silent theater of the night.

Each a sun, in its own right,  

Guiding sailors through the night.  

Voyaging across the velvet sea,  

The constellation's lore a mystery.

Some fall down in fiery grace,  

Leaving behind a smoky trace.  

A moment's flash, then gone for good,  

Just like we always knew they would.

Others age with poise and care,  

Their life cycles a love affair.  

Nurturing planets in their wake,  

A cradle of life, for goodness sake.

As I lay beneath this sky so grand,  

I feel the pull of a cosmic hand.  

Connecting dots, I find my way,  

Guided by stars, night or day.

Distant Beacons

Stars above, so far and high,  

You make me wonder, ponder why.  

You twinkle like a gem so fine,  

In the necklace of Father Time.

The skies are like an endless book,  

In every nook, a different look.  

Stories written in stellar light,  

Read aloud by the silent night.

Some stars exist in pairs or more,  

A dance of gravity they can't ignore.  

Twirling in their cosmic sphere,  

Year by year, they draw us near.

At dawn, you fade from mortal view,  

Obliged to let the sun come through.  

But though you hide in daylight glare,  

I know at night you'll still be there.

So as I close my eyes to dream,  

I thank you for your distant gleam.  

For in that light, both near and far,  

I find my way, guided by a star.

The Astronomer's Muse

In my telescope, I seek your face,  

A point of light in endless space.  

A flicker in the vast, dark sky,  

A reason for my wondering eye.

I chart your course, both fast and slow,  

In hope your secrets you'll bestow.  

From spectral lines to magnitude,  

Your attributes I've well reviewed.

You're not alone, I've come to find,  

Many like you, a cosmic kind.  

In clusters or in galaxies,  

You've many stellar families.

Yet though you're but a single star,  

To me, you are the one by far.  

Who stirs my soul and fires my mind,  

A cosmic muse, so well defined.

My telescope may gather rust,  

And gears and lenses gather dust.  

Yet what I've seen will ever last,  

A link to cosmic ages past.

Celestial Lullaby

Stars at night, how you gleam so sweet,  

With twinkles soft, you can't be beat.  

In cradle of dark, you softly lie,  

A lullaby in the open sky.

You lend a glow to evening's hue,  

Painting pictures old and new.  

Some constellations stick around,  

While meteors flash without a sound.

Orion hunts across the sky,  

As Pleiades dance, not seeming shy.  

And Sirius shines with special might,  

A diamond in the cloak of night.

Yet all must yield to morning's grace,  

As dawn awakes to take its place.  

Stars fade away, to later bloom,  

When darkness once again resumes.

So as I lay me down to rest,  

I know you've done your glowing best.  

To fill my dreams with peace and light,  

Until we meet another night.

A Star’s Oath

In sky so vast, I find my role,  

A glowing dot in a cosmic scroll.  

With every twinkle, I make this plea:  

To shine my best for all to see.

My neighbors are the moon and sun,  

In this stellar tribe, we are one.  

Though sun leaves me in daily plight,  

He yields the stage to me at night.

My light may guide a ship at sea,  

Or inspire young minds to dream freely.  

For every gaze that turns my way,  

I vow to make their night less gray.

Though I may end as supernova bright,  

Or perhaps fade quietly into night.  

I swear my glow shall never cease,  

Until I find my final peace.

And when I’m gone, in stardust clad,  

My light will linger, making hearts glad.  

In memory or in cosmic chart,  

I’ll leave a trace, a work of art.

PUBLISHED: Aug 28, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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