Poems about Teenage Life

Elijah Mitchell
Life's a crazy mix of memes, dreams, and in-betweens, especially when you're a teen. Decided to put that into words, the way we live it. So take a minute, check out these poems, and let's vibe. ๐ŸŽฎ๐Ÿš€
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Table of contents
Digital Heartbeat
The In-Between
Young Minds, Old Souls
Unfiltered Sky
Fading Echoes
The Playlist
Midnight Snacks and Chats
The Perfect Outfit
Notes in the Margin
Virtual Stage
Capsules of Time

Digital Heartbeat

Snapchat streaks and memes,

Instagram likes, virtual dreams.

Tweeting thoughts in real-time,

Lost in screens, sublime.

Scrolling through life's feed,

Each post a planted seed.

Virtual hugs, emoji love,

Digital skies, not above.

Friendship gauged by follows,

Hearts hollow, yet we swallow.

Muted conversations, texting fears,

Comments drowning real tears.

Avatars mask our essence,

In pixels, we find presence.

Living life on repeat,

In 1080p, bittersweet.

Yet, digital hearts beat,

In every tweet and greet.

Connected or alone,

We find a digital home.

The In-Between

Not a kid, not grown,

Stuck in the in-between zone.

Adulting seems far away,

Yet childhood can't stay.

Rebel spirit, seeking place,

In life's dizzying, frenetic race.

Homework, parties, curfew calls,

Breaking rules and building walls.

First loves and heartbreak,

Mistakes we can't unmake.

New friends, old ones fade,

In memories, they'll never trade.

Parents' nagging, teachers too,

Everyone's got a point of view.

Pressure mounts, yet we strive,

Learning how to truly survive.

In this in-between scene,

We find out what life means.

Ever-changing, we remain,

A mix of joy and pain.

Young Minds, Old Souls

Gaming nights, no sleep,

Into virtual worlds, we leap.

Books devoured, worlds explored,

Imagination's where we're never bored.

Old tunes on new playlists,

Yesterday's dreams in today's trysts.

Classic movies, timeless vibe,

In nostalgia, we often dive.

Parents say we're too young,

To understand where they're coming from.

Yet we feel we're old,

In young bodies, stories untold.

We question norms, break the mold,

Strong opinions, yet hearts of gold.

We may be young, but listen,

Our souls and minds truly glisten.

Young minds, old souls collide,

In this teen life, we reside.

Past and future in present blend,

Creating stories that never end.

Unfiltered Sky

Instagram filters and Snapchat lens,

In virtual worlds, we make amends.

Yet the sky remains unfiltered,

A canvas broad, not jittered.

We look up and wonder,

In daydreams, often we ponder.

Life's bigger than this screen,

In nature, we find serene.

Stars and clouds, sunsets too,

No need for a retouch, too true.

Sky's colors in constant shift,

Much like us, set adrift.

We capture moments, but let's not forget,

Real life's not a vignette.

Look up, breathe in deep,

In the unfiltered sky, dreams leap.

Fading Echoes

Childhood laughs now fading echoes,

Teen years, a mix of highs and lows.

Tag and hide-and-seek long gone,

Replaced by the race to belong.

First crushes, awkward dances,

Taking uncalculated life chances.

Exams and grades, weighing scale,

Success, failure, a constant tale.

Parents' words, once mere noise,

Now wisdom amid life's poise.

Little things that used to annoy,

Are the memories we now enjoy.

Fading echoes, yet resounding still,

In the choices we make, in the will.

Teen years are but a phase,

Yet they shape our lifelong maze.

The Playlist

Songs of youth, ever-changing,

Emotions on shuffle, constantly rearranging.

First love, ballads play,

Heartbreak, sad songs on display.

Family road trips, oldies stream,

In each lyric, we find a dream.

Gaming anthems, beat drops,

Soundtracks of our little shops.

Earphones in, world fades,

Music, the constant in life's charades.

Parents complain, "turn it down,"

Yet in melodies, our truths are found.

The playlist of teenage years,

A mixtape of laughter, love, and tears.

On repeat, skip, or shuffle,

In every tune, life's subtle ruffle.

Journeys on Foot

Walking home, a quiet street,

Earbuds in, life feels sweet.

Thoughts roam free, without cage,

Youthful dreams take center stage.

School behind, home ahead,

In-between, many thoughts are bred.

Friendships, crushes, tests, and more,

Life's questions, we can't ignore.

Steps in sync with beats,

Pavement echoes with our feats.

Walking fast, or taking it slow,

We wander where winds blow.

Sometimes lost, yet always found,

On this familiar patch of ground.

Steps leave imprints, memories make,

In every journey, we partake.

Walking home, the sun sets,

Yet the path holds no regrets.

Teenage life, a journey grand,

Footsteps leading to where we stand.

Midnight Snacks and Chats

Kitchen lights, the clock strikes twelve,

Into the fridge, we stealthily delve.

Midnight snacks, cravings call,

In quiet hours, guards fall.

Siblings, roommates, or just you,

Hunger's something we all go through.

Spoken words or silent nods,

In nightly quests, we're not at odds.

Deep talks over cereal bowls,

Sharing dreams and future goals.

In dim light, we're more sincere,

Less filters, more willing to hear.

Cookies, chips, or just some tea,

Whatever fills the void, you see.

Midnight snacks and chats combined,

Feed both stomach and the mind.

The Perfect Outfit

Closet doors flung wide open,

Choosing an outfit, silently hopin'.

First date, or just a meet,

Clothes can make us feel complete.

What we wear is a statement,

Of our mood or our temperament.

Colors, styles, brands galore,

Always looking for something more.

Parents may not understand,

Why this takes a careful hand.

Yet in threads, we often find,

A glimpse into our state of mind.

Perfect outfit, a quest never-ending,

In every stitch, a message sending.

Teen years are but a dress rehearsal,

For the life that's universal.

Notes in the Margin

Classroom desk, a private island,

Notes in the margin, where minds expand.

Teachers lecture, but minds can wander,

In doodles and words, we ponder.

Scribbled hearts, initials inside,

Expressions of a love we can't hide.

Doodles of aliens, spaceships, and more,

Imaginary worlds we simply adore.

Math problems, solved or not,

Yet in the margins, deeper thought.

Question marks, exclamation too,

Symbols of a viewpoint, new.

Notes in the margin, a hidden space,

For secret thoughts we all embrace.

In every jot and every line,

Pieces of our teenage time.

Virtual Stage

Vlogs and blogs, our digital stage,

Performing for likes, in a virtual cage.

Filters on, persona tight,

In every post, we seek the light.

Followers many, or maybe few,

Each click a nod, a silent "I see you."

Likes and comments, our applause,

Yet beneath it, we sometimes pause.

Is this me? The question lurks,

Behind every selfie and workout quirks.

Reality and persona, a blurry line,

In this virtual stage, do I truly shine?

Yet, perform we must, it's part of the game,

In likes and follows, we find our name.

Virtual or real, on this teenage stage,

We write our story, page by page.

Capsules of Time

Old photos stored in phones,

Moments captured in digital tones.

Each a capsule of our time,

Frozen seconds in a climb.

First day of school, a nervous smile,

Each Halloween costume, a different style.

Concerts, games, and holiday cheers,

Snapshots of our growing years.

Some photos bring joy, some bring tears,

Each a marker of hopes and fears.

Shown to friends or kept hidden,

Each a chapter, some unwritten.

Capsules of time, in pixels stored,

Yet memories are their own reward.

In every snapshot, a part of us remains,

In the shifting sands of teenage terrains.

PUBLISHED:ย Sep 01, 2023
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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