Poems for Her

Elijah Mitchell

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Explore the intimate dance between emotions and words in this collection of poetry, where each piece is a tribute to the unique and profound connection shared with a special someone. Through the artful arrangement of verses, these poems aim to capture the essence of making her feel cherished.
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Table of contents
Ink of Affection
Verses to Arouse the Stars
Ode to Her Ephemeral Dance
Canvas of the Quiet Muse
Verses of the Untold Charms
Words Adorned in Love
The Poet's Garden
The Rhyme of Her
Whispered Stanzas

Ink of Affection

Each word a petal of the rarest bloom
A crafted garden of thoughts for you
My sentiments weaved in a textual loom
In stanzas, my heart's essence drew


The rhythm echoes your laughter's song
Metaphors mirror your beauty's light
In couplets, where your whispers belong
Verses enfold you in embrace tight


A sonnet's turn, my affection reveals
An ode to the curve of your smile's arc
Upon this page, my fondness congeals
Crafted tenderly from dawn till dark


Your essence, my muse, the poem's core
Each simile a touch, your spirit to adore
Lyrics that soar as your love I implore
Within my lines, our shared dreams soar


For you, this poem a gift and sign
My words attempt your worth to define
Reading each line, feel my love's incline
In poems, forever, you're special and mine


Verses to Arouse the Stars

Not in famed sonnets or in whispered lore
Nor in grand epics of ancient yore
Do I find the galaxy that I adore
But in simple words meant for something more


These verses, celestial bodies they call
Glowing to illuminate your grace's haul
Each phrase a universe, grand and small
Within them your elegance stands tall


Though my pen is no wand of fabled might
It draws constellations in the dead of night
Poetry to make the night sky blush from height
A midnight draped in your radiant light


Words that yearn to cradle your dreams
Flowing as a river of silvery streams
Speak to you in soft, moonlit beams
In scripted love, your name it deems


Lift your eyes where starlight breaths unfurled
Between each line, a universe swirled
Special you are, in poetry and world
Through my poems, your stardust is pearled


Ode to Her Ephemeral Dance

Hush now, listen, to the quill's whisper
It pirouettes across the parchment vast
Emulating her steps, quiet and crisper
Creating verses steadfast and contrast


Each stanza, a waltz with words that bend
On the ballroom of paper, they lightly land
Twirling metaphors, her elegance they commend
In poetry, where her spirit is grandstand


Haikus capture her fleeting, tender grace
Limericks laugh with her lighthearted pace
Acrostics spell out her name's embrace
Canvas of verse, her essence, we chase


With couplets, I court her gentle flair
Her temporal beauty too piercing to bear
An eternal dance in poems rare
For her, each syllable, an earnest prayer


To be special is her dance's decree
In poems, she moves, forever free
A verse-dancer who'll always be
The ballad's soul, eternally she


Canvas of the Quiet Muse

Within the calm, your subtle presence
A muse that whispers in sheer essence
Poems birthed in tranquil pleasance
Words to honor your silent quintessence


The still life painted in reflective hues
A portrait alive within stilled views
Sonnets scribing the serenity you infuse
Strains of a ballad that solitude brews


In peaceful sestinas, your spirit threads
Through calm villanelles, your calmness spreads
Metaphoric serenity that gently embeds
In you, specialness quietly treads


Each measured line, a silent symphony
A poetic whisper of you, so symphonic
Dedicated to moments tranquil, ironic
In muted poems, your aura is chronic


In stillness, your unique essence is captured
A quiet elegance in verse raptured
Special in silence, my muse enraptured
Through calm poetry, your grace is structured


Verses of the Untold Charms

A poem's form, obscure and meek
Yet within, multitudes it seeks to speak
For her whose presence makes us weak
The words paint charm unique and sleek


With every refrain, a hidden delight
A subtle insight beyond mere sight
Esoteric verses that describe her light
In poetic lines, her aura takes flight


Tercets trace the contours of her silent grace
Each rhyme a shadow of her face
Enjambment carries her gentle pace
In poems, her untold charms we embrace


Poetic devices to decode her essence
Alliterations of her presence's quiescence
Elegies for her laughter's evanescence
A quatrain for her being's luminescence


Special, her charms, in words entwined
A poetic tapestry, deftly designed
Through verse, her allure is enshrined
In the poet’s heart, her mystique is mined


Words Adorned in Love

To write you a poem, a task divine
Seeking perfect words that might align
To describe a soul invariably fine
Treasuring the love that's yours and mine


Each line I pen, a caress so slight
Filled with ardor like stars alight
Similes that wrap you in the night
Metaphors to hold you ever tight


A free verse flows with your graceful ease
Prose poems echo your whispered tease
Every rhyme scheme crafted to please
Poems glorified with your love’s keys


Oh, how the quill dances with elation
Capturing your allure without cessation
In poetry, you find a noble station
The words, vessels of my heart’s ovation


Special you are, beyond all measure
A living poem, my heart’s treasure
In every stanza, you live with leisure
My love for you, too vast to censure


The Poet's Garden

In the garden where the verses grow
Through the soil of imagination sown
Each poem a seed from the heart's roe
Every metaphor a flower uniquely shown


Sonnet-stems with sturdy, loving reach
Haiku-blossoms with lessons they teach
Limericks winding like vines on a beach
Epic tales as towering trees that preach


Here you walk among the rhyming reeds
A nurturer of narrative needs
Casting love like a gardener's seeds
In the garden where your spirit leads


Each line nurtured under your eyes' gleam
Every verse a component of a dream
You, the muse of this living stream
Where poetry and nature seem to teem


You're the garden's special, unseen plot
In whose soil, the rarest poems are wrought
A corner where transcendent thoughts are caught
In this poet’s garden, you're never forgot



The Rhyme of Her

In the silence of unuttered words
In the rhythm that no one has heard
She dances, a poem, graceful as birds
Her essence captured by poetic verbs


Her every motion a stanza's birth
Grounded deeply in her own self-worth
A poem that sings of her quiet mirth
Lines scribed across the breadth of Earth


Rhymes that mirror her gentle ways
Couplets that capture her bright, sunlit gaze
Her being commands the poet's phrase
In the writing, her uniqueness stays


An anthology written in her eyes
Through poetry, her spirit flies
Every word of her, a cherished prize
A volume of verses where her heart lies


Special she is, in every rhyme
Timeless within the poet’s chime
Narrated in rhythm, a love sublime
Her story persists, beyond all time


Whispered Stanzas

Under the hush of twilight's embrace
My pen whispers your name with grace
Stanzas sigh with your tender trace
Poetic love in silent space


Laid upon the night's own chest
In these verses, your heart's confessed
Lines imbued with the love you've blessed
A written cuddle where you can rest


Words curve gently, a soft caress
A crafted comfort, they express
In every poem, a secret confess
Your special touch, they possess


Unspoken love in the quill's dance
In quiet poems, our romance
Each sentence, a part of this trance
A tender ode to our loving stance


As stars listen to night's advance
This poem holds our shared expanse
Whispered love, given the chance
In verse, our quiet ardor enchants


PUBLISHED: Feb 23, 2024
Written By
Elijah Mitchell
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