105 Unique Friendship Quotes

Martin Dejnicki
7 min read
The most important ingredient in any friendship is - time.

The #1 benefit of friends is not eating alone. It’s recommended by 9 out of 10 friends.

When it comes to friendships, my desire has always been to carefully nurture a few seeds with my own hands, instead of sowing a vast field in an air conditioned modern tractor (social media).

Our faults act like incoming friendship filters. This explains why the few friends I have possess world class tolerance limits.

Friendships are like toddlers at mealtime. They often get messy.

If you have lots of excess energy to spare, then go find a drama friend.

Friends with drama are like vampires. They’ll drain your energy in exchange for nothing in return.

There seems to be a correlation between maintaining and nurturing our friendships and the price of oil per gallon.

Some people will criticize and rebute your every opinion. Not friends.

True friends listen.

A true friend will walk with you in a blizzard not because she’s obligated to do so. But because she chooses to share in the burden.

Great friends laugh with you, not at you.

The simplest way to make a friend is by showing genuine interest.

Our friends seem to possess a deeper supply of forgiveness credits than our mere acquaintances or strangers.

Just like toilet paper - choose your friends wisely.

Seems like best friends have been replaced by smartphones.

True friendships are one of the sweetest things in life.

Thanks to our increasingly busy, complex and connected lifestyles - the best friend is on top of the endangered species list.

Best friends help us flatten our bumps in the road.

Medicine may cure our bodies, but laughter shared with friends often cures our minds.

A simple smile from a dear friend is all it takes to brighten my day.

Each morning, I prefer to carpool with a friend and chat while stuck in traffic, than take the train and share blank looks with a train full of strangers.

Friends are a special breed of first responders. They will literally share in your pain.

Cooking dinner for friends is among the most authentic ways to show our gratitude for their friendship.

True friends do not keep track of favors. They keep track of experiences.

Feed your soul by going for a walk with a friend.

Good friends always seem to figure out how to have some fun.

Some friends bite.

Good friends are always easy to recognize in a crowd.

Another benefit of friends is not exercising alone.

All friendships posses limits and boundaries.

When friends sing together - magic happens.

True friendships are centered around emotional transactions where openly giving and receiving is the norm.

Aging is not so bad when you have good friends to share in the decay.

Chatting with good friends on the subway is the main reason I often miss my stop.

Friends make celebrating life’s events that much sweeter.

Not many things in life are more rewarding or precious than the gift of friendship.

Among our most important duties in life is to console our friends.

A true friend will never try to mold you into someone you are not.

Depending on the chemistry, friends may be our catalysts for progress or demise.

Some friendships are complicated.

Our dearest friendships are usually our most colorful.

Friendships evolve when we find the time and dissolve when we are too busy to find the time.

A friend is someone who has nothing to prove and is comfortable sitting next to you in complete silence.

A friends’ laughter, joy and sorrow are all contagious.

When I’m searching for a new friend, I almost always include the term ‘review’ in Google.

The easiest way to audit the quality of a new friend is to see if she offers to pay for lunch.

Meaningful friendships are those that leave a hole in your heart when they are apart.

When a friendship ends it often feels like you just hit a brick wall.

Sometimes good friends just need a bit of space.

If you expand your perspective by expanding the variety of friendship types, then wisdom will surely follow.

All friendships are unique.

You should never underestimate the strength of a true friendship.

Befriend the curious if you hope to reignite your curiosity.

Real friends share common interests.

God often uses a full palette when painting friends on the outside. But more importantly, he ensures they share a similar engine which drives them internally.

Play is much more enjoyable when one has a friend to share it with.

Friends cherish mutual moments one snapshot at a time.

Travelling with friends always leads to adventure.

True friendships are spectacular.

The beauty of friendships is second to none.

Like the waves, friends will come and go throughout the course of ones life.

Young children naturally catch friends in a limitless sea known as childhood.

Go bake in the sunlight of friendships.

Friends share mutual risks.

When friends need help simply reach out.

Paradise is always near with good friends in your life.

Both time and effort are required when developing meaningful friendship.

Your surroundings may get old, but never your friendships - which continue to blossom with age.

In the history of humankind, not a single true friend has ever been bought.

At the gates to heaven, I have a feeling that God will not ask me about how I treated others. Instead he will ask my friends.

Music has always been a great foundation for friendships.

Once in awhile friendships need a little bit of fresh air.

Treat each friendship like an innovation.

Friendships may grow in any given direction.

It’s funny how most friends these days choose to chat over a cup of brewed rabbit pellets.

Some friends are cute. Just don’t let them fool you.

Friendships thrive off of shared interests.

All friends need hugs.

When a friend needs to talk, bring some delicious asian food and an open ear.

The magic of friendships always seems to amaze.

It’s always more fun to fly with a friend.

Friendships offer limitless discovery.

If you are planning on starting a revolution - then yes, quantity of friends actually matters.

Who else could have invented the tea party but friends?

True friends always share in the spoils.

Friends can smell if something’s up.

The toaster must have been invented by a generous friend.

It is not wise to lie to your friends. They will see right through you.

My friendships are as interesting and unique as the bird of paradise flower.

You shouldn’t wake a friend, unless you absolutely have to.

Friends often live on opposite sides of town.

Friends make you think!

True friends do not spin webs of lies.

Friends explore.

Friends always seem to know what to tap into.

Friends can sense when something is wrong.

Curiosity - was my very first friend.

Friends help each other spot adversity from a mile away.

Some friends deliver their own pizza.

Good friends share bad hair days.

Working with a friend often requires discipline.

When friends are keeping you company, home is anywhere.

Some friends are crazy.

Brand new friends are sometimes lost for words.

Some friends simply thrive in different environments.
PUBLISHED: Oct 10, 2023
Written By
Martin Dejnicki
I enjoy writing simple rhyming poetry that people can easily share with their loved ones. I live in Toronto with my loving wife and two curious, adventure-seeking daughters.
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